NY records warehouse blaze sparks digitization questions

As we were going to press last week, news was beginning to trickle in about a fire at a Brooklyn, New York warehouse where millions of records belonging to various city agencies were stored. The seven-alarm blaze was originally thought to involve more than four million files, however city officials now estimate the number of damaged records will be far less.

Campus curmudgeon nabs 22K university records

A pair of staff members were put on administrative leave at the University of Oregon after they released almost 22,000 pages of archived records to a professor. Among the documents released were a number of sensitive emails between students, faculty, and the President's office.


Spotlight: Fire destroys millions of NYC government records

A fire at a Brooklyn, NY, warehouse last week destroyed more than four million boxes of records.

Australia's national science agency revamps RM, learns lessons

Australia's national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, recently redesigned its records management system. The team solved a lot of lingering problems and learned a few valuable lessons along the way.

DAM vendors struggle to stay current with emerging tech

Tech analyst Geoffrey Bock says emerging technology--particularly the prevalence of rich media--is making it tough for digital asset management systems to keep up with the times.

Recommind adds BI to e-discovery platform with release of Axcelerate 5

Information intelligence firm Recommind adds a business intelligence component to its cloud-based eDiscovery platform with its recent release of the newest version of Axcelerate 5. It's a boon for any legal office or department requiring real-time analytics during the document review process.


Learning management system adoption on the rise, gamification trending

As I reported last fall, the learning management systems market is poised for a growth spurt this year as current LM systems age out and new ones are born. A recently released report by e-learning consultant Craig Weiss shows there are currently 642 LM suppliers catering to the growing market, up from 582 in 2014.


Integration lacking across customer experience technologies

A survey from customer experience solution vendor SDL revealed more than 80 percent of retailers plan to increase spending on tools to enhance customer experience.

Media outlets: Step away from the custom CMS project

If you've been reading FierceContentManagement for a while, you know there's been a spate of stories lately about publishers ditching their old CMS platforms for shiny, new custom made versions.

Spotlight: Indiana judge pushes for court e-filing system statewide

Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Loretta Rush is asking the state legislature for $5 million to purchase a statewide e-filing software system that will allow litigants to file and process all court documents online.

DNN moves into content marketing with release of Evoq 8

Web content management company DNN moves into the content marketing arena with this week's release of Evoq 8, the newest version of its flagship WCM product.

Documents aren't the most important thing in your office

Dan Burger, Vice President and Executive Managing Editor of IT Jungle, says too many people view content management systems as a simply a way to scan and capture vast amounts of paper documents. "But if that's all you think it is, you are missing the big picture," he warned in a recent article.

New coalition seeks federal records management reforms

ARMA International has joined forces with a handful of private sector information management organizations to form the Coalition for Public Sector Information Governance Leadership. Together they plan to offer guidance and ideas on IG best practices to the federal government.

Study reveals security not a priority when choosing DAM systems

A recent survey by marketing resource management company North Plains revealed 70 percent of respondents rely heavily on email to manage digital assets in the workplace.

Ektron, EPiServer merge, drop hints about future

In a move that surprised approximately no one, web content management software company Ektron announced this week it has merged with WCM vendor EPiServer. The union is backed by private equity investment firm Accel-KKR.

Microsoft acquires text analysis company Equivio

Microsoft announced Tuesday it acquired text analysis software company Equivio for an undisclosed sum that some analysts estimate could be in the $200 million range.

EPA in hot water over missing digital records

The EPA Inspector General announced plans this week to conduct an internal audit to look into whether the agency intentionally destroyed text messages sent by a top official.

CNN revamping content management process for easier access, collaboration

CNN is the latest in a cadre of media outlets looking at new ways to manage huge amounts of content for easier access and collaboration.

Pediatric EHR use on the rise despite obstacles

A recent study of the pediatric health care industry revealed that the use of electronic health records is on the rise.

Federal agencies struggle with digital strategies

The Department of Labor is in the early planning stages of creating an agency-wide platform to consolidate many of its IT components, including tools that provide collaboration and digital asset management.