Socialtext adds virtual appliance

Socialtext announced today that it was releasing a new version of the product that runs on a virtual appliance in VMware.

The idea is to take advantage of companies building private clouds inside their organizations. A private cloud operates much like a public one, but instead of accessing services outside the firewall, IT creates a set of services that are accessible in-house inside the safety of the firewall.

Instead of linking to Socialtext in the public cloud, the new product lets IT take advantage of Socialtext functionality inside the firewall, and for some companies that are unwilling to use public cloud services that could be very attractive.

Socialtext CEO Eugene Lee says this product makes it much simpler for IT pros to install Socialtext as part of a virtualized private cloud environment.

"As a SaaS company, we want to make it easy for our customers to run our software securely, whether that's in our cloud or securely behind the firewall in their private cloud. This new offering provides yet another option for our customers who have made a commitment to VMware inside their company," Lee said 

This move is consistent with their recent strategy to provide tools that make Socialtext the IT-friendly Enterprise 2.0 tool of choice. Unlike other companies that are trying to win the hearts and minds of end users first, Socialtext has made a concerted effort to create tools and functionality that make it friendly for IT pros.

For more information:
- see the Socialtext press release

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