Mobile phones create hazards and opportunities for records managers

While attending ARMA 2010 this week, it was clear that records managers were perplexed by mobile technologies. Mobile presents an easy back door outside of the enterprise governance systems. As many

Enterprise social data could help provide customized employee experiences

In a guest post this week, Tony White from Ars Logica talked about the growing use of analytics to drive content delivery and, perhaps eventually, create personalized experiences for visitors based

Analytics: The latest hot ticket for WCM vendors

Guest post by Tony White My company, Ars Logica has been asked repeatedly in the last year about why so many content-technology vendors have been investing heavily in analytics technologies. Adobe

Paper is still alive and well at ARMA 2010

As you walk down the hallways of the exhibition hall at ARMA 2010, you will notice that tucked in among the high technology solutions from power house vendors like IBM (NYSE: IBM), EMC, Iron Mountain

RockMelt social browser launches in Beta

Just in case we needed another browser, RockMelt, which builds itself as a social browser, launched in Beta this week. The idea according to the "Welcome" blog post is to build "your world right

Can Enterprise 2.0 save the disconnected knowledge worker?

Today's workers are more disconnected from the company than ever. Spread out by distance, sometimes even without an office, these workers are looking for a way to connect to their fellow workers like

KnowledgeTree partnership brings single sign on to cloud DM

Last week, KnowledgeTree, a cloud-based document management company, announced a partnership with OneLogin, to provide single sign-on services across KnowledgeTree's and other cloud services. The makes big changes to cloud storage products

Last week announced big changes to its cloud storage offerings, increasing the amount of storage across all three service tiers--free, business and enterprise. The big news, however, was the

Open Text buys StreamServe

Last week, Open Text made another purchase. This time it picked up StreamServe, which according to Open Text's Lubor Ptacek is a Document Output Management company, which Ptacek defines as: "[a way]

Blekko uses slashes to simplify advanced search

Blekko is the latest search engine to come down the pike. I'm not sure it intends to go after Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) anytime soon, but it does try to change the search dynamic by using slashes to

One on One with Eric Gries of Lucid Imagination

Eric Gries, is president and CEO at Lucid Imagination. He has more than 20 years of experience in executive leadership roles, mostly with technology companies. We asked him about the challenges

Google Docs spreadsheet chart editor gets face lift

Last week, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced an updated chart editor for the Google Docs spreadsheet. In addition to standard charts such as pie and line, the editor actually recommends a chart based

ARMA and E20: A tale of two conferences

Next week I'll be attending two west coast conferences: ARMA 2010 in San Francisco, then Enterprise 2.0 in Santa Clara. I couldn't imagine two more different subjects. ARMA digs into the nitty gritty

New IBM case management tool takes aim at high volume content

It's no secret that the amount of unstructured content is increasing at a rapid rate inside organizations. IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced a solution this week that they hope will help organizations

New NOOKcolor more tablet than eBook Reader

On Tuesday, Barnes & Noble introduced an upgraded Nook called NOOKcolor, that looks more like a tablet ready to compete with the iPad than an eBook Reader taking on the Amazon Kindle. The

Executive musical chairs at EMC IIG, Lewis changes positions

EMC made a quiet transition last week, moving Mark Lewis out as president of the Information Infrastructure Group (IIG)--that's the division that ECM product Documentum calls home--and moving in Rick

Yammer announces integration with SharePoint 2010

Yammer recently introduced a Webpart that lets users incorporate Yammer content into SharePoint 2010. By using a Webpart, it saves users from toggling between the two applications. By using internal

One on One with industry analyst Geoff Bock

As principal of Bock & Company and an affiliate analyst at Outsell's Gilbane Group, Geoff Bock focuses on strategies for content management and collaboration. Bock has been watching the content

Let the tablet wars begin

The first volleys in the tablet wars have been fired. In fact, next month we will start to see the first of many Android offerings roll off the assembly lines in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Adobe announces hosted digital publishing suite

Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) made several key announcements today at the launch of its Adobe Max conference including a new hosted digital publishing suite support aimed at helping magazine and newspaper