WordPress still number one, but watch out for Concrete5, says report

Water and Stone released its free annual report on the state of open source web content management. For the most part, there aren't any major surprises, but there are a few points worth noting.

For starters, by any measure WordPress is still the number one open source CMS by far. Water and Stone looked at a few different popularity a criterion including downloads, installations and third-party analysis. Any way you slice it, WordPress is on top.

Where it gets more interesting is further down the list because while Joomla! and Drupal continue to hold serve at two and three, they appear to be fading a bit. When asked what CMS they were using, compared with last year's numbers, Joomla! has lost some considerable marketshare, while WordPress and Drupal lost much less.

Meanwhile, the up and comer in this group was clearly Concrete5, which came in at third for installations. And downloads were up an astonishing 517 percent. Compare that with WordPress whose weekly downloads were down over 34 percent, but still way ahead of everyone else. WordPress, even with the down year still averaged over 600,000 downloads a week. Its closest competitor was Joomla! with over 86,000 downloads per week.

And while Concrete5 had the big increase, it also started with next to nothing in terms of 2010 downloads, so even though downloads were way up, that only came to an average of just over 3000 downloads per week--impressive for a newer player, but still not anywhere near the leaders.

One other vendor worth mentioning is DotNetNuke which remains the clear top .net choice with 16,000 downloads per week.

It's always tough to measure open source usage because you can't typically measure sales as you can with commercial software, but Water and Stone tries to make up for that by using a number of different measurement criteria. Overall, I would say they paint an accurate picture of the open source web content management market.

For more information:
- download the Water and Stone report

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