AIIM forms processing infographic

Shocking number of people still re-key data

AIIM and Parascript recently did a study on scanning and the following infographic summarizes the results. Perhaps the most shocking finding was that after scanning, 55 percent of respondents reported that they re-keyed data. What's more, only 32 percent were using optical character recognition and just 12 percent were using intelligent character recognition to read hand-written text.

One other interesting data point found that 10 percent of respondents were scanning more than 10,000 documents a day. Not surprisingly, these respondents are using OCR to help automate the scanning process. When you process that much data per day, re-keying is not really an option.

The graphic also explains the difference between intelligent character recognition and the more well-known, optical character recognition.

This data came from a more complete AIIM forms processing report. You can learn more about the findings by downloading this pdf. It requires you to enter a name and email address to retrieve it.

Data Extraction from Forms

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