Acquia takes web experience management plunge

Includes integration with Badgeville and multiple plug-in options

Acquia, the for-profit company that supports the Drupal open source web content management has announced it's entering the web experience management market. The new product is called OpenWEM and combines several tools into a web experience management solution.

Acquia says the beauty of its approach is that you can plug virtually any marketing module into the Drupal platform to achieve your web experience management goals. That could include tools like, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Analytics or Marketo, or any number of other tools.

Tom Erickson, CEO of Acquia, says this flexibility is key and gives marketing departments much more flexibility than traditional proprietary solutions. "Acquia's OpenWEM offers digital marketers and IT organizations a much better alternative to proprietary WEM solutions that are slow to adapt to changing business needs and keep pace with the speed of the social web," he said.

The solution itself combines Drupal Commons, its cloud-based website development tool, Media Cloud, which appears to be a digital asset management tool for marketers (still in Beta) and Badgeville functionality from the gamification vendor, which lets website designers build in gaming kinds of engagement to reward visitors for certain behaviors.

In addition to these tools, Acquia announced a vast network of 400 partnerships with digital agencies and developers to help customers build a web experience management strategy.

While this is an interesting approach to the web experience management idea, and incorporates some of the engagement you would expect such as using gamification along with the ability to plug in CRM and analytics tools to get to know your customer better, it seems to be missing the key idea of learning who your customer is for the purpose of delivering more customized content based on that knowledge. 

But the idea of an open web development platform into which you can plug any number of tools to build whatever you want is certainly an intriguing one.

For more information:
- see the Acquia press release

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