Adobe releases Creative Suite 6 Box

This week Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) announced the release of its boxed edition of Creative Suite 6. This comes on the heels of its recent announcement about the Creative Cloud version for just $49 a month.

On its face, it would seem crazy not to go with the cloud version for that kind of money, especially when the Master Suite box goes for a hefty $2500. But Adobe has an interesting approach to the cloud.

On one hand, the Creative Cloud versions are stored in the cloud, but you download them to your desktop where they live locally. Reviews and sharing take place back in the cloud, but it's not a pure cloud solution--not by a long shot.

But when it comes down to putting up $588 a year versus $2500, it's hard to know why you would go with a traditional box. It's worth pointing out that the cloud version doesn't come with straight Photoshop CS6, but it does include Photoshop CS6 extended, which according to Adobe's FAQ, "delivers all of the unrivaled image editing power of industry-standard Photoshop CS6 plus much more, including breakthrough 3D image creation, editing, and painting; rich motion graphics editing; and powerful image analysis."

Sounds like you're getting everything you need and more, but if you must have the regular version of Photoshop, it probably means you're a regular Photoshop user and you can get the upgrade for $199 or you can subscribe to it for another $19.99 per month. If you have to buy it off upgrade, it will run you $599.

Overall, it appears that Adobe recognizes that the days of buying big software packages, then upgrading every couple of years are coming to an end. To that end, Adobe is transitioning to the next period. You can buy your box if your so inclined, but you can also just move to the subscription model, pay out a bit each month and get updates automatically.

It seems for most people, that would be the most sensible way to go, but for a while, Adobe will keep its old desktop boxes. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't see them when CS7 comes out, though.

For more information:
- see the Adobe press release

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