New research finds executives want less marketing, more substance

In a recent survey of 120 business executives by DemandGen, an astonishing 75 percent of executives indicated they wanted marketers to "curb the sales messaging."

As content leaders like David Meerman Scott have been preaching for years, nobody cares about your products or your laundry list of features, and this research really bears that out. People don't want to hear your sales message. They want to know how your products and services deliver value to help solve real business problems. 

If you still doubt this at this point, consider that DemandGen's research found that 55 percent of respondents wanted the content to focus less on the product's specifications and more on what value it could deliver to the customers. Imagine that. Nobody wants to hear a carefully crafted marketing message.

Another key finding was that 60 percent of respondents said they placed value on the trust-worthiness of the source. That means if you're delivering a marketing message, you're in danger of losing a significant part of your executive audience.

What's more, if you deliver quality content such as a White Paper, 77 percent will share basic information like name and email to get it. Another 75 percent would do the same for an eBook.

This drives home the idea that people want quality content and they will not only pay more attention to it and take it more seriously, they will actually give up personal information to get it. That's a powerful argument against the traditional ways of marketing and switching to content marketing full bore. This survey shows it works.

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