Study: Mobile collaboration tools increase worker creativity, loyalty

Researchers for new study by The Economist Intelligence Unit said they have established a "measureable link" between mobile-first work environments and positive employee engagement.

Washington Post offers to share custom publishing platform

The Washington Post is ready to share its custom publishing platform, Arc.

EHR data breach exposes medical records of 19,000 patients

An Arkansas healthcare network recently released a HIPAA Security Notification that a 2015 data breach may have exposed the personal information of as many as 19,000 patients.

US Coast Guard cancels EHR contract, returns to paper-based system

The U.S. Coast Guard decided to end its five-year, $14 million EHR contract with Epic Systems Corp. last fall after discovering "various irregularities."

Coveo launches new cloud-based search app, updates Coveo for Sitecore

Coveo rolled out a new native search app and a new version of Coveo for Sitecore this week, both designed to help Sitecore customers serve relevant information to website visitors for a better digital experience.


New EU General Data Protection directive could impact US businesses

As vendors get busy setting up new data storage arrangements to help organizations stay compliant with the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation directives, data governance experts are considering what other impact the GDPR may have on U.S. businesses.


Investigation reveals improper document shredding in VA offices nationwide

A report issued by the VA inspector general revealed improper document is shredding a "systemic issue" occurring at regional offices nationwide.

Spotlight: IT expert says identity management is next CX trend

Effective customer experience management strategies typically involve a smorgasbord of tech platforms, applications and tools to help organizations stay competitive. CIO's David Gee believes the next CX focus coming around the bend is identity management.

FTC attorney says information governance 'doesn't mean anything'

The Association of Certified e-Discovery Specialists 2016 Conference is underway in New York this week, and the FTC's acting general counsel David Shonka had a few things to say about information governance.


EHR fraud measures remain ignored, OIG shrugs

According to a recent report from the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General, vulnerabilities first noted in EHRs more than two years ago have yet to be fully addressed.


New Skyword Platform DAM integration unifies digital assets, includes free storage

The Skyword Digital Asset Manager integrates into Skyword's flagship content marketing solution and includes 20 GB of free storage for existing Skyword Platform users.

ECM customers are talking, vendors aren't listening

Andrew Birmingham wrote a longform essay about enterprise content overload that tries to get to the bottom of the problem and what to do about it.

FDIC employee resigns, walks off with 40,000 agency records

An FDIC employee walked off with around 44,000 agency records when she resigned her position but returned them promptly a few days later when contacted by agency security officials.

Hackers could skip hospitals and take aim directly at EHR vendors

According a security expert, hospitals and health insurance providers are still a fertile target but EHR vendors themselves are quickly becoming more attractive to cybercriminals.

Spotlight: Stop playing enterprise search 'keyword bingo'

"Business intelligence and enterprise search have always been closely related; enterprise business intelligence is useless without the ability to index and search it," said Jarred McGinnis,...

Livefyre and OpenText pair up to deliver user-generated content, improve CX

The pairing helps organizations quickly access and publish user-generated content across multiple channels to encourage customer engagement.

Box introduces Box Zones for compliant-ready data storage in EU and Asia

Box today announced its giving businesses a geographic choice in where content stored in Box's cloud is housed.

Metalogix and Microsoft nudge SharePoint users to the cloud with new migration tool

Metalogix debuted a joint offering today with Microsoft Consulting Services to help organizations migrate from SharePoint to Office 365 SharePoint Online.

SIGNiX signs up for e-notary services partnership

E-signature vendor SIGNiX announced a partnership this week with U&OB Notary Services to make remote e-notarization available to organizations and individuals nationwide.

VirtualViewer HTML5 4.3 updates popular CMS collaboration tool

Snowbound Software improved a few key features in VirtualViewer HTML5 this week to bump up its value as a collaboration tool used on popular content management platforms like Alfresco and Documentum.