Soonr Workplace makes business collaboration mobile

Soonr announced this week that they were releasing Soonr Workplace, a mobile collaboration tool aimed at SMBs that works across a variety of mobile devices. According to a prepared statement, Soonr

Flipboard update makes good tool even better

I haven't been shy about how much I like Flipboard, the iPad app that takes your RSS feeds and social streams and presents them in a magazine-style layout. Last week Flipboard announced an update to

New Google Apps release tools give IT more control

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced a new feature this week that provides a way for IT pros to control Google Apps releases to their organizations. One of the primary advantages of using cloud services

Google announces plans to update Blogger

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced this week that it plans to update the Blogger blogging platform. After all these years, it really needs it. The venerable blogging platform has survived for years, but

Time to emphasize content presentation

It's no secret; There's a ton of content out there and it's growing ever-larger before our eyes. As we head to AIIM/info360 next week, it's a matter worth discussing. Just how are we supposed to

The indelible impact of cloud, mobile, social

It seems you can't go to a conference these days without seeing a strong focus on the cloud, mobile and social media. They are having a profound impact on technology in general and on content

AIIM/info360 includes exclusive Executive Summit for first time

This year the AIIM/info360 Conference includes an exclusive invite-only conference inside the conference for executives called the Executive Summit @ info360. While the program is focused on

Government content and transparency take the stage at AIIM/info360 2011

In previous years, AIIM/info360 was focused squarely on the enterprise with little mention of government content management. This year's location, however, has influenced the conference agenda and

SharePoint flexes its muscles at AIIM/info360 2011

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) SharePoint continues to have a strong influence across content management. While many have mixed feelings about it, you can't argue with the impact it has on the industry.

FCM coverage at AIIM/info360 2011

As we attend sessions and stroll the expo hall at AIIM/info360 2011, we want you to be part of the action--even if you're not in Washington, D.C. with us. Ron Miller and I will be attending the

AIIM/Info360 datebook

Monday, March 21 Pre-Conference Workshops If you arrive a day early, you can take advantage of the one-day practitioner level workshops. This means after the workshop and online testing, you can earn

AIIM/info360 2011 goes to Washington

Welcome to the AIIM International Conference and Expo @ info360 2011 preview issue. After two years in Philadelphia, this year's conference moves down the East coast to Washington, D.C. for the first

Open Text buys mobile app developer weComm

Open Text just announced that it has reached an agreement to purchase UK-based mobile app development platform, weComm, which provides a way to create an app from a single source and use it across a

CharacTell introduces cloud OCR invoice processing

CharacTell, a company that offers optical character recognition (OCR) services, recently announced a new cloud-based invoice processing system. Customers simply scan the invoice to the cloud service

Open government strategies may want to consider security, governance...Sharepoint?

Back in December 2009, the White House challenged the federal government to be more transparent and better leverage social media by issuing an Open Government Directive. More than a year later, many

Getting nostalgic over ECM

Guest post by Carl Frappaolo I have chronicled and grown with the ECM market for many decades, in awe of the way it has progressed from simple, stand-alone file management and imaging systems, to

Search keeps evolving before our eyes

While attending the CeBIT technology fair last week in Hannover, Germany I saw three events that showed me how enterprise search is working today and how it could evolve over the next several years

Evernote releases new iPhone update

Evernote, the note-keeping database that lives on your desktop, the web and your smartphone, and syncs across all of them automatically in the cloud, announced last week that version 4.0, was

Zinio chooses MarkLogic for mobile platform delivery project

Zinio, the digital newsstand product delivered on a variety of platforms and MarkLogic, the XML content management and search vendor, announced a deal this week where MarkLogic will help Zinio

Open source CMIS implementation Apache Chemistry graduates

Apache Chemistry has moved from the incubation phase to a Top-Level Project, according to not-for-profit Apache Software Foundation. The open source implementation toolkit provides an interoperable