Amazon says it sells millions of Kindles


Amazon came out with its annual post-holiday sales press release last week, and as you might imagine, it's all great news for them.

For starters, Amazon stated it was the best holiday ever for the Kindle family of eReader devices, led by the new Kindle Fire, which Amazon states is the best-selling, most gifted and most wished for product ever on Amazon since it was introduced at the end of September.

What's more the Kindle Fire along with the Kindle Touch and the plain Kindle held the top three spots on Amazon's best-selling products. Amazon also reports that the Kindle Fire is its best-selling device from sales on mobile devices. If that's not enough for you, Amazon announced that it was selling more than a million Kindles per week across the product line throughout the month of December.

And these devices are nothing without content, and as you might imagine, once Amazon sold the gadget, people bought the content (which is the idea after all, right?). Amazon reported that Christmas Day was the number one day for eBook downloads ever and gifting of Kindle books was up 175 percent between Black Friday and Christmas Day compared to the same period in 2010.

These are impressive numbers, but remember they come from Amazon itself and have not as far as I know been verified by an independent third party. Still, it's clear that Kindle is selling extremely well and that the Fire and other Kindles are having the desired effect in terms of being drivers for selling other types of content and merchandise on

For more information on Amazon's holiday season sales:
- see the Amazon press release

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