BroadVision announces Clearvale enterprise social analytics solution

Lets Clearvale customers measure engagement on their network

BroadVision recently announced a new service called Clearvale Social Engagement Analysis Service, which provides a way for Clearvale customers to measure engagement across the Clearvale enterprise social network.

It's not so much a product as a service because it's delivered by BroadVision consultants from the BroadVision Global Services division. The consultants using analytics tools help customers understand how employees, customers and partners are engaging with the company via the Clearvale social network.

Richard Hughes, director of social strategy at BroadVision, says that a business social network provides the opportunity for an organization to share knowledge across the company and with its partners and customers, but that science needs to be applied to truly understand the data.

"The way many organizations measure network adoption success relies on emotional measures, which are interesting but need to be backed up with hard data," he said.

True enough, and these tools include three key measuring criteria: Participation Inequality, that looks at participation patterns on the network; Social Reach, which looks at how much members on the network are interacting with one another; and Inter-department Connectivity, which measures the amount of social interactions across department lines.

These are all metrics worth measuring, but there are limitations here. Chiefly, why make the service so complex that it requires consultants to help you interpret the data? One of the key tenets of Web 2.0, which was the antecedent of enterprise social, was to make it easy enough to use without training or outside help.

This is important information to understand and companies should be doing more to measure enterprise social network activity, but it shouldn't require a Ph.D. in statistics to figure it out.

BroadVision is clearly on the right track here by providing these kinds of services, but it needs to simplify them so that customers can access and analyze the data without help.

For more information, including more details on the key metrics:
- see the BroadVision press release

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