Jive Anywhere puts social in any website or web app

This morning Jive released a major new version of its Jive social software platform that builds Jive into a user's entire computing experience--whether on the web or using a web application. The new service is called Jive Anywhere.

When I talked to a friend who works in a large company recently about social software, he was apprehensive about using yet another system. And that's the problem with most enterprise software packages--no matter how useful they may ultimately be, you have to find a way to make it as easy as possible to use or it's just another system.

Jive Anywhere solves that problem by building the social functionality into a small tab that is available instantly from any website or web application (at least in theory). The beauty of this approach is that it doesn't require complex APIs to achieve. According to a Jive spokesperson, it's just a simple browser plug-in.

That means just about anyone can install it without IT intervention and have instant access to Jive functionality wherever they are. 

You can get a sense of how this works from the video below:

Tony Zingale, Jive CEO recognized the significance of this simplicity. "We're taking the next great leap--we're making social technology pervasive and accessible to the masses across a wide range of business environments and applications," Zingale said.

Nikos Drakos, research director at Gartner thinks that this ability to embed the social functionality is important.

"[Enterprise 2.0] is becoming a mainstream phenomenon, and the market is evolving rapidly. This calls for powerful solutions that solve real business problems and provide an effortless collaboration experience by merging seamlessly into everyday workflows," he said.

Jive Anywhere is an important step forward for enterprise social software because it puts the social functionality wherever the user is at any given time without imposing on the user or forcing them to use a heavy-weight tool. 

It's available immediately.

For more information:
- see the press release on Jive Anywhere and other Jive announcements

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