Big update from EMC

Head in the clouds, but feet in the enterprise

The EMC Information Intelligence Group , or IIG, announced a major upgrade across its platform this week. The updates included Documentum, Documentum XCP and of course a new connector between cloud file sharing platform Syncplicity and Documentum.

You may recall that ECM announced the purchase of Syncplicity last spring at EMC World, and it was expected that they would continue to operate it as an independent entity, even while finding ways to link it to the Documentum platform. This aspect of the announcement at least shows that EMC at least understands the changes that are going on in content management and how cloud, social and mobile are driving those changes.

Yet, even as EMC makes some moves to modernize IIG, it is still maintaining the old-school monolithic approach to content management--offering a range of tools and solutions with everything from ECM with Documentum to case management with xCP 2.0, Captiva 7.0 for document management and eDiscovery from Kazeon. And that's just part of it.

While Syncplicity is clearly a nod to the consumerization movement going on in IT, it is just one small piece of an otherwise broad product line. It's worth noting that it appears IIG is also shifting Documentum to a content platform play that IIG CEO Rick Devenuti alluded to last spring

At the time, Devenuti explained to me, "They are building a cloud platform for Documentum and the road map is to encourage third parties to build applications on top of that platform. By marketing Documentum as Platform as a Service, or PaaS, EMC can suddenly attract a new group of customers beyond its traditional base because third parties can build applications geared specifically to SMB requirements."

While the cloud approach is a step in the right direction and reflects changes IIG needs to make to remain competitive moving forward, it is still insisting on keeping its feet firmly planted in the past, with the all-you-can-eat approach to enterprise software.

Whether it can stay relevant playing both ends against the middle remains to be seen, but  they deserve credit for attempting to modernize the product line.

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- see the EMC press release

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