Endeca Extend Partner Program Adds Leading Video Search Software Vendors


Cambridge, Mass. - April 12, 2010 - Endeca Technologies, Inc., a search applications company, announced today the expansion of the Endeca Extend Partner Program to help customers quickly and easily integrate audio and video search technologies with the Endeca Information Access Platform. Leveraging the extensibility of the McKinley Platform, and specifically Endeca's Content Acquisition System (CAS), partners can build integrations to a public application-programming interface (API) supported by Endeca. In addition to a lower cost of ownership, Endeca and its partners enable quick and easy integration of the transcript and meta-data information from audio and video content, providing joint customers with a richer user experience to deliver to their end users.

Inaugural Endeca Extend partners in the video search category include 3Play Media, Brightcove and Nexidia. The majority of video and audio files do not have highly attributed meta-data surrounding them. However, through the Endeca Extend program, Endeca and its partners allow customers to use extracted meta-data and high quality, time-synchronized transcripts to increase search recall for audio and video content, and provide new facets for Guided Navigation, cluster related topics, offer landing pages, and improve search relevancy. Endeca customers can easily run their data through an Endeca Extend partner solution, extract additional meta-data elements or transcripts from the most common audio and video file formats and append that information to the original content. Through the partner solutions, search and navigation results will also offer segment-specific playback capabilities for audio and video content. This lowers the integration costs and adds significant structure to the content to enhance the overall user experience. The pre-built integrations allow joint customers the ability to implement best-of-breed technologies without sacrificing ease of integration.

Endeca Extend leverages the McKinley release of the Endeca Information Access Platform, a major enterprise search innovation based on a fundamentally new architecture for building standards-based search applications. The McKinley release laid the foundation for continuing improvements in speed, scale, and simplicity. Including video search partners in the Endeca Extend program builds on this open framework to simplify integrations and enable easy development of entirely new search applications. With the newest release of the Platform, customers and partners can create connectors to new systems and manage these through the Endeca Workbench tool. It is also possible to register custom data transformation steps and apply these to data from any source.

"We continue to see customers increasing the amount of multimedia content they want to incorporate into their Endeca search applications - both on the eBusiness and the enterprise side," said Jason Purcell, senior vice president of marketing and product management, Endeca. "Our partnerships with best-of-breed video search vendors enable our customers to leverage video meta-data and transcripts alongside their articles or other content, making it easy for consumers to quickly find and view the best content based on their interests.

About Endeca

Endeca is a leading provider of search applications. Search applications built on Endeca's technology deliver the clearest visibility into information, driving hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings and increased revenue for our customers. Powering these solutions is Endeca's Information Access Platform, a major enterprise search innovation based on a fundamentally new architecture for building high-ROI applications that let users access any data from anywhere any way they need it. With this improved information visibility, customers make better choices, and employees better decisions. More than 250 million end users around the world access information through Endeca solutions, which are in use at more than 600 leading organizations including: ABN AMRO, Boeing, Cox Newspapers, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, Dell, Ford Motor Company, Hyatt, IBM, John Deere, the Library of Congress, Texas Instruments, and Walmart.com.

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