Adobe Reader update lets you send docs for signatures

Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) took its EchoSign integration another step this week when it announced you can now send documents from Adobe Reader (the free program) for a digital signature.

When you receive a PDF, you can sign it electronically or you can send it to others for an electronic signature. This means that the user can scan a copy of his or her signature or can use the drawing tools to create a signature with the mouse (which sounds a bit complicated).

If you're having trouble writing your signature with the mouse, you can even type it in and it's considered official. 

And if you're wondering if it's legal, it is. Here's how Jason Lemkin, vice president of web business services at Adobe put it in a recent blog post:

"Documents signed using Adobe EchoSign are protected by the Federal E-SIGN Act, which makes online electronic signatures in a commercial transaction equivalent to a written signature so both you and your client can rest assured that signed document is 100 percent legal," Lemkin wrote.

The way it works is you simply click the Send for Signature button and you enter the Adobe EchoSign workflow where you can send the document for signature. It's worth noting there is a fee for using the EchoSign service, although a free version is available.

For more information:
- see the Adobe blog post

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