WordPress used across many of top 100 blogs

A new survey from Royal Pingdom confirms what you may have suspected already: WordPress dominates many of the world's most popular blogs.

Perceptive goes mobile with Interact Mobile products

Perceptive Software brings its document management solutions to mobile devices.

Rimage Signal lets you update or destroy mobile content remotely UPDATED

A new product from Rimage gives you the power to delete or update mobile content remotely, giving publishers at least the illusion of control.

Box has come a long way in two short years

Two years ago, this month Box didn't have so much as booth at info360. Today, it's one of the leading cloud content management vendors.

Amazon Web Services releases search product

Amazon Web Services released a beta of its new CloudSearch product last week. It's cheap but could require some work.

Yammer gets file syncing with oneDrum buy

Yammer's purchase of oneDrum gives it MS Office file syncing, but is it enough to compete with others in the enterprise social space?

Pew: As eReader and tablet sales rise, so does eBook reading

Pew found that eBook readership increased to 21 percent in February after the holiday shopping season. Up from 17 percent in mid-December.

Adobe updates Acrobat mobile apps

Adobe upgraded its iOS and Android Acrobat apps adding esignature capability and more.

Almost half of survey respondents lack clear SharePoint governance plan

SharePoint survey finds contradictory results when it comes to governance requirements versus governance plans.

Watching the live birth of a CMS upgrade

As it turns out, implementing a CMS upgrade is harder than it looks. Don't try this at home.

NARA eyes a shared scanning hub in the cloud

The federal government hasn’t traditionally treated IT as a commodity to share across agencies, but apparently the National Archives and Records Administration was listening when Federal Chief...

Influx of traffic to census data disables National Archives site

The National Archives and Records Administration wasn’t expecting the explosion in traffic it got April 2 when it released all records from the 1940 census. NARA’s portal got 22.5 million...

A billion for Instagram? Seriously?

Whatever was Facebook thinking paying $1 billion for a photo touch-up and file sharing app?

New Android app lets you read many magazines for a single price

NextIssue media app provides an interface where for a single subscription price, you can access as many magazines as you like.

Infragistics releases SharePoint mobile tool update

Infragistics released version 3.0 of its SharePlus mobile SharePoint apps for iOS.

Vasont teams with oXygen XML editor

By integrating Vasont content management directly into the Syncro Soft oXygen XML editor, it simplifies work flow for writers and editors who can do all their work from a single interface.

ownCloud releases new business and enterprise editions

ownCloud, the open source, cloud-based file management and syncing platform, announced new commercial versions this week with features for business and enterprise users.

Joomla surpasses 30 million downloads

Joomla announced a significant milestone this week.

Facebook should stay out of web search business

Facebook should probably leave the web search business to Google and invest in building a good tool to find people and content on the Facebook site.

Google introduces Google Vault information governance tools

Google's new Google Vault brings information governance to Google Apps customers.