Spotlight: Critical Joomla bug leaves millions of sites vulnerable

FierceITSecurity reported yesterday that Joomla identified and patched a SQL-injection vulnerability last week. The flaw exposed millions of websites to the possibility of remote takeover and Joomla...

Skykick and Microsoft offer free Office 365 cloud backup to Azure for eligible partners

Microsoft and cloud management software vendor SkyKick announced this week the availability of a cloud backup tool as part of Microsoft's Partner Network package. The service provides free unlimited backup to eligible Action Pack or competency partners in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand that sign up by June 2016.

Spanning by EMC VP talks about misconceptions of cloud-based SaaS data backup

Software as a service data backup is only one component of cloud services, but it's a big one. I caught up with Jeff Erramouspe, VP and GM, at Spanning by EMC, to walk me through some common questions about SaaS data backup and clear up some misconceptions along the way.

Telerik Sitefinity's latest CMS update adds improves digital marketing toolset

A recent update to content management platform Telerik Sitefinity boosted its digital marketing toolset to offer better personalized content options and improved customer engagement options. It also includes extended support for Amazon Cloud and Microsoft Azure Web App.

Nitro acquires marketing technology vendor DoxIQ

Document-productivity vendor Nitro scooped up enterprise software company DoxIQ this month to keep its momentum going to become a cloud-based smart document services vendor.

How email torpedoes your customer experience management strategy

Just when you think you have your customer experience management strategy under control, along comes something else to worry about: Email.

Unpatched CMS vulnerability costs Midwest city $760,000

An unpatched vulnerability in the content management system of Naperville, IL, city offices allowed hackers to access the network and steal the login information of 59 employees. The resulting investigation and updated security defenses cost the city $760,000.

Spotlight: The many layers of the info governance problem

IT Pro Portal's Lubor Ptacek noted that a high percentage of global companies have increased spending on information governance, but "many organizations are still struggling to achieve...

Is 2015 the year ECM finally 'gets' mobile content?

Mobile device usage is projected to top 6.2 billion worldwide by 2018 and the number of people accessing the internet via mobile has surpassed access on a desktop. It's a wake up call for companies everywhere: You can't afford to ignore mobile any longer.

Tossing old resumes from non-hires? Not so fast

Destroying the resumes of unhired job applicants could open up companies to a lawsuit, said Casey Sullivan, attorney and senior writer at Find Law. It's not just job seekers who can chase after an organization, though. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission won't be too happy about it either.

Egnyte's Smart Reporting and Auditing service pulls analytics from stored content

Egnyte's new Smart Reporting and Auditing service tackles the heavy lifting of pulling analytics from all sorts of stored content, allowing companies to identify trends and base future business decisions on facts rather than educated guesses.

Acquia Content Hub makes quick work of content aggregation, distribution and updates

Digital experience company Acquia rolled out Content Hub this week, a new cloud-based service that takes the headache out of aggregating content and makes distributing content easier both inside and outside the organization.

Jive-x helps companies turn customers into advocates

If giving your customers an excellent brand experience is a touchdown, turning them into brand advocates is the field goal. And Jive Software's newest release of Jive-x wants to help you score those extra points. The company's flagship community platform got a boost this week with the launch of a new brand advocacy component along with a few other updates.

Spotlight: Digital learners want more control and better options

Diginomica's Janine Milne said the face of digital learning is changing and vendors should adapt or step aside. "Learning is being consumerized. Employees want to be able to pick and choose...

New Senate bill calls for national EHR rating system

A new bill that United States Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) introduced could go a long way toward helping healthcare providers get the best EHR system for their buck.

What to do about record management's image problem

Records managers are a vital part of businesses, federal agencies, volunteer groups, and dozens of other organizations around the globe. But let's be honest, it's not the most glamorous-sounding job in the world.

New York Times narrowly averts records management disaster

Here's a feel-good story that comes with a strong lesson on the importance of coming up with a plan to protect your paper-based archives before you need it.

Adobe adds enhancements to document and e-sign services, partners with Dropbox

Adobe announced a slew of enhancements to its document and e-sign services today along with the formation of a partnership with Dropbox designed to make it easier to work with files on the fly. Here's the rundown.

GRC tools: To integrate or not to integrate?

A new white paper from risk consulting firm Protiviti outlined several reasons why it's a good idea to bring an assortment of compliance functions together under one umbrella instead of letting them languish across teams and work processes.

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages a boon for content managers and publishers

Content marketers who want to cater to the consumer desire for instant gratification (read: all of them) got a boost from Google this week with the announcement of its Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. It's an open-source project that aims to deliver leaner webpages specifically optimized for faster load times on mobile devices.