Colligo introduces secure SharePoint iPad app

Colligo Networks, a company known for giving access to SharePoint content inside Outlook, this week introduced a new product called Colligo Briefcase Enterprise, a tool that enables users to access SharePoint content securely from an iPad.

As the consumerization of IT marches on relentlessly, more employees are using iPads in the workplace. What this product does is provide end users the convenience of an iPad app for sharing content, while giving IT pros the security they long for with mobile applications. It's a point that was not lost on analyst Guy Spencer, the Legal, ECM and Compliance business systems analyst at Altera Corporation.

"Security on this new wave of personal devices is the next 800-pound gorilla in the room for IT departments," Spencer said.

Barry Jinks, founder and chief executive of Colligo Networks says that his company is providing a tool to deal with these risks. "Without a secure, corporate-sanctioned document management solution, vital corporate data can be easily exposed to the security risks inherent in consumer-grade file-sharing services."

Security features include hardware-based encryption, the ability to remotely wipe the SharePoint content from the device and the ability for administrators to restrict access on a site-by-site basis.

Colligo is also offering a free version of the app Colligo Briefcase Lite, which limits users to a single SharePoint site, with limited synching and disabled enterprise security features.

For more information:
- see the Colligo press release

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