Vivisimo Launches CXO Mobile, the First on-the-go Solution to Optimize the "Customer Experience" and Reduce the $83 Billion Lost


Evolution of the "Customer Experience" is now a Technology Race to Supply Customer-Facing Professionals with the Most Advanced Solutions to Improve Interaction with Their Clients

PITTSBURGH, March 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Vivisimo, the leader in Information Optimization, announced today the launch of CXO Mobile, the first solution to meet the needs of a growing workforce of mobile customer service and sales representatives that deal directly with customers or partners. CXO Mobile addresses the challenge organizations currently face in provisioning their mobile sales and customer service teams to have access to the same information on their mobile devices as they would if they were in their office.


This challenge affects both sales and customer service professionals. For example, industry analyst firm Ovum found that U.S. enterprises lose a total of $83 billion annually due to poor customer service. To correct this trend, CXO empowers customer-facing professionals by pulling relevant information from all of the various enterprise systems into an easy-to-use dashboard on their mobile device, giving them the visibility and insight needed to resolve customer issues and maximize sales opportunities while working remotely or face-to-face with a customer.

An IDC study found that the average sales person spent 14 hours per week searching for marketing collateral and customer information to prepare for sales meetings. That's more than one-third of an average work week and a huge drain on sales productivity. Even with so much time spent searching for information, studies indicate that 40% of marketing assets go unused. Vivisimo's CXO Mobile ensures that both sales and customer care agents have the right case studies, brochures, and product information needed to address customer needs, tailor service offerings, and move opportunities forward.

"We are committed to helping organizations overcome one of the biggest challenges posed by the Digital Age by overhauling the customer experience so customer facing professionals can quickly and efficiently transform data into intelligent and engaging customer relationships," said John Kealey, CEO of Vivisimo. "Research tells us that 32% of employees globally now rely on more than one mobile device during a typical workday. With CXO Mobile we're equipping sales and customer service teams worldwide with enterprise wide information access to make informative decisions, hold engaging customer conversations, and close more deals faster – anywhere, anytime on any mobile device."

Customer Experience in the Digital Age
While the Digital Age brought us many new types of technology, like social media, smartphones, and tablets, it also opened the door to a host of challenges that both consumers and organizations have to overcome. Customer-facing professionals in both sales and service roles are in the middle of a tug of war: consumers demanding instant results, access, and satisfaction; and organizations coping with too much information, a global customer base, and several different communication mediums. To resolve this 21st century business challenge, Vivisimo introduced CXO Mobile to enable customer-facing professionals to quickly and efficiently conduct business with their clients from any place at any time, with a 360 degree view of the client and access to all of the resources needed (even if they were in the office) to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

For example, Vivisimo's CXO Mobile provides an Activity Feed that proactively alerts customer-facing professionals to important information regardless of their location. Knowing if there is a past incident, a blocked order, or an out-of-stock part affecting a customer provides the context that a service agent or account manager needs to immediately understand a customer's issue, satisfy a customer request, and potentially up-sell, cross-sell, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. This empowers employees and ensures that new and existing customers, as well as distribution partners, have a positive experience, become repeat customers, and refer new business.

"Customer service will start to be recognized as a critical part of the customer experience ecosystem," said Kerry Bodine, senior analyst at Forrester Research. "Executives will stop treating customer service as a cost center and will instead leverage it as a high-touch loyalty driver and, wherever possible, a revenue generator."

Key CXO Mobile features include:
* Activity Feed with real-time updates on all followed accounts, products, individuals and other entities coming from multiple sources.
* Ability to collaborate with colleagues by posting comments and questions to the Activity Feed or report the status of an account or request information or assistance.
* Ability to browse a customer or partner account with a complete view of all activities, top support cases, top account opportunities, product recommendations, and top news.
* Contact information for each account, including the option to view customer locations on a map and get directions.
* Support for VPN.
* Support for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

In many cases, CXO Mobile exposes information to mobile users from applications that do not have their own mobile access. Complementing the existing portfolio of Vivisimo's solutions for the enterprise, CXO Mobile has been deployed by an initial group of three name brand clients.

About Vivisimo, Inc.
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