SDL Announces the Death of Technical Documentation As We Know It


SDL LiveContent 2011 ushers in smart interactive product documentation

Maidenhead, U.K. - 23rd May 2011 - SDL (LSE: SDL), the leading
provider of Global Information Management solutions, today announced
the release of SDL LiveContentTM 2011, a software application that
transforms the online experience for anyone who needs product related
information.  SDL LiveContent makes product content interactive,
context-aware, compelling and available on multiple devices and via
multiple channels. Able to respond to a customer's interests and needs
with targeted product information, SDL LiveContent brings technical
information to life and heralds the death of the traditional
"technical manual." With SDL LiveContent, companies can improve
customer experience, divert calls from support centers to
self-service, and provide new revenue and upselling opportunities.

SDL LiveContent achieves these benefits by generating product
information on the fly from a database of well-structured content.
Designed for both global corporations that sell products as well as
publishing companies that sell information, SDL LiveContent is the
missing link between the authorized repositories of structured content
and the increasingly online and mobile customer.

"SDL LiveContent has empowered Jordan Publishing to offer users a new
experience in online access," said Helena Brown, technical director of
Jordan Publishing Limited, the UK's leading independent legal
publisher. "With our partner Letterpart, we envisaged a new service
that would make it easier for our customers to find, access and use
content online. Letterpart and SDL LiveContent have helped us achieve
this next generation online platform."

"The idea in the past was to get readers to use information more
effectively by making it electronic. But now, the information itself
is more dynamic than it used to be," said Toby Bell, vice president of
Gartner Research. "Everything is changing incredibly fast. The ways
that corporations are communicating with customers has transformed
accordingly: to provide media-rich, meaningful, and contextually
targeted information to customers and prospects. This critical
leverage is top of mind for many c-level executives."

Designed as an extension to SDL's popular suite of structured content
technology software, this new release of SDL LiveContent 2011 offers a
number of new capabilities. SDL LiveContent 2011 provides:

  • The ability to "roundtrip" comments from SDL LiveContent to
    authors of the content so organizations can improve content and
    respond quickly to information gaps
  • A reporting dashboard for "content utilization," showing the
    precise ways in which information is consumed so that an organization
    can improve the usefulness of the information it is producing
  • Out-of-the-box support for DITA 1.2, the latest version of
    the XML standard for technical information

"Over the next five years, we expect a broad sea change in how
corporations engage with their customers through product documentation
and other educational or reference materials written for an
increasingly savvy consumer," said Kevin Duffy, CEO of SDL Structured
Content Technologies division. "This change is just beginning and SDL
LiveContent makes it possible for companies to be on the leading edge
of this exciting transformation to dynamic, interactive, targeted
content delivery."

For additional information about SDL LiveContent 2011, please visit

There you will find the LiveContent product brief, a case study
detailing a real world implementation of SDL LiveContent, a white
paper about next generation customer engagement, information about an
upcoming webinar, an FAQ about the SDL LiveContent 2011release, and
much more.