Endeca Latitude Expands the Reach of Agile BI Across the Enterprise


Enables IT to Easily Support Interactive Discovery for Business Users on Big
"Enterprise" Data

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - June 13, 2011 - Endeca Technologies, Inc., an agile
information management software company, today announced the availability of
Endeca Latitude® 2, the latest major release of the company's enterprise
agile business intelligence (BI) platform. Latitude 2 offers Global 2000
organizations a dramatic improvement in the quality of enterprise-wide
decision making by increasing the agility of IT and accelerating the
delivery of agile BI solutions that integrate diverse data sets, including
the blending of structured enterprise data with unstructured content, such
as information from social media sites.

With the release of Endeca Latitude 2, Endeca is defining and leading an
agile BI market that is solving the new Big Data challenges facing
businesses today: more variety of data, more change, and more users asking
the unanticipated questions that directly affect immediate business

Interactive analytic applications, which are characteristic of agile BI, are
transforming the BI market.  According to Gartner, "The increased
proliferation of interactive visualization tools, more integrated data
mining and packaged analytic applications that encapsulate the complexity of
using sophisticated BI analysis tools from business users, are all pushing
the power of analysis into the hands of a larger number of users than ever

Latitude is already transforming business processes at many of the world's
most respected organizations.  For example, Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA,
Inc., recently recognized as a semifinalist in Gartner's BI Excellence
Awards2 and profiled in Computerworld, has benefitted from an enterprise
approach that allowed IT and the business to rapidly collaborate on analytic
application development. Using Endeca Latitude, TMS developed an application
at 20 percent of the cost/time of typical data warehouse/reporting solutions
that responded to the urgent need for greater visibility to a wide variety
of quality information that encompassed more than 75 dimensions of interest.
The solution empowers hundreds of engineers to quickly navigate from alerts
to individual transactions correlated across numerous input systems and is
expected to save hundreds of thousands of hours annually in "wait time" for

Latitude 2 Delivers More Power for IT
Latitude 2 introduces new technology in the Endeca MDEX EngineTM, and key
capabilities that accelerate the time to deploy agile BI solutions,


  • 10x increase in query performance enables interactivity on bigger

data sets and more complex analytics. Latitude 2 introduces a new analytical
core designed for intra-query parallelism that fully utilizes today's
multi-core processors. This capability builds on Latitude's pre-existing
inter-query parallelism that can support thousands of concurrent users.
Benchmarks demonstrate a 16 core system computing interactive responses 10
times faster than a single core.



  • Real-time analytics over diverse and changing data. Latitude now

supports real-time data-driven schema changes, which allows its faceted data
model to instantly update at run-time time as new information is added to
Latitude with no IT intervention to reflect changes in the data sources,
data attributes, and settings.



  • Industry standard ETL integration. Customers and partners can now

leverage previous IT investments with Latitude's newly enhanced open Web
services API that streamlines the loading of data into Latitude from
industry-standard ETL products, including Informatica, Hadoop, and SOA-based



  • Semantic layer foundation. Latitude 2 introduces the foundation for

a next-generation semantic interface unlike the legacy semantic approaches
of the past. This capability will further help strike a balance between the
authority requirements of IT and the flexibility and control desired by
business users. Included in this release are tools for business users to
identify and group data elements and tools for IT to manage applications.


"Latitude is being recognized as a disruptive technology creating entirely
new ways of working and driving dramatic gains in organizational performance
and productivity," said John Rueter, vice president of Latitude Marketing at
Endeca. "Our MDEX Engine technology has already revolutionized the eCommerce
market where diverse and changing data is a characteristic at the world's
largest online retailers. Endeca Latitude is increasingly seen in the same
light because it is changing the way BI is done and transforming the way
information is accessed and analyzed across the enterprise."

Endeca Latitude 2 is generally available today. To learn more, visit
www.endeca.com, watch the Agile BI Video Series, or read Reinvent Your
Business with Agile BI Infrastructure.

[1]Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms by Rita L.
Sallam, James Richardson, John Hagerty, Bill Hostmann Publication Date: 27
January 2011
2Gartner Business Intelligence Summit in Los Angeles, May 2-4, 2011. The
identification of a Gartner Award winner or semifinalist is not an
endorsement by Gartner of any vendor, product or service.

About Endeca
Endeca is a leading provider of agile information management solutions that
guide people to better decisions. Our software products, Endeca InFrontTM and
Endeca Latitude®, help people and organizations make better decisions
despite constantly changing business needs and data integration
requirements. Agile information management enables IT departments to adapt
rapidly to diverse and changing information, while consistently helping
end-users find the information they need and understand what they found.
Endeca solutions are built on our MDEX EngineTM technology, a patented hybrid
search analytical database. This innovation drives the industry leading
Guided Navigation® user experience. Every day, Endeca's solutions guide
millions of users and thousands of businesses to faster and better use of
information for decisions in life and work. Headquartered in Cambridge,
Mass., Endeca has operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

For more information: endeca.com, http://searchfacets.endeca.com/ or