Yammer Makes SAP Social


Expands Platform by Integrating with SAPand Five New Partners

SAN FRANCISCO, (Feb. 23, 2012)  - Yammer, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise socialnetworks, today announced an integration with the SAP ERP Central Componentwhich enables updates from SAP's software to appear as activity stories in Yammer's Ticker. SAP customers whohave installed the Yammer SAP Connector will see updates from all businesssuite applications including HR, ERP and CRM.

The Connector was built in partnership withFreeborders, a leading provider of information technology services to large andmedium-sized businesses. Freeborders is a certified SAP developer with deepexpertise in SAP integration.

How It Works

The Yammer SAP Connector is a plug-ininstalled on the customer's SAP instance by Freeborders on-premise. TheConnector adds the capability for users to follow data objects in SAP so whenchanges to those objects occur, an activity story describing the event willappear in Yammer's Ticker. The activity story links back to the original recordin SAP, enabling users to take further action.

For example, upon seeing an SAP-generatedactivity story surfaced in Yammer's Ticker, a sales rep may discover that acustomer billing transaction failed. To follow up, the rep can simply click onthe activity story inside of Yammer, which will then open the ERP recorddirectly in a separate tab.

"The integrations we announced today are acontinuation of our strategy to be the social layer on top of all systems ofrecord companies rely on, improving collaboration and decision-making aroundcritical business activity," said David Sacks, CEO, Yammer. "In particular, theYammer SAP Connector increases the value of Yammer for several of our largeenterprise customers who use SAP daily to manage business processes."

Additional Integration Partners
Yammer also today announced five new integration partners. Adding to the quicklygrowing roster of organizations that utilize Yammer's open API, the followingcompanies now integrate with Yammer:

●     GageIn - The business content aggregationplatform posts articles directly to Yammer in addition to publishingstories about key topics and forum activity into the Ticker.

●     Kindling - The ideation company publishes new ideas,votes, comments and other updates in the Ticker, building awareness andengagement for innovation campaigns.

●     Moreover Technologies - The media monitoring platform utilizesYammer Embed, adding a conversation layer to the content delivery tool.

●     Planview - The portfolio and program (PPM) managementsolution, Planview Enterprise, employs Yammer Connect and Yammer Embed forpublishing PPM stories in Ticker as they are happening.

●     Sparqlight - The cloud-based workflow managementplatform utilizes Yammer Connect to seamlessly authenticate users and publishesworkflow task stories in Ticker.

The Yammer Platform

The Yammer platformallows developers to easily build or customize applications using Yammer's openAPIs. Thereare three different ways to integrate with Yammer to create deeplysocial experiences:

●     The Login Button allows users to log in to third-partysites using their Yammer credentials

●     Yammer Embed enables any Yammer feed to be deliveredinto existing business applications

●     Ticker publishes real-time activity stories fromthird-party business applications in a scrolling side module

Yammer also integrates with Badgeville, Box,Expensify, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, NetSuite, Salesforce.com, Spigit, TripItand Zendesk.


New integrations will be available by March 31.Customers interested in the Yammer SAP Connector should contact their Yammerrepresentative or call 888-926-7377.

Comments on the News

"The reality is that many organizations today areusing aging enterprise systems with a less that satisfactory user experience.Adapting these legacy systems to the rapid pace of innovation and change is asignificant challenge. By providing a social engagement layer that aggregatescontent from both cloud and on-premises systems, Yammer wants to helporganizations unlock content that lives in legacy systems and make it moreaccessible and engaging for employees and mobile workers." - Michael Fauscette,GVP, Software Business Solutions, IDC.

"Capturing and socializing ideas are key aspectsof a successful innovation program. The partnership between Kindling and Yammerwill accelerate the realization of innovation for Deloitte." - PeterWilliams, CEO, Deloitte Digital

"Today competitiveness is defined by informationinsights, connectivity and collaboration. By integrating the Freeborders' SAPERP Central Component in Yammer's social media platform, SAP customers can actimmediately on business suite applications updates. They can alert and loop inteam members to safeguard business operations, enhance customer service andidentify new business opportunities." - Paul Machle, CFO, Freeborders, Inc.

"GageIn and Yammer's relationship delivers on the hugeuntapped potential behind social enterprise tools. By injecting relevantbusiness content into users' feeds, enterprise social networks become even morepowerful and valuable." - Dr. Luosheng Peng, CEO of GageIn

"Our partnership with Yammer turns up the volumeon idea innovation by leveraging the social web. This isn't just a handshake ofdata integration, but a commitment to changing the way employees collaborate onideas." - Dan Summa, president, Kindling Inc.

"We are excited to offer an integrationwith Yammer so our joint customers can collaborate within Planview Enterprise.Users now have a platform to increase communication, collaboration and thesharing of information critical to moving their businesses forward."  - Patrick Tickle, executive vice president ofproducts, Planview.

"By eliminating outdated, unorganizedcollaboration methods like email threads and endless whiteboard sessions,Sparqlight allows you to experience the pure joy of simply getting work done.Integrating workflow management with the powerful social interface provided byYammer is a no-brainer for our users. They can plan and track their work inSparqlight and broadcast their progress in real-time to their Yammer activityfeed. It's simple to deploy and our customers can integrate in seconds." -Brian Resigen, CEO, Sparqlight

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