FLUD gets more social, Google releases Currents

Last week we saw the release Flipboard for the iPhone, then came news that FLUD has a new version of its reader app which lets you share your stories more easily. Meanwhile, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG)

Nuxeo Platform 5.5 goes social and mobile

This week Nuxeo announced the release of Nuxeo Platform 5.5, which builds on its strategy to provide a content management platform on which companies can build applications and services to serve the

Joomla! reports impressive growth in downloads

Last week Joomla! reported impressive year over year growth with a 38 percent increase since last December. That translates into 27 million English-language downloads. It's worth noting that they

Audio: Jive goes public, says it's 2 years ahead of competitors

Jive Software is now trading on Nasdaq using the symbol JIVE, with a common stock price of $12 per share. Jive is the first enterprise social business software company to go public, Chairman and

SpringCM survey finds Salesforce users looking for CM

A survey by SpringCM of 109 users found that for the most part, while respondents were avid users, they lacked even the most basic content management tools (in spite of

Top SharePoint trends to watch in 2012

Guest post by Chris McNulty As we move toward 2012, I see several emerging trends that will affect organizations using SharePoint in the new year. Social networking, cloud and governance are the hot

A look back at my 2011 predictions

Oh boy, I'm so excited. No really, it's the end of the year--you know, that time when we make predictions about what's going to happen in the coming year. Try not to get too overwrought. But before

Silver bullet CXM solutions are a myth, say Powers, Assad

There is no "mythical, magical CXM suite," Stephen Powers, principal analyst and research director at Forrester Research, told an audience Nov. 30 at the Gilbane Conference in Boston. Despite vendor

Startups and established vendors look for common ground in collaboration space

Guest post by Isaac Garcia More than ever, companies and their teams are juggling projects across continents and time zones, and require tools that enable them to execute efficiently in the office

Flipboard finally comes to iPhone

Flipboard finally released an iPhone app this week after being an iPad-only app since its inception. The problem was always finding a way to translate the flipping action and visually appealing

CrownPeak releases major interface upgrade

CrownPeak, the software as a service web content management vendor, announced a major new release of their product last week at the Gilbane Conference in Boston. The new interface greatly simplifies

Are we over thinking enterprise social?

I attended a session at last week's Gilbane Conference in Boston called "From Collaboration to Business Transformation: Expanding the role of Enterprise Social Networks." As I listened to the two

The great Big-Data scare of 2012

It's coming and it's big. I mean really, really big. It's so big you should be afraid, very afraid because your database can't handle it. It's the attack of "Big Data" and it's coming soon to an

MEI and Rolling Stone team up on Beatles app

It took many years for the Beatles' music to appear in iTunes, but now that it has, a new iPad app is designed to give consumers additional information about each of the band's 13 albums. The app,

The cloud is so much more than hype

By now, you may be sick of hearing about the cloud. After all, the hype has been inescapable over the last few years. Microsoft has reduced it to a silly slogan, "To the cloud!" But the cloud is much

HP releases first products with Autonomy technology

HP announced this week its first products using Autonomy technology. You may recall that HP invested a hefty $10 billion to buy Autonomy last summer. These products are the first ones to result from

CoreMedia partnership helps customers build mobile apps

CoreMedia announced a partnership last week with German mobile applications vendor, Sevenval. Using a combination of Sevenval and CoreMedia technology, CoreMedia customers can offer mobile content

WordPress still number one, but watch out for Concrete5, says report

Water and Stone released its free annual report on the state of open source web content management. For the most part, there aren't any major surprises, but there are a few points worth noting. For 3.0 embeds SharePoint content in Lotus Notes

It's been said that SharePoint is the Lotus Notes of the 21st Century. Lotus Notes was a popular way of sharing content in the 1990s, but there are still plenty of organizations using it for email. A

KnowledgeTree keeps rolling with private cloud edition

KnowledgeTree has been busy this year and it's not letting up. This week it announced a new private cloud deployment that can be run on- or off-premises. The product builds on the desktop version