Evernote finally creates business version

Evernote, which is trying to be more business-friendly, recently announced Evernote for Business.

Dreaming of Apple and Adobe

This past weekend I had a crazy dream that Apple bought Adobe. It was so vivid, I felt compelled to write about what would happen if it really did.

Amazon launches Glacier Archival Storage service

Amazon's new Glacier service is designed for long-term archival of electronic files.

Infographic: File security versus portablity

While mobile file access can present real securty problems, this infographic shows that the answer may be an enterprise-class file sharing system instead of locking down the fort.

Spotlight: Quora adds embedding feature

Quora added an embedding feature to make it easier to share their content.

ComScore finds search engine market share remains virtually unchanged

No surprise, Google continued to dominate comScore's search engine market share, but there was one surprising data point from

Microsoft announces full support for standard file formats in Office 2013

After years of wrangling, Office 2013 includes full support for standard document formats.

Anti-piracy zealots go overboard

The anti-piracy movement has gotten completely out of control, and it's time for somebody to reel it in.

Making sure your content is clean

Content marketing is a great way to promote your brand on the web. Just be sure you're not stealing somebody's content when you do.

Twitter founders launch new publishing platform

Twitter Founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams released a new publishing platform this week. Color me unimpressed.

Analysts react to Salesforce Communities announcement announced Salesforce Communities this week, and while it looks promising, the far-off release date is leaving some industry analysts skeptical.

AOL launches HuffPost Live

AOL hopes to take advantage of the Huffington Post brand as it launches a live interactive streaming video channel.

Spotlight: Barnes and Noble slashes prices on Nooks

Nook dropped prices on its Nook product line, perhaps to compete with the growing parade of low-cost Android tablet competitors.

Hootsuite and Yammer team up

HootSuite announced Yammer integration this week, providing a way for teams to track internal Yammer communication in the HootSuite social media dashboard.

Acquia acquires Mollom website spam detection tool

Acquia purchased spam-blocker Mollom this week and plans to build it out in to a full-fledge platform.

Google Search has an information management problem

Google's search results page has grown increasingly jammed over the years, as it tries to cram in new types of results--and now it wants to include your email too--enough already.

KnowledgeTree introduces web documents

KnowledgeTree introduces Web Documents to allow document creation, collaborative writing, and editing and document management, online.

AIIM survey finds many reasons for deploying SharePoint

An AIIM survey on SharePoint found that companies are using SharePoint for a variety of reasons, but reports overall satisfaction with deployments were mixed.

Google integrates Google Plus sharing in Blogger

Google announced tighter integration between Blogger, its blogging platform, and the Google Plus social network.

NewsGator releases major upgrade

NewsGator released a new version of its Social Sites enterprise social software this week, which includes a flexible, configurable interface.