Neudesic Pulse 3.0 Takes Enterprise Social Software to Next Level


Direct messaging, video support, seamless SharePoint and CRM integration among new features

IRVINE, Calif., March 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- With new features announced today, Neudesic Pulse, the innovative enterprise social collaboration software from Microsoft National Systems Integrator & Gold ISV Partner Neudesic, improves organizations' ability to establish an enterprise-wide social fabric that connects workers and enhances their ability to work together efficiently.

Enterprise social collaboration software can transform an organization from groups of siloed workers to a seamless enterprise where everyone has access to the knowledge they need and the ability to share that knowledge seamlessly within the application they choose. To truly achieve the benefits of enterprise social, the software must be available to workers in the systems, applications and devices they are already using. Neudesic Pulse is available across cloud, on-premise and mobile platforms, and it integrates with Microsoft SharePoint, CRM, Lync and Office 365, as well as legacy applications.

"Organizations are increasingly seeking collaboration software that integrates with the systems and applications they're already using," David Mario Smith, Senior Research Analyst, Gartner. "They want to be able to leverage collaboration tools in real-time in the context of the business processes."

New features in Neudesic Pulse 3.0 strengthen its integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft CRM through a Unified Activity Stream that allows users in CRM to collaborate within accounts, opportunities or leads with other users of Neudesic Pulse collaborating in SharePoint, a line of business application or a browser.  Neudesic Pulse users also can interact with Microsoft CRM or other line of business applications from within their Activity Stream using the new Systems Hub in Pulse 3.0.  Other integration enhancements include the ability to use SharePoint to access and store documents from within Pulse. These changes are critical to Pulse's ability to create a social fabric across the enterprise.

New features in Neudesic Pulse 3.0:

  • Direct messaging
    • Enables one-to-one or group conversations without leaving Pulse.
    • Integration with email and Microsoft Lync ensures messages are delivered whether the user is online or not.
    • Files can be attached to Direct Messages.
  • Video
    • Share videos across the enterprise or with specific users.
    • Enables downloading or streaming video straight from your newsfeed.
  • Customer Relationship Management integration
    • Makes CRM single sign-on.
    • Search and communicate with CRM without leaving Pulse.
    • Pulse automated feed to users highlighted  new opportunities, leads and deal results.
  • Unified Activity Stream
    • Pulse Unified Activity Streat keeps conversation streams connected across CRM, SharePoint, Office 365 and line-of-business applications.
    • No need to check multiple places.
  • UI updates
    • Access to full Pulse API.
    • System redesign makes it easier to follow any subject.
    • Adds "Search This Feed" option.
  • Security enhancements
    • More control over systems feeds.
    • Improve active directory authentication support.
    • Single sign-on across SharePoint on premise, Office 365, CRM on premise or online.
  • SharePoint improvements
    • Documents can be uploaded directly to SharePoint from your activity stream.
    • Central Administration management console.
  • Autosubscribe
    • Administrative ability to autosubscribe users to ensure they follow groups, systems and tags that are important to the company.
  • Favorites
    • New "Favorites" feature gives faster access a user's most important feeds.
  • Language customization
    • Adds international language support.
    • Translate text, labels and buttons to any language.

"The new capabilities in Neudesic Pulse 3.0 create a seamless integration of collaboration capabilities throughout the enterprise," said Neudesic CEO Parsa Rohani. "Businesses and non-profit organizations are striving to improve their productivity and collaboration between employees, customers and partners.  Neudesic Pulse  helps organizations achieve those goals."

Neudesic will demonstrate Neudesic Pulse 3.0 in Booth 2210 at Microsoft Convergence, March 18-21, in Houston.   Rohani and other company executives will be available to discuss enterprise social networking and the new upgrades to Pulse.

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