Jive Again Redefines Social Business Industry With Release of Next-Generation Platform

Industry-First Innovations Broaden Reach of Social Business and Change Rules of the Game


PALO ALTO, Calif., May 2, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jive Software, Inc. (Nasdaq:JIVE), the industry's largest pure-play social business provider, today announced its next-generation platform, introducing an array of industry-first features and driving a new era of social business technology that is easier to use and adopt, more accessible, and more pervasive than ever before. The new platform is available immediately in the cloud and via Try Jive, a free 30-day trial providing a rapid on-ramp to social business for millions of new users.

The new platform is available immediately in Jive Cloud, Jive's public cloud service. Key elements of today's announcement include:

  • Jive Anywhere, a breakthrough capability that extends social business to the web at large, enabling users to access social functions from any website or web application.
  • Jive !App Experiences, enabling users to invoke powerful applications and merge them seamlessly into the social business workflow with a single keystroke.
  • Jive Edge, a sophisticated social intelligence engine that optimizes a wide range of social business processes such as search, providing more relevant, precise, and personalized results.
  • Major enhancements in Jive What Matters activity streams, including customizable Attention Streams focused on specific processes and people.
  • Jive for Teams, a new group collaboration solution for teams of 25 to 250,000 people. Try Jive provides a fast on-ramp to Jive for Teams via Jive Cloud deployment and a 30-day free trial, bringing leading-edge social business capabilities to large and small teams.
  • A dramatically simplified and engaging user experience.

"Social business is no longer for early adopters only," said Nikos Drakos, Research Director at Gartner. "It is becoming a mainstream phenomenon, and the market is evolving rapidly. This calls for powerful solutions that solve real business problems and provide an effortless collaboration experience by merging seamlessly into everyday workflows."

"While social business is still perceived as new in some quarters, we've been at it a long time," said Tony Zingale, Jive CEO. "We've delivered mature, proven solutions, massive ROI, and transformative benefits to hundreds of companies and millions of users. Now we're taking the next great leap -- we're making social technology pervasive and accessible to the masses across a wide range of business environments and applications."

"Thomson Reuters provides critical information, news, and software to 20 million professionals in diverse markets and geographies," said Tim Wike, director, Intranet Strategy & Operations at Thomson Reuters. "By empowering employees to connect and share information and best practices across teams and time zones, Jive's platform allows Thomson Reuters to better serve our customers."

A New Bar for Social Innovation

The latest Jive platform breaks new ground in a number of key areas:

Jive Anywhere

Jive Anywhere brings the power of Jive social collaboration to any web application or web site. As users visit a website or use a web-based application, Jive Anywhere recognizes where they are and provides access to relevant conversations and content in their Jive network. Users can take part in discussions with colleagues, view related documents and other content, and work together in groups. Jive Anywhere instantly "socializes" websites and applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, Office 365, Salesforce.com, Google Docs, SAP, NetSuite, and LinkedIn. Users can, for example, converse about a specific record in a CRM system, or a job candidate in LinkedIn, or a research report on the web. These "no-click" integrations are automatic and require no IT intervention.

Jive !App Experiences

Jive pioneered the use of apps in social business with the Jive Apps Market, allowing users to access a variety of customer and third-party social business apps. Now Jive is taking another leap with Jive !App Experiences, enabling users to transparently merge !App functionality into whatever they're working on, be it a document, discussion, or other content. Users simply type a "!" character and choose the desired !App function from a pop-up menu. Jive calls this unprecedented capability "!App mentioning" (like @mentioning). For example, a user collaborating on a business plan can insert the latest pipeline report using a CRM !App, or embed a chart using a graphing !App, or assign a task to another user with a project management !App—all without ever leaving the document. This revolutionary new capability builds on OpenSocial industry standards, and is being adopted by Jive !App partners including Appirio, Box, Goshido, HEDLOC, INXPO, LucidChart, and Wrike.

Simpler, Smarter Activity Streams

Jive What Matters, Jive's intelligent business activity stream, has been enhanced with a more streamlined user experience. It combines the simplicity and familiarity of Facebook-style activity streams with smart filtering that removes irrelevant noise and delivers just the information essential to people's interests. Jive What Matters also includes a new capability called Attention Streams. These are personalized, curated streams focusing on specific areas of interest. Users can specify their own Attention Streams and aggregate any combination of content to keep track of particular people, departments, projects, and activities.

Jive Edge

Jive Edge is a sophisticated adaptive intelligence engine using technology pioneered by Proximal Labs, which Jive acquired last year. Jive Edge draws on a rich understanding of the enterprise social graph, as well as cutting-edge big data analysis. It augments a wide range of social activities and provides targeted, noise-free results and recommendations matched to the needs of individual users. Jive Edge is the basis for Jive Find, a new search capability that leverages an understanding of social connections, content, and context to accurately predict what the user is looking for.


Jive's next-generation Jive platform is available immediately via Jive Cloud as part of the new Jive for Teams group collaboration solution. Teams of any size can Try Jive for Teams free for 30 days at Try Jive.

Jive Anywhere is available immediately via Jive Cloud and other Jive deployment options.

Jive !App Experiences, Attention Streams, Jive Edge, and Jive Find are available immediately via Jive Cloud and will be available for all Jive deployment options this fall.

To showcase the latest trends and best practices in social business, Jive presents the JiveLive Tour, an eight-city seminar series in May and early June, 2012. To learn more, visit the JiveLive Tour site.

About Jive Software

Jive Software (Nasdaq:JIVE) is a leading global Social Business company. We bring social technology innovations from the consumer world into enterprises securely and at scale, changing the way work gets done. Our platform combines the power of big data, enterprise integrations and social collaboration technologies. Millions of people at the world's largest companies are using Jive-powered communities internally and externally to transform their businesses. For a free trial of Jive's next-generation social business platform, please visit Try Jive.