Allego rolls out video-focused training platform for sales teams

There will always be a need for document collaboration tools in the workplace, but for some companies, the real issue is how to access and collaborate on video content. It's an especially sticky problem for organizations with distributed workforces or large businesses that rely on videos as training and sales aids. Allego, a Massachusetts-based startup, believes it has the answer.

Office workers lose 6+ hours a week on document searches

Looking for another reason to move toward a paperless office? Here it is. A new survey by Software Advice reveals office workers in paper-based environments lose six or more hours per week searching for documents. Workers in digital offices, however, report virtually no lost time at all.

Unused content proves costly for companies

Do you have a lot of forgotten or unused content kicking around in the dark corners of your content management system? Find it and free it, because letting it languish can cost your company thousands of dollars.

Spotlight: Federal social media account records may become regulated

Federal agencies still can't quite pin down how to best manage email and now they have even more data to worry about. FCW reported, "Feds who are using SMS, Twitter, Facebook and even...

US diplomats shrug off State Department's email records request

Following the kerfuffle over Hillary Clinton's use of person email for work purposes, the State Department inspector general's office decided to review the email habits of several top U.S. officials. Unfortunately, they haven't been particularly pushy about it and people are beginning to ask why.

Customer experience management platforms aren't a panacea

Marketers have moved beyond the simple desire to provide excellent customer service and now obsess over the customer experience, also called CX. Gallup researchers said they've "observed a growing arms race among brands to implement bigger and better customer experience platforms." They noted CX platforms and the data they provide are great but aren't enough to provide the level of customer experience brands strive for.

Report: Data breaches in 2015 exposed 140 million records

News accounts of record-exposing data breaches are so commonplace these days they sometimes don't even make the front page. A new report from the Identity Theft Resource Center highlighted just how prevalent – and troubling – the breaches have become.

Spanning by EMC enhances Salesforce backup and recovery system

Software-as-a-Service data protection provider Spanning Cloud Apps announced this week a major upgrade to its backup and recovery solution for Salesforce customers. It includes new data restoration features and a new way for European customers to protect their data and remain in compliance with data sovereignty regulations.

Spotlight: State Department reprimands Caroline Kennedy for personal email use

A recent report from the State Department inspector general claims Kennedy used her personal email account to conduct official business. 

Finnish ECM firm M-Files sets sights on toppling its biggest competitors

A Finnish enterprise content management system provider has some tough talk for competitors as it plans an incursion into the U.K. ECM market.

Recommind adds instant messaging analytics to eDiscovery platform

Information intelligence firm Recommind adds instant messaging analytics to its cloud-based eDiscovery platform with the latest version release of its flagship product, Axcelerate 5.5.

Marketers need customer experience tools more than they think

Marketers may think customer experience tools are just a fad, but some say the only way to effect any real change in the minds and pocketbooks of customers is to admit that CX tools are an asset, not a hindrance, to meeting sales and marketing goals.

E-Spirit delivers FirstSpirit update to spur rapid 'digital transformation'

Content management solutions provider e-Spirit announced the release of the newest version of FirstSpirit Content Management System that aims to help companies achieve rapid "digital transformation" with a minimum time investment.

Study shows businesses expect cloud strategies to help increase revenue

A new report sponsored by Cisco claims a second wave of cloud adoption is on the horizon, led by businesses who expect cloud strategies to increase revenue over the next two years.

Report: Mobile document management apps reign in the public sector

Good Technology's Q2 Mobility Index Report is out, offering insight into how companies are implementing and using mobile technology across their organizations.

Spotlight: 'Customer-obsessed' is the new CXM goal

Customer experience management is so last year and plain old customer service is so last century.

VA office caught ignoring records management policies, shredding documents

A surprise inspection of the Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Regional Office revealed shoddy records management practices and at least eight instances of documents destined for the shredder that could have lead to the loss of benefits for some veterans.

Eliminating obstacles to successful government IT projects

Government IT programs have a history of being riddled with problems or hovering on the brink of spectacular fail. What's the underlying problem and, more important, can it be solved?

Hippo and Bynder team up for improved digital experience management

In an effort to step up the integration of Web content into the entire digital customer experience, Web content management firm Hippo has announced a new partnership with branding automation company, Bynder. The goal is to free WCM from its place as a standalone task and give it an equal place in a company's branding experience.

Researchers probe EHR unstructured data to improve healthcare

While healthcare providers are busy putting patient information into electronic health records, researchers are waiting in the wings to mine the unstructured data with an eye on improving health care for everyone.