AU government edges closer to total Drupal-based website unification

Australia's plan to combine its multiple governmental websites onto one Drupal-based CMS platform is really starting to come together. Australia's Department of Finance announced this week plans to migrate and to its new online content management system, govCMS, powered by digital business company Acquia.

Inspector General report: EHR certification program deeply flawed

The push to implement electronic health records systems is reaching critical mass but a new report by the HHS Office of Inspector General reveals what some hospital administrators have been saying for a while. The process just isn't ready for prime time.

Alfresco partners with Snowbound for VirtualViewer HTML5 integration

Alfresco has teamed up with document viewing technology provider Snowbound Software to integrate Snowbound's VirtualViewer HTML5 into its collaborative ECM platform, Alfresco One.


The part of ECM everyone always forgets

Sometimes getting your data into a content management system is like loading a moving van. You manage to shoehorn everything in just right but then have no idea how to retrieve anything when you're ready to take it out.

Will new court ruling have ripple effect on records retention?

A new ruling by a D.C. court could have a ripple effect on what new types of records federal agencies--and eventually U.S.-based businesses--are compelled to retain.

Spotlight: ECM as shared service

Is ECM effective as a shared service?

Infographic: DAMs save companies thousands every year

If you've been on the fence about implementing a digital asset management system, this infographic from Extensis might provide the final push. It reveals that companies that use DAM systems to manage digital content recoup nearly $200,000 over a period of five years. Conversely, those that don't are losing an average of $44,000 per year.


Email migration process doesn't have to be painful

Even though some companies are having difficulty warming up to full-blown cloud-based record management solutions, many are willing to concede the usefulness of storing email in the cloud. However, as with any large data migration, moving vast quantities of email has its own unique challenges and issues.

IBM: CMS plugin patch rates lag behind core platform patches

IBM's X-Force Threat Intelligence quarterly report is out and, given recent reports of CMS security issues, the results aren't surprising but they're still noteworthy. It reveals that 8.4 percent of web application vulnerabilities can be traced back to CMS plugins versus just 0.9 percent that originate from problems in the core CMS platform.

No business is too small for information governance

If you're a small business owner who thinks you don't have to worry about things like information governance, you may want to think again. Virtually every company has the potential to be impacted by data management problems that could land them in hot water--or court.

Coveo announces free version of Coveo for Sitecore

Coveo announced this week the availability of Coveo for Sitecore - Free Edition, a set of advanced search features for Sitecore websites. As with Coveo's Enterprise Edition, the free version lets users configure and manage dynamic search on Sitecore websites to match the most relevant content to search requests across all browsers and devices.

Unlimited cloud storage and the elephant in the room

Dropbox announced last week that Dropbox Pro users are getting a hefty storage upgrade to one terabyte per account. But is it enough to attract enterprise users?

Automattic acquires BruteProtect, boosts security for WordPress

WordPress has struggled in recent weeks with a spate of security issues ranging from malware infections to denial-of-service vulnerabilities. It's not a big surprise then that Automattic, the open source development company behind WordPress, acquired security vendor BruteProtect last week for an undisclosed sum.

Vox Media considers offering custom CMS to the masses

Vox Media, publisher of online media sites like The Verge and Curbed use a custom content management system called Chorus that's currently it's only available in-house. But Vox Media's Editorial Director Lockhart Steele says Vox may share the wealth and open up the CMS to the masses.

The learning management systems market is booming

The learning management systems market is a $2.5 billion industry that's grown a whopping 21 percent this year. Those are the numbers are according to a new study from Bersin by Dolette and, according to company Principal Josh Bersin, they reflect four main factors of the industry.

Industry expert says enterprise search is getting its day in the sun

Joe Hughes, principal emerging/cloud applications lead at Ernst & Young LLP, says an enterprise search revolution is underway. Now we need to get out of our own way and let it happen.

FBI migrates 30 million records, VA drops the ball on e-claim management

Add the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security to the list of government agencies making the leap across the digital records management divide in the last couple of weeks. While you're at it, add the Department of Veterans Affairs to the list of agencies who still can't quite get it right.

Spotlight: Zocalo isn't the instant hit Amazon hoped for

Who's using Amazon's new document management service, Zocalo ... and who isn't

OpenText releases eDOCS DM 10 for legal eagles

This week, OpenText launched eDOCS DM 10, its information management system for the legal industry.

NASA migrates its CMS to Drupal, citing ease of use

NASA announced it has taken 110 websites and apps out of a commercial data center and moved them to the cloud. The organization also detailed plans to use Drupal as its new content management system. The project is designed to take advantage of more cost-effective storage options, as well as dump a proprietary CMS that was no longer supported.