Adobe's new Web Experience Management tool combines Omniture and Day


This week Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) announced the new Customer Experience Management platform, which brings together two of its acquisitions, Day Software and Omniture, into a single solution.

Using Omniture's analytics capabilities and combining it with Day's web content management system creates a solution that moves Adobe squarely into the Enterprise marketing space. Whereas before Adobe's entré was the Creative Suite products (Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and so forth) and to some extent LiveCycle customized publishing, this product takes their presence to a new level.

Adobe has updated the Day CQ5 WCM (re-dubbed CQ5 from Adobe) to include mobile support--enabling enterprise customers to repurpose web content for mobile devices. The new release also includes multi-channel marketing planning, a social module for building communities and online forums and a targeting module that builds Ominture tools into CQ5 and enables marketers to better understand which campaigns are working and to target specific content.

Tony White, principal at Ars Logica thinks this combination of Day technology with Omniture analytics has a lot of potential. 

"I'm optimistic about Adobe's integration of Omniture and Day CQ5," he said. "The discipline of Day's product development team over the past several years has been impressive, and this makes me hopeful that this first combined offering, although ambitious, will take the market a step forward in terms of meaningful, actionable content-analytics."

It's never an easy task when combining the products of two purchased companies to create a new product, but Adobe appears to be onto something with this. As White suggests, we need to see if this works as well in practice as is does on paper, but on its face, it looks like it could put Adobe in the middle of the marketing WCM market.

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