eBook: As Content Goes Global, Think Localization

There once was a time when your business could survive without worrying about translating your content, but with the growing influence of the Web, your customers could come from anywhere -- and you need to be ready. It's clear that the areas most likely to grow are in overseas markets, especially in Asia. 

Is your web site ready? Can you rely on automated translation or do you need a trained translator who understands the local customs? Can you deal with foreign currency and different date and phone number formats? Can your Web Content Management system deal with translation vendor systems? Can you be sure your US-centric copy won't offend when translated elsewhere?

This eBook can help answer those questions, as we talk to experts in the field who understand these issues, giving you the opportunity to learn from their valuable knowledge. Whether you're at the beginning of the process, wondering why you should even be thinking about this or you need to more specifics like how to integrate your translation process with your web content management system, this free eBook written by FierceContentManagement editor, Ron Miller and veteran technology journalist Pam Baker can help.


Table of Contents:

  • Why Localization Matters
  • When Localization Meets Content Management, It Can Be a Challenge
  • Don't Forget Translation SEO
  • If Your Content is Mobile, Your Translations Should be Too
  • Just Let the Machine Do It, It's Cheaper

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