Box introduces Box Zones for compliant-ready data storage in EU and Asia

Box today announced its giving businesses a geographic choice in where content stored in Box's cloud is housed.

Metalogix and Microsoft nudge SharePoint users to the cloud with new migration tool

Metalogix debuted a joint offering today with Microsoft Consulting Services to help organizations migrate from SharePoint to Office 365 SharePoint Online.

SIGNiX signs up for e-notary services partnership

E-signature vendor SIGNiX announced a partnership this week with U&OB Notary Services to make remote e-notarization available to organizations and individuals nationwide.

VirtualViewer HTML5 4.3 updates popular CMS collaboration tool

Snowbound Software improved a few key features in VirtualViewer HTML5 this week to bump up its value as a collaboration tool used on popular content management platforms like Alfresco and Documentum.

The most sought after document management case study you'll never see

Details about the Panama Papers collaboration and document managment system would be the most sought-after case study in the history of records management.

Spotlight: EHRs make healthcare the most vulnerable industry

For all their advantages to doctors and patients alike, electronic health records are making the healthcare industry particularly vulnerable to data breaches.

FOIA Mapper takes some guesswork out of federal and state record requests

FOIA Mapper, a new open source tool created by entrepreneur Max Galka, could prove to be a useful resource for taking some of the guesswork out of FOIA requests.

X1 Distributed Discovery turns out e-discovery search results in minutes, not days

X1DD is a scalable, on-demand tool for conducting unstructured content and metadata searches across an entire organization in minutes, no matter where the data are stored.


Seismic's Workspace collaboration platform puts sales and marketing on the same page

Workspace unifies content storage, shared access and annotation tools into a single forum so teams can focus on getting work done instead of cobbling together scattershot workflows over email and chat.

Newspaper's custom CMS reduces article production time by 85 percent

The Telegraph's new custom CMS will go a long way toward keeping the newspaper competitive by reducing the time it takes to publish content in an industry where minutes matter.

Civilian doctors' EHR use is Pentagon's yardstick

As the Pentagon gets ready to flip the switch on its new electronic health records system in the coming months, all eyes are focused on whether it will go off without a hitch or turn out to be an expensive flop.

Spotlight: Box announces general availability of KeySafe

Following last month's release of Box KeySafe, the Box team announced the general availability of Box KeySafe with AWS Key Management Service.

IG report: NY imaging firm improperly outsourced confidential state records

The New York State Inspector General's Office said an IT contractor based in Albany County, N.Y., violated state security rules by improperly outsourcing confidential records to a company in India. 

ARMA on long-term storage solutions: Don't believe the hype

ARMA International recently released a statement reminding companies to be on the lookout for long-term data storage solutions that overpromise and under-deliver.

Interact brings intranet, collaboration to nonprofits

Intranet software firm Interact designed and launched a communication and collaboration platform specifically tailored to nonprofit groups.

State of Michigan taps into tech for better CX, worker productivity

The State of Michigan is turning to modern enterprise technology to improve the the quality of life for its citizens and boost worker productivity along the way.

Gear up for World Backup Day March 31

As far as holidays go, World Backup Day won't get you a paid day off but it's still worth putting on your calendar.

CitizenConnect unifies government Web services for 'retail-like' customer experience

Deloitte Digital announced the launch of CitizenConnect, a new digital platform governments can use to improve the customer experience. It's designed to make everyday interactions with government agencies less onerous for citizens.

AP data analysis finds federal employees do 'really crappy' record searches

An Associated Press annual review of all FOIA requests handled by 100 federal agencies in 2015 revealed the federal government's ability to complete record searches is abysmal.

Your digital records could be out of reach in just 10 years

In a perfect world, digital records that are captured into a management system would be accessible until the end of time. In reality, some digital content could be out of reach in as little as 10 years.