Central Desktop releases Pinterest alternative for enterprise

Enterprise-based online idea board

Central Desktop announced a new service that lets companies create Pinterest-type creative boards within the Central Desktop SocialBridge suite.

The new tool, called Moodboards, lets creatives save pictures in collections much like on Pinterest, but instead of being on the web as Pinterest is, they are inside the CentralDesktop suite. It's worth noting that Pinterest does provide the means to create three "private" boards, but CentralDesktop is set up to be private all the time, and offers unlimited boards to its SocialBridge customers.

Sharon Roux, chief operating officer of integrated marketing agency at The Summit Group, could see the value of this service for a company like hers. "It's like our own 'private Pinterest," she said. "This way we can maintain a unified creative direction while also keeping our ideas out of the public eye, which is an important part of the campaign creation process," she added.

The Moodboard is part of an overall strategy by Central Desktop to go after creative agencies, and given the popularity of Pinterest as a way to collect visuals electronically, it's a clever move by the company to provide a service that creative types are looking for, but in a more private setting.

Kristy McKnight, vice president of product for Central Desktop, said whenever they visited creative agencies, they saw the walls were covered with images related to a campaign, and they saw an opportunity to bring this online. "We're taking this concept digital and improving it by letting people within your designated workspace share images and ideas for creative inspiration and work together on the creative direction, even if they're in different locations," McKnight explained.

Moodboards are being rolled out over the next few weeks to SocialBridge customers.

For more information:
- see the Central Desktop press release

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