MetaVis introduces Office365 backup and archiving tool

MetaVis announced a new tool this week that enables SharePoint or Office365 customers to create a local back-up of their content. This could be especially useful to Office365 users who might worry

Rackspace buys SharePoint911 to firm up SharePoint services

Last week, cloud services vendor Rackspace announced it was buying the SharePoint consulting firm SharePoint911, giving Rackspace a seasoned team of SharePoint consulting veterans to support its

Google search page gets social

This week, Search Engine Land's Danny Sullivan reported that Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) did something it never has done before. It added functionality to the Google Search page other than the Google

Big Media continues to tilt at digital windmills

If you're not part of the future, then get out of the way - John Mellencamp I recently saw the movie The Artist, which tells the story of a silent film star who dismisses the rise of the talkies,

Spotlight: ActiveDocs update looks to improve productivity

Template management and document automation software company ActiveDocs announced Feb. 8 a more user-friendly version of its flagship program. The refinements provided by the update draw heavily from

DotNetNuke officially opens online store

DotNetNuke has officially opened its online marketplace, it has dubbed "The Store." It had been previously known as Snowcovered. DotNetNuke (DNN) hopes to use the online market as a launching pad for

Penguin drops public library eBooks

Last week the American Library Association announced that Penguin Group USA would no longer be providing new titles in the form of eBooks or audio books to the association's Overdrive service, which

Google online storage shouldn't threaten Box

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Google (NASDAQ: GOOG)was close to finally launching a long-rumored cloud-based storage service. While details are sketchy and this is still very much

PowerInbox brings apps to email

PowerInbox announced a new product last week that brings apps to the inbox, meaning instead of clicking a link that brings you outside your email to go to a website, you can interact using an app

It's still Google's world in consumer search

comScore's latest search engine market share numbers came out last week, and if you're a Bing fan, I wish I had some good news for you. While Bing gained a little bit, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) gained a

The coming data ownership wars

Last week, New York Times blogger Nick Bilton--reacting to the massive infusion of money from the Facebook IPO--asked Mark Zuckerberg for his cut, which he worked out to be around $50. While Bilton

Wolfram Alpha launching new pro version

Wolfram Alpha will be launching an intriguing new professional version this week that provides some compelling features for people looking to use the power of Wolfram Alpha custom data and images.

Guidance Software buys CaseCentral for eDiscovery one-two punch

Guidance Software announced yesterday it was purchasing CaseCentral giving them both an on-premise and cloud eDiscovery solution with the stroke of a pen (on the purchase and sales agreement).

eZ launches cloud content management solution

eZ Systems announced this week it was teaming with Finland-based cloud solutions provider Ixonos to launch a cloud-based version of its open source web CMS, eZ Publish along with set of cloud

Apps make gains on browser, but usage remains essentially even

Although apps made impressive gains in the latest comScore mobile data report, they remain in a virtual deadheat between folks who use apps versus those who use a browser. In fact, comScore reported

Socialtext teams with NetDocuments for social cloud content management

Socialtext announced this week a partnership with cloud content management vendor NetDocuments that brings together social content with content management in an all-cloud solution. One of the key

Why people don't really plan website migrations

Guest post by David Hobbs Let's face it: Most organizations don't really plan their website migrations. This dramatically increases the risk of a train wreck, since any problems (many of which should

The quality content gold rush is on

Last week I wrote about how content is the new gold, and to push that metaphor a little further, this week I want to talk about the value of quality, custom content. I've been seeing more examples of

Feds plan to destroy MegaUpload data

Word came out this week that U.S. prosecutors in the MegaUpload case plan to destroy all of the data stored on the company's servers by the end of this week--in spite of the fact that there is plenty

Infragistics buys SharePoint mobile tool company

Infragistics, a company that bills itself as a user interface development tool vendor, announced this week the purchase of Southlabs and with it, its mobile SharePoint application. As users grow