Report: IT's faith in ability to protect data is abysmal

Data and file protection is arguably one of the most important jobs IT pros have, yet it's one of the things they feel least confident about doing properly.

Vera integrates with Box to offer increased file security and control

As with many cloud-based file storage providers, Box users have very little control over where and how files are used once they leave the service's environment. Data security vendor Vera announced a set of tools this week that give Box users a high level of control over documents leaving Box's ecosystem.

Spotlight: The big picture impact of Canada's records management problem

Maclean's Anne Kingston investigated the recent spate of federal records destruction in Canada, calling it a "crisis in government data." She urges Canadian citizens to look deeply at...

Should LMSs adapt to the way we learn or should we adapt to the way they teach?

Technology strategist Krish Kupathil says today's teaching environments should focus on social learning if we want to prepare the emerging workforce for the long haul.

OGIS report suggests FEMA's FOIA program needs improvement

The Office of Government Information Services released a report this month outlining how it thinks the Federal Emergency Management Agency is managing its Freedom of Information Act program. Conclusion: Not too well.

OpenText teams with SAP for personalized omni-channel content delivery

The partnership between OpenText and SAP hybris Solutions helps organizations target their digital assets where they'll do the most good. unveils SharePoint email management and classification tool

Digital workforce vendor rolled out a new tool that unifies all email and documents in a single, central repository instead of relegating them to Exchange and SharePoint, respectively.

Globalscape's updated EFT Cloud Services increases file transfer security

Secure file transfer software vendor Globalscape rolled out a newly updated version of EFT Cloud Services with a slew of improvements designed to make file exchange and collaboration more secure. The scalable service comes in three levels of support services: Basic, Standard and Platinum, and works in either a hybrid cloud or virtual environment.

Tapping into the emotions of the customer experience

Customer experience management company SandSIV released a white paper earlier this month that takes a look at what happens when organizations overlook the emotional aspect of transactions with their target demographic.

Spotlight: Classified Clinton emails still on Gmail servers

Where are Hillary Clinton's classified emails housed? According to Politico, some of them are sitting on Gmail servers. Read more....

When poor records-management leads to poor employee-management

Records managers spend a lot of time noodling around the nuts and bolts of records management, from identifying the best technology to coming up with solid lists of best practices. But what happens when poor records-management leads to poor people-management?

Florida governor under fire again for records management shenanigans

Florida Governor Rick Scott  is under fire for a second time with a new round of allegations that his office is withholding emails and other documents surrounding a recently awarded state contract. Government officials claim they're in the clear because the documents contain proprietary information.

Report shows records management is low priority for DOE

Add the U.S. Department of Energy to the list of federal agencies for whom records management isn't high on the list of priorities. A recent report from the Office of Inspector General shows the DOE hasn't bothered to take steps to ensure that the handling of agency-related emails meets federally-mandated requirements.

Livefyre pairs with Salesforce and Adobe to deliver branded content

Livefyre is having a busy week with news of two new and distinct partnerships with Salesforce and Adobe. Each pairing brings benefits to brands interested in upping their content marketing and social engagement game.

Adlib's 'Deep Insight' project helps businesses peer into unstructured content

Document and data solutions provider Adlib Software unveiled details this week about its new project, Deep Insight. Though the product is still in beta, Adlib executives say the technology will "revolutionize" the way companies work with unstructured content.

Allego rolls out video-focused training platform for sales teams

There will always be a need for document collaboration tools in the workplace, but for some companies, the real issue is how to access and collaborate on video content. It's an especially sticky problem for organizations with distributed workforces or large businesses that rely on videos as training and sales aids. Allego, a Massachusetts-based startup, believes it has the answer.

Office workers lose 6+ hours a week on document searches

Looking for another reason to move toward a paperless office? Here it is. A new survey by Software Advice reveals office workers in paper-based environments lose six or more hours per week searching for documents. Workers in digital offices, however, report virtually no lost time at all.

Unused content proves costly for companies

Do you have a lot of forgotten or unused content kicking around in the dark corners of your content management system? Find it and free it, because letting it languish can cost your company thousands of dollars.

Spotlight: Federal social media account records may become regulated

Federal agencies still can't quite pin down how to best manage email and now they have even more data to worry about. FCW reported, "Feds who are using SMS, Twitter, Facebook and even...

US diplomats shrug off State Department's email records request

Following the kerfuffle over Hillary Clinton's use of person email for work purposes, the State Department inspector general's office decided to review the email habits of several top U.S. officials. Unfortunately, they haven't been particularly pushy about it and people are beginning to ask why.