Info gov expert: Records managers set themselves up for failure

Information governance expert Jeffrey Ritter has an interesting take on the state of e-discovery and how records managers could have reduced the costs and headaches associated with information governance if they'd simply exercised a little foresight.

MediaValet adds support for 4K video up to 200 GB each in size

Cloud-based DAM software vendor MediaValet announced today that its flagship platform now supports 4K video. It's the latest update to a system that gives customers an easy way to access and interact with large volumes of digital assets.

Lawyers (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ over emojis during e-discovery

Emojis and emoticons used to be exclusive BFFs with teens. Now adults are peppering texts and tweets with the expressive little images and it's having a surprising effect on e-discovery.

Study: Marketers are having existential crisis over digital content mastery

According to a new report by Accenture Interactive, marketers know that digital content is crucial to meeting strategic business goals but many teams struggle with content overload.

707M records compromised worldwide in 2015

Digital security firm Gemalto this week released its latest Breach Level Index database report which revealed that 707 million records worldwide were compromised in 1,673 data breaches across the globe during 2015.

Spotlight: Box CEO weighs in on FBI's squabble with Apple

Box weighed in on the FBI's recent attempt to bypass security protection on the iPhone and what it means for the tech industry at large. "Anything the technology industry or governments do...

Alfresco's ECM and BPM tools help docs provide continuity of care

ECM firm Alfresco today announced a partnership with software vendor Kainos Group, the company behind the Evolve Mobile-Enabled Healthcare platform. The goal is to enhance patient care by improving content and process management for healthcare providers.

Trucker accidentally drops 'unknown number' of medical records on Florida roadway

More than 480,000 people just received word they may be affected by a medical records data breach that occurred in December, 2015.

Hollywood hospital resorts to paper during cyberattack

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center has been in the headlines this week because hackers have locked users out of the hospital's IT system. In the meantime, the hospital has resorted to old-school paper to conduct business.

Spotlight: IRS ready to digitize agency records

The Internal Revenue Service is re-dedicating efforts to digitize agency records. Among the plans getting underway, "the email messages of senior IRS executives are being archived in...

Infinit aggregates file storage from AWS, Google, local servers and more

Infinit, the French startup that has sought to disrupt the file sync and share market with a peer-to-peer file sharing system, is out with a new service that lets businesses aggregate storage from various resources into a peer-to-peer file system. 

Globalscape adds automation modules to MFT platform for SMBs

Small- to medium-sized businesses take note. Software vendor Globalscape announced today the availability of three new automation modules for its managed file transfer platform, Enhanced File Transfer SMB.

SecuriSync bundles cloud backup and EFSS into a single package

Cloud services provider Intermedia announced an update to SecuriSync that adds a set of cloud file backup tools into its file sync and share service.

AIIM President John Mancini stepping down for expanded role as evangelist and advisor

AIIM's John Mancini announced this morning his decision to move away from his current position as president to take over a new role within the organization, focusing on developing advisory offerings that help companies understand the relationship between information management and marketing strategies.

ABBYY brings hardcore linguistics to its new extraction and classification tools

OCR and document capture software vendor ABBYY made news today with the release of two products that give organizations an innovative way to access and use unstructured information buried inside content and document management systems.

Spotlight: UK health system could be paperless by 2020

The U.K. government is giving 4.2 billion pounds in government funds to the National Health Service to help create a paperless system by 2020.

How one company responded when file sharing methods 'got out of hand'

One of the toughest challenges facing enterprise tech vendors is nudging potential customers away from the legacy systems they've been entrenched in for years. Companies are understandably reluctant to move away from systems in which they've invested a significant amount of time and money to start all over again.

Incisive's new Concourse API makes spreadsheets compliance-friendly

Software vendor Incisive released Concourse this week, a new management and collaboration API designed to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of working with spreadsheets.


Alfresco unifies ECM and BPM with updates to Alfresco One and Activiti

Alfresco Tuesday announced concurrent updates to Alfresco One and Alfresco Activi that integrate ECM and BPM, effectively firing a shot across the bow at competitors still struggling with how to bring the two technologies together for customers.

Updates to Jive-n and Jive-x enhance worker collaboration, customer experience

Jive Software amped up its internal and external community engagement platforms this week with the release of new updates to Jive-n and Jive-x. The former introduced a slew of new features to improve collaboration and communication between employees, while the latter added tools to enhance the customer experience.