Attivio Introduces AIE 3.0; Drives Breakthrough Results in Commercial, Government and Non-Profit Organizations


Unified information access platform with full SQL and ODBC connectivity seamlessly adds context from unstructured content to big data, business intelligence and analytics

Newton, MA – October 31, 2011 – Responding to increasing demand for an advanced unified information access platform that complements and extends existing BI and big data technologies,  providing access to diverse information, Attivio today announced its Active Intelligence Engine™ (AIE) 3.0. AIE is the industry’s most powerful UIA platform for rethinking business challenges, reframing approaches and solving problems previously thought to be impossible.

Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine seamlessly unifies disparate content and data, so companies across a wide range of industries can address their most daunting “imagine-if” business challenges.

Examples of Attivio’s organizational impact across multiple vertical industries include:

-          Helping a leading global bank mitigate risk and reduce exposure to fines and penalties, reducing cash reserve requirements by $50 million

-          Working with a government agency and predictive analytics partner to identify individuals who might be inclined toward high-risk behavior

-          Providing an institutional investment firm with a multi-channel/multi-device application for accessing proprietary research anytime, anywhere

-          Enabling analysts at a leading investment firm to quickly access the company’s entire research and time-series data library, identifying new market correlations and lucrative investment opportunities

-          Powering a nationally recognized charity’s donor dashboard, integrating donation data, demographics, emails, and charity profile documents, to identify level of engagement and specific charitable interests for highly personalized donor communications with significantly increased response

-          Cutting a life sciences research firm’s time to market from 12 months to just 3

-          Providing a full UIA platform for a global manufacturer with hundreds of millions of documents, terabytes of data and more than 400,000 staff and partners


Despite BI’s advances, companies continue to struggle with responding quickly to a continuously evolving information landscape and the need for ease of information access business users require.  Big data technologies address sheer volume, but not the variety, velocity and complexity now referred to as extreme information.  Attivio AIE 3.0 gets to the heart of these problems by supporting the right information access method for every user in the enterprise – search queries and role-based dashboards for mainstream business users, existing BI investments for power users, and new applications that blur the lines between these worlds. AIE 3.0 delivers insight and access into the business activity that is most important to each user’s particular function and corporate directive.

“Attivio AIE 3.0 takes unified information access to a more personalized level by supporting the right access method for every enterprise user. We are thrilled when we see our customers achieve results that improve financial performance, reduce overhead, drive new product innovations, and reduce time to market,” said Sid Probstein, Attivio Chief Technology Officer.  “AIE gives forward-thinking business managers the personalized and hands-on access they need to make quicker decisions and deliver meaningful value.”

Attivio AIE 3.0 provides:

-          SQL via ODBC and JDBC to seamlessly add unstructured content and text analytics to any existing BI infrastructure

-          Active Dashboard Tookit for rapid creation of unified discovery-enabled analytic dashboards

-          Dynamic integration of sources like SharePoint, Documentum, Exchange, etc.

-          Google-like searchability, as well as SQL-powered dashboards

-          Schema-less design that dramatically reduces the time to onboard new sources

"The challenges emerging from the growth of 'big data,' as well as business demand for more flexible, timely and well governed information in support of new use cases, is causing existing approaches to information infrastructure to break,” according to Mark Beyer, Gartner Research VP. “Organizations that establish a road map toward a cohesive, application-independent and information source-independent set of information management technology capabilities are best positioned to support long-term enterprise information management (EIM) goals. Look for common ways to normalize and extract meaning from all types of content so that it can be exchanged across the organization.”


About Attivio

On-demand insight is critical to the success of any business, but the information that decisions and processes depend on is created and stored in many formats – databases, spreadsheets, documents, emails, blogs and more. Attivio solves this long-standing problem of information isolation by integrating search, business intelligence and process automation capabilities to provide answers and intelligence – not just data. With Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine™ (AIE), users retrieve and analyze all types of content and data with simple, search-style queries and via reports and executive dashboards.


AIE's dynamic approach to unified information access (UIA) features rapid development, true incremental scalability and a small footprint that can be easily embedded in other products and applications. Business and IT leaders, system integrators and independent software vendors partner with Attivio to address today's global business imperatives – uncovering insights that drive innovation and reveal new opportunities, mitigating risk and containing cost. Please visit for more information.