Brightcove introduces video as a service for content management

Works with several CMSs including SharePoint 2010, Drupal and WordPress

Last week, Brightcove announced a new cloud-based video service that provides video integration services for several content management systems including SharePoint 2010, Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) CQ5, WordPress and Drupal.

The service provides a way for companies to integrate video into the content experience and that's becoming increasingly important as users get used to the idea of sharing video through services like YouTube. Just this week, YouTube released news that its users were uploading an astonishing 72 hours of video every single minute. That's amazing, especially when you consider that it was half that as recently as November 2010. It shows how popular video sharing has become and how important video is to any companies' content strategy.

That popularity was not lost on Jeff Whatcott, chief marketing officer at Brightcove. He noted that video is becoming so pervasive precisely because of its ability to tell stories and build brand awareness. He also recognizes the importance of integrating video into the content management process.

"Website publishers need the same high degree of control over video that they've had with text and images to create a content strategy with more personalized experiences and a wider range of content types that drive visitor engagement, transactions, and return visits. Brightcove's CMS integration help publishers take full advantage of the many marketing benefits of video by easily incorporating it into their existing content workflows," he said.

Not only do marketing pros get a way to access video integration services inside their existing content management system, they also get access to Brightcove analytics to see how well the video is doing in terms of views and other metrics.

Website users can also include video content in the search function to locate video along with other types of content in the search results.

The key to this integration of course is how smoothly the service integrates across the various content management systems so that it doesn't feel like a separate service. I haven't seen this yet in any of the various CMSs included in the announcement, but if it works well, it's a creative way for the vendors to add a valuable service without having to develop that integration on their own.

For more information including a full list of supported CMSs:
- see the Brightcove press release

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