Archive Systems launches sweeping updates to its FileBRIDGE platform

Unified document management vendor FileBRIDGE made a series of announcements this week about its collection of technologies; FileBRIDGE Digital, FileBRIDGE Paper and FileBRIDGE Governance. A handful of new updates and improvements bring a host of tools the company says will "flip the HR time allocation pyramid upside down."

Are you archiving your Web content? You should be

Some organizations, by their very nature, are required to archive some or all of the Web content they create. A recent report developed by Osterman research recommends that even companies that aren't required to archive its Web content for later retrieval should takes steps to do so.

Weighing the pros and cons of e-signatures

A big challenge organizations face when trying to go at least semi-paperless is what to do about getting necessary signatures on documents. The easy answer is to print out the docs, pass them around, and then scan them back into the system for safe-keeping. It may get the job done, but it's hardly efficient.

Spotlight: Forbes flies high with custom CMS, Falcon

Tech Target takes an inside look at Falcon, Forbes' custom-built CMS that manages both editorial and advertising content.

Learning from ECM implementation failure

The only thing more nerve-wracking than implementing a new content management system is the fear of failing during or soon after the process. When a Canadian university's attempted adoption of a new CMS crashed and burned in spectacular fashion, they wanted to know what went wrong so they hired consultant Chris Walker to figure it out. Here's a rare and candid look at what happened.

Has enterprise social run its course?

What does that mean for standalone enterprise social software solutions? Are they still useful and relevant? Are the social tools built into today's traditional enterprise products good enough? Let's look at the state of enterprise social and make some predictions about where the market is headed.

Docs threaten to switch EHR vendors, but will it really matter?

It's no secret that physicians are angry about the current state of the electronic health record industry. Many healthcare providers accuse EHR vendors of locking down patient information in an...

Spotlight: University of Oregon archivist speaks out against school administration

In a follow up to last week's Editor's Corner, we have an update on the University of Oregon archivist who was suspended earlier this year over the school's records management fiasco has spoken out. 

SkyKick adds hands-free option to Office 365 migration toolset

To make things even easier, SkyKick now offers a "Hands-Free" migration feature that completely automates the process.

Bar associations put their faith in Citrix ShareFile

Enterprise software vendor Citrix announced this week that three high-profile bar associations have chosen Citrix ShareFile as their go-to online file storage and sharing service

Bloomfire automates video transcription for easier search, retrieval

Digital content management has its own unique issues when it comes to efficient search and retrieval.

When managing the customer experience becomes an IT problem

Customer experience management once fell under the general purview of the marketing department. With the advent of mobile-first and omni-channel marketing strategies, marketers can't go at it alone and are leaning heavily on IT to help get initiatives off the ground.


TITUS Classification Suite 4 safely automates unstructured company data, info

The new release, TITUS Classification Suite 4, automates data classification and protection by examining its content, and context, for better information management and compliance.

The side of records management we rarely see

Earlier this year, I reported on two archivists at University of Oregon who handed over upwards of 22,000 school records to an economics professor just for the asking. One archivist has since resigned. 

Spotlight: NARA formulates government email-management plan

The National Archives and Records Administration has come up with a way to categorize government email for retention or disposal that's based on the pedigree of the sender, not the contents of the message. 

FBI issues WordPress terrorism warning

The FBI has issued a warning that the widely-used content management system WordPress is vulnerable to terrorism attacks by individuals sympathetic to extremist group ISIL.

FinalCode rolls out enterprise-level file collaboration package

FinalCode, a California-based enterprise file security firm, announced that its flagship secure file collaboration solution is now available worldwide. 

Report: WCMs lead to better customer experience

Managing the customer experience isn't all about fancy consumer-facing tools. It often begins with things the customer doesn't see--like a web content management system that's doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Is UX important when choosing a DAM system?

For most companies, a digital asset management system needs to "just work." User interface doesn't usually factor into purchasing decisions and users themselves have more on their minds than the design factor of their DAM of choice.

Most hospitals not doing enough to protect against EHR fraud, report says

report released this month by the HHS Office of Inspector General says most hospitals aren't doing enough to secure their electronic health records and protect them from fraudulent activity.