Lucid Imagination includes SharePoint connector

Lucid Imagination announced an update to their LucidWorks Enterprise product this week that includes a way of connecting the search tool directly to SharePoint repositories, which has to be very

One on One with KnowledgeTree's Daniel Chalef

Daniel Chalef is CEO at KnowledgeTree and has lead the company's transition from an open source software company to a cloud-based hosted environment. We asked Chalef what it was like making that

Let's free WCM from the shackles of ECM

This is an exciting week for us, here at FierceContentManagement, as we release a brand new eBook on web content management called "Making WCM Work for Marketing and IT Services." I thought the eBook

Cutting through the chaos with a new WCM strategy

Many enterprises that stood up corporate websites several years ago now have a mess on their hands. They're struggling to reconcile disparate content repositories, legacy systems and, as a result,

New FCC website uses Drupal, cloud

The FCC showed off its shiny new website this week, and the contrast between the old site and the new one is dramatic on so many levels. The old site is so last century. It is text and is static and

Q-Sensei aims to provide complete view of enterprise data

Q-Sensei, an enterprise search vendor, released a new version this week, they claim will give an enterprise a complete picture of its data, no matter where it lives, even going so far as to provide

Analysts react to's Radian6 purchase

Analysts reacting last week to's purchase of Radian6 for a reported $340 million, said it was a win for both companies, but as with any purchase of this type, it remains to be seen if

Nuxeo releases EP 5.4.1 maintenance release

Nuxeo, the open source content management platform, released a maintenance update for developers last week. The new version incorporates all of the previously released hot fixes along with some minor

A user-centric approach to content management

Last Friday was April Fool's Day and the Real Story Group put out a classic joke press release with the headline: "Content Management is No Longer Necessary: Enterprises should not even bother to

Google releases version 3.0 of Commerce Search

It's been just 18 months since Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) released the first iteration of its Google Commerce Search. Last week it released version 3.0 with some significant enhancements including adding

Government struggles with the business case for records management

While the storage and management of paper records in the federal government is highly regulated, digital preservation calls for new approaches to managing and accessing information. The current state

AIIM/info 360 2011 photo montage

As I like to do at each conference attend, I have put together a photo montage using Animoto and pictures I took with my iPhone 3G. To experience the sights and sounds of AIIM/Info 360 yourself,

RecMan brings records management to the cloud

At AIIM/info360 last week in Washington, D.C., I talked to a new vendor who is taking pure records management functionality to the cloud. This is in stark contrast to just two years ago at the ARMA

Mobility brings content flexibility

At a session on mobile content, at AIIM/info360 last week, consultant Larry Hawes from Dow Brook Advisory Services and Dan Levin COO at discussed the changing face of content in a mobile

Alfresco and Jive partnership puts E20 content management front and center

One of the promises of Enterprise 2.0 software is the ability to capture knowledge inside an organization organically, but the challenge is how you get at the nuggets of valuable information. That's

Online communities take planning to succeed

There's a common notion according to Joe Shepley, vice president at Doculabs Inc, that when it comes to online communities, if you build them, employees will magically flock to them. But Shepley,

Change is in the air at AIIM/info360 2011

AIIM/info360 2011 felt odd to me this year. Maybe it was the one-year detour to the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. Maybe it was because the cloud seemed to have more genuine

Locking down external social media could be counter-productive

Speaking at the AIIM/info360 Conference in Washington, D.C., this week, John Mancini, the president of AIIM talked about the changing face of business. Mancini indicated that AIIM surveys found 45

While managing records, manage risk

Enterprises are creating and collecting more data than ever, and government agencies are no exception. But when that organization is part of the intelligence community, each record is also a risk

eBook readers struggle to stay relevant

Regular readers may recall that over the last couple of years, I've advocated bringing the cost of the eReader to under a $100. Now I'm ready to go even further and suggest a cost of zero. Lest you