From the ashes of Axceler rises ViewDo Labs

Turns its attention from SharePoint governance to enterprise social analytics

This week, the company formerly known as Axceler rose from the ashes as ViewDo Labs, and has turned its attention to enterprise social analytics.

You may recall that earlier this month, we reported on Axceler selling its SharePoint governance pieces to Metalogix. What we didn't consider is what would happen to the company after it sold off the majority of its business. Now we have an answer.

The new company is focusing on analyzing the enterprise social stream in order to give a company insight into what users are doing and how much they are collaborating (or not, presumably). The first product is called ViewPoint Enterprise. Not surprising giving the company's roots, it still focuses on Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) products including Yammer and SharePoint, but it also includes Salesforce Chatter and other unnamed social networks.

It claims to be the first cross-platform enterprise social analytics platform. I'm not sure that claim is true because I've talked to other vendors doing similar tasks, but it is certainly an area that remains ripe for exploiting, as companies still look for ways to attach ROI metrics to enterprise social investments

Analyst Jim Lundy, CEO of Aragon Research, confirms that companies are looking for ways to measure the success of their enterprise social. "Enterprises are making a significant investment in social collaboration tools and need actionable insight into their environments to drive bottom line impact," Lundy said in a statement.

This company hopes to take advantage of that desire with this product and other products that it has indicated it plans to release in the future.

For more information:
- see the ViewDo Labs press release

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