Ektron Announces Digital Experience Hub at Synergy 2011


New product connects web content management, marketing automation, email marketing, customer relationship management and web analytics within Ektron environment

LAS VEGAS, NV - November 7, 2011 - Ektron, empowering organizations to fully realize their websites' marketing and revenue-generating potential, today announced the Ektron Digital Experience HubTM, at the company's worldwide customer and partner conference, Synergy 2011.  The Digital Experience Hub is a new product that connects web content management, marketing automation, email marketing, customer relationship management and web analytics within the Ektron environment.  The Ektron ContextBusTM, a new integration layer that passes content and context between connected marketing applications, powers the Digital Experience Hub.
"Marketers aren't looking for vendors to replace their existing technology investments," said Tom Wentworth, Chief Marketing Officer at Ektron.  "Instead, Ektron is making existing marketing investments work better, by connecting those investments with both content and context to drive positive business outcomes.  For example, using the DXH, a company can easily connect website forms with a CRM such as Salesforce.com or Microsoft Dynamics to drive leads.  Or, a company might to improve conversion rates and sales by personalizing the website for visitors based on email campaign responses."
The Digital Experience Hub provides out-of-the-box integrations into popular marketing applications from companies like Webtrends, Marketo, Microsoft and Salesforce.com.  The DXH is designed to be extensible, with Ektron and its partners planning on delivering new integrations in the future. 
"The Digital Experience Hub is part of Ektron's ongoing strategy to deliver innovative Customer Experience Management solutions that allow businesses to leverage the value of their content and optimize the customer website experience," said Ektron founder and CEO Bill Rogers during his Synergy keynote. "As well as analytics and CRM, you'll see tight integrations of Ektron with other components of the CXM ecosystem over the next several months."
Key integration points include:

  • CRM - The DXH creates a bi-directional connection between Ektron and the CRM, allowing companies to connect web visits to leads and to personalize the website based on CRM attributes.
  • Marketing Automation - The DXH synchronizes digital marketing campaigns across all digital channels by using the context of campaign responses to deliver personalized messaging.
  • Email marketing - The DXH allows marketers to share content between Ektron and email, providing the ability for companies to speak with a single voice across digital channels.
  • Web analytics - The DXH empowers content managers to make data-driven decisions by bringing web analytics data into the context of the content authoring lifecycle.

"Webtrends provides marketers a competitive advantage through unified digital analytics, the measurement and optimization of all digital channels - mobile, social and web," said Alex Yoder, CEO, Webtrends. "The Ektron Digital Experience Hub makes measurement actionable by connecting analytics and insights to the marketing teams responsible for designing digital experiences."
The Ektron Digital Experience Hub will be available in Q1 2012.
About Ektron
Ektron simplifies the creation, management and delivery of digital experiences for global organizations that are looking to drive revenue growth and improve customer satisfaction.  Ektron software powers corporate websites, extranets, intranet portals and social communities.  Ektron helps companies deliver customer experiences to their audiences through all digital channels - including websites, mobile devices and social networks - by using content to engage consumers, drive business outcomes and further revenue growth. Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, with offices in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, Ektron has thousands of worldwide customers including:  Kodak, Las Vegas Sands, Microsoft, NASDAQ and National Health Services UK. For more information, please visit www.ektron.com, www.ektron.co.uk or www.ektron.com.au.