Axceler tool gives insight into Yammer, SharePoint usage

Lets managers see key analytics on enterprise social network

Axceler announced updates to its ViewPoint Enterprise governance tool, which now supports both Yammer and SharePoint, allowing managers to get key analytics on usage across both tools.

One of the key issues when it comes to social tools like Yammer, and to an extent like SharePoint, is trying to get a grip on just how many people are using the tools and taking advantage of the investment you made in the products. You can't experience the benefits of enterprise social tools if your employees aren't using them.

That's where ViewPoint comes in. You can see top influencers as measured by the number of posts, followers and likes received, and conversely how much the person has engaged with others by liking, following or sharing content.

The tool also includes a dashboard that lets managers see which groups are collaborating most effectively and also how many people have been joining the network over a given period of time. Combined, these three tools let managers get a big picture of how successful (or not) the social network is and if it's improving or getting worse over time.

Donna Shaw, principal product manager at Axceler, says that as Yammer makes inroads as Microsoft's top social tool, it's important to have software that can track usage across both Yammer and SharePoint. 

"With businesses and their employees often using multiple collaboration platforms, it's inevitable that each of the communities will become increasingly complex. By providing a unified view of all activities, the ViewPoint Enterprise platform will help provide the necessary information to allow organizations to make business critical decisions, quickly," Shaw said in a statement.

ViewPoint provides companies using these popular Microsoft tools a way to measure engagement and provide proof of a return on investment, and if it works as described that could prove to be valuable for many customers.

For more information:
- see the Axceler press release

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