Jive-x helps companies turn customers into advocates

If giving your customers an excellent brand experience is a touchdown, turning them into brand advocates is the field goal. And Jive Software's newest release of Jive-x wants to help you score those extra points. The company's flagship community platform got a boost this week with the launch of a new brand advocacy component along with a few other updates.

Spotlight: Digital learners want more control and better options

Diginomica's Janine Milne said the face of digital learning is changing and vendors should adapt or step aside. "Learning is being consumerized. Employees want to be able to pick and choose...

New Senate bill calls for national EHR rating system

A new bill that United States Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) introduced could go a long way toward helping healthcare providers get the best EHR system for their buck.

What to do about record management's image problem

Records managers are a vital part of businesses, federal agencies, volunteer groups, and dozens of other organizations around the globe. But let's be honest, it's not the most glamorous-sounding job in the world.

New York Times narrowly averts records management disaster

Here's a feel-good story that comes with a strong lesson on the importance of coming up with a plan to protect your paper-based archives before you need it.

Adobe adds enhancements to document and e-sign services, partners with Dropbox

Adobe announced a slew of enhancements to its document and e-sign services today along with the formation of a partnership with Dropbox designed to make it easier to work with files on the fly. Here's the rundown.

GRC tools: To integrate or not to integrate?

A new white paper from risk consulting firm Protiviti outlined several reasons why it's a good idea to bring an assortment of compliance functions together under one umbrella instead of letting them languish across teams and work processes.

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages a boon for content managers and publishers

Content marketers who want to cater to the consumer desire for instant gratification (read: all of them) got a boost from Google this week with the announcement of its Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. It's an open-source project that aims to deliver leaner webpages specifically optimized for faster load times on mobile devices.

CTERA rolls out support for Amazon S3 Standard-IA

Enterprise data services vendor CTERA announced this week it now supports Amazon Web Services's new file storage option, Amazon Simple Storage Service Standard – Infrequent Access, otherwise known as Amazon S3 Standard-IA

Do bespoke learning management systems make the grade?

Custom content management systems are gaining in popularity, though not everyone loves them. Most often used by publishing and media outlets, a bespoke CMS is useful for organizations that want to keep up with the rapidly changing ways their target markets consume information. Now educational institutions, training facilities and human resource departments are looking at whether custom learning management systems are a better option than the legacy or turnkey LMSs they currently use.

6,000 users, 43 agencies, 50,000 records per month: Meet Portland, Ore.'s new RM system

The next time someone suggests that moving state agencies to a new records management system is easy, point them to a project out of Portland, OR that was six years in the making. It combined the needs of 40 jurisdictions spanning two states and 150 IT staff from 43 different agencies.

Keep your records from flying the COOP in a disaster

With Hurricane Joaquin still on the minds of many on the east coast, Tyler Morris, Iron Mountain Government Services director of product management, had some timely tips about the importance of keeping your physical and digital records safe during a disaster.

Spotlight: 'Dozens' of VA records go missing, veterans benefits temporarily affected

Seattle Times reported last Friday that "dozens" of military veterans were incorrectly notified they'd lost their unemployment benefits. The issue wasn't due to a computer glitch,...

OpenText exec: ECM is here to stay, so get on board or miss out

The idea that Enterprise Content Management is on life support has been around a while. Critics of ECM solutions say they are little more than expensive content silos, that traditional use cases are outdated, or big data will drive its disruption. Not so fast, says OpenText exec Stephen Ludlow. ECM is "not doomed to fail."

Senate leader calls for delay of Stage 3 EHR regulations approval

Lamar Alexander, chairman of the committee overseeing the federal electronic health record program, is asking the Office of Management and Budget to delay its final review of the Stage 3 regulations until early 2017.

Spotlight: LMS market and the winds of change

As more companies lean on learning management systems to train and teach workers, LMS vendors are scrambling to keep up with their needs. Some organizations want to build on their existing systems,...

Doctors spending more on EHR tech, but is it worth it?

A new report from the Medical Group Management Association reveals physicians across the US spend an average of 34 percent more on technology now than they did four years ago. The spending increase isn't all that surprising, but the fact that it's only gone up 34 percent is.

Webtreepro wants to be the CMS darling of franchises

Web CMS vendor Primero Systems announced this week the launch of Webtreepro, a content management system designed to address the unique needs of franchises and other multi-site companies who need reliable tools to keep their branding consistent, no matter where, when or how corporate content is used.

Acquia secures $55M in funding

Digital experience company Acquia announced Monday that it has secured $55 million in venture capital, a scant 16 months after nabbing over $50 million in its last round of funding. The company plans to funnel the cash into its global operational efforts as well as to bolster sales, marketing and product development.


A look inside the results of the 2015 Forrester and ARMA IG survey

For the past seven years, ARMA International and Forrester Research have teamed up to take the pulse of records and information management experts and pin down their thoughts, ideas and most pressing concerns. The results of this year's survey are in and Forrester analyst Cheryl McKinnon shared a few of them in the September/October issue of ARMA Information Management Magazine.