Security in the age of digital asset management

Hard-copy documents are the weakest link in the digital documentation chain but digitalization is a vital part of data security. That's the word from Kevin Corne, director of Lexmark Global Services UK and Ireland.

Spotlight: Cloud storage services in a race to the bottom?

Forbes contributor Ben Kepes has an interesting viewpoint about the cloud storage space.

Chicago's march toward the paperless city

Here's a statistic for you. 34 percent of Chicago's total trash output comes from paper.

Spotlight: HTML5 changing the face of WCM

Research analyst Geoffrey Bock says HTML5 is changing the face of web content management. 

Electronic health record Stage 3 rules under review

The Office of Management and Budget has received a proposal for a new set of rules for Stage 3 of the Meaningful Use Electronic Health Records incentive program. If approved, the rules could relax the stringent nature of Stage 2 rules that currently make EHR adoption difficult for small healthcare organizations and medical practices.


Cloudwords extends auto-translation services to Marketo, Oracle Eloqua

Marketo and Oracle Eloqua customers got a leg up on automated translation capabilities with the newest release of translation and localization platform Cloudwords. The new version automatically converts email or website landing page content to a different language based on the viewer's geographic location.

Governance at risk: Enforcing your IG policies

The best information governance policies in the world mean nothing unless your company actively enforces them.

Microsoft adds new collaboration tool to Office 365

If Pinterest and Evernote had a lovechild, it would look a lot like the new boards feature Microsoft just rolled out for the Delve tool in Office 365. Its goal is to organize the content contained in Delve for easier collaboration and accessibility.

Kentico 8.2 features enhanced collaboration, marketing tools

Web content management platform vendor Kentico Software has released a new version of its flagship product featuring enhanced collaboration and marketing tools. Kentico 8.2 also includes new e-commerce tools as well as platform and online marketing improvements to enhance the customer experience.

Spotlight: Coding is hard

Journalist David Carr used his self-taught coding skills to create his own content management system. What happened when he tried to up his game?

Tips for creating a document capture policy for mobile devices

Since more than half of adults own a smartphone and 95 percent of organizations either support or allow BYOD programs, mobile capture is becoming more than just a catchphrase. Once simply a tool for field workers to snap an image of a document on the fly, mobile capture is now a cog in the work processes of all kinds of industries and office environments.

Microsoft closes SharePoint Online Public Website, users frustrated

Microsoft announced it is closing down it's SharePoint Online Public Website in January, to "focus on future investments and broaden partnerships with industry leaders." Existing Office 365 customers will have access to the feature for another two years but new customers will need to choose a third-party solution.

Document management in the age of email

Depending on who you listen to, email is a pox on the entire records management ecosystem or simply an inevitable consequence of the modern workplace. From discovery to storage to info governance, email poses challenges to even the strongest records management policies--which is unfortunate since it's widespread use isn't likely to change anytime soon.

It's okay to send paper copies of digitized docs to the circular file. Really.

If you're hanging on to paper copies of documents once they've been digitized, you may not only be wasting space. You might also also be opening yourself up to discovery risks.

2015 forecasted to bring more EHR security breaches

One of the hottest healthcare IT topics in 2014 was electronic health records (EHRs). Discussions included everything from who owns the data to how effective financial incentives are for motivating doctors to adopt EHRs. Unfortunately, one thing that kept also cropping up all year was how susceptible EHRs are to security breaches (hint: very). It looks like we should expect more of the same in 2015.

2015 reasons to love content management

It's been an interesting year for content management.

Spotlight: NASA moves to Drupal, will other agencies follow?

Earlier this year, NASA successfully migrated 110 websites and applications to the cloud. Is that an indication that the rest of the government will eventually do the same? 

Information governance, snowflakes and data overload

Even if your company doesn't have clear information governance policies, you're still exposed to IG every day, everywhere you go. Everything around you runs on a governance framework of some sort. Computerworld's Jason Federoff says even snowflakes have governance, so there's no reason your business shouldn't.


ICE rolls out new EHR record system

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, is the latest government agency to roll out a new electronic recordkeeping system, and it's one healthcare organizations will want to keep an eye on. ICE has replaced it's paper-based and multiple legacy software systems with a new automated electronic health record system for detainees in U.S. custody.

Salesforce Files Connect offers universal file sharing with SharePoint

After more than a year in development, has announced the release of Salesforce Files Connect, a tool for sharing, browsing and searching SharePoint files. Microsoft OneDrive will be supported by February, 2015, and support for additional repositories, including Google Drive, will be added over the next few months.