Coveo 6.5 concentrates on personalized business analytics

Coveo released a new version of its enterprise search platform this week with a focus on generating personalized content viewable in dashboards. The idea is to give you a dashboard view of the

Crocodoc HTML 5 viewer takes PDF collaboration to the browser

This week, Crocodoc announced a highly functional HTML 5 PDF viewer that works in the browser and enables reviewers to collaborate with each other in real time, without the need for external

Best practices for developing an enterprise mobile strategy

Guest post by Apoorv Durga The mobile marketplace is seeing a lot if activity. Earlier this month, Antenna Software, a provider of mobile applications mainly for enterprises, acquired Volantis

Borders files for bankruptcy

The Wall Street Journal reported that Borders Group, Inc, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Wednesday and will close 30 percent of its stores shortly. Borders Group owns Borders, the book store

Sitecore and Lionbridge team up on web localization

Web content management vendor Sitecore has teamed up with localization vendor Lionbridge to help customers ease the translation and localization burden. The solution combines Sitecore's WCM with

Accuracy of search engine results called into question

There's been lots of news lately about consumer search engines that bring into question the accuracy of the results. Recently, reports surfaced that Bing was copying Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) search

Open Text buys BPM vendor Metastorm

Open Text announced last week, it had reached an agreement to buy Metastorm, a Baltimore, Md.-based business process management, business process analysis and enterprise architecture software vendor

Nuxeo joins Eclipse to increase ECM open source presence

Nuxeo, the open source ECM vendor, announced today that it has proposed moving its Java Content Repository to the Eclipse Foundation, which--not unlike the Apache Foundation--acts as a conduit for

Survey: SharePoint 2010 made gains in the enterprise

A survey conducted by Global 360, a business process management and case management company--and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) partner--found that SharePoint 2010 usage had increased from 8 percent in an

Kindle update includes real page numbers announced an early preview of a Kindle software update that includes real page numbers, on its Kindle web page this week. This may not sound like much on its face, but it enables readers

SpringCM enhances process automation and workflow

SpringCM, which provides a cloud-based ECM platform platform, recently announced some enhancements to its workflow and automation capabilities. Updates include the ability for non-technical users to

One on One with Jason Brush of Schematic

Jason Brush is executive vice president at Schematic, where he heads the User Experience group. In fact, Schematic was part of the development team that worked with Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) to build the

Could data replace content as king?

Revolutionaries waitFor my head on a silver plateJust a puppet on a lonely stringOh who would ever want to be king?~ Cold Play, Viva La Vida It's a popular notion to say that 'content is king,' but

SDL Tridion takes aim at marketers

SDL Tridion announced a new version of their web content management system this week, SDL Tridion 2011, that hopes to provide marketing personnel with enhanced capabilities while easing

Evernote and Livescribe make note-taking dream team

One of the more intriguing partnerships at Macworld 2011 last week was one between content tracking software Evernote and Livescribe, which makes a pen that digitizes your paper notes on the fly. You

Mobile model provides unique content opportunities

New smartphones and tablets are released to market every month, and traveling along that same, soaring trajectory is the mobile model for content. The rich media opportunities for content and the

EMC attempts to simplify, unify governance, risk, compliance

This week EMC introduced a new unified platform for managing governance, risk and compliance across the enterprise, which represents the culmination of a strategy it began last year when it purchased

Is it time to start thinking ECM-as-a-Service?

Guest post by Cheryl McKinnon One of my predictions for 2011 is that the new opposing forces in enterprise content management are self-service and gate-keeper vendor models. Enterprises ready to

Blekko introduces iPhone and Android apps

Blekko, the search engine that lets you narrow your search using slashes (/) introduced two new mobile apps this week. The slashtags are a social way of organizing content into different categories.

Enterprise 2.0 software won't be driven by IT

A new Enterprise 2.0 tool hit the market recently from Tibco. The tool called Tibbr has gotten a lot of love from analysts because it's designed for IT folks and some people believe that will make it