Fuze Meeting brings live meetings to iPad

The ongoing debate with the iPad goes something like this: It's a great toy for consumers, but it's not really practical for business. Fuze Meeting is trying to change that perception with a new iPad

Breaking: KnowledgeTree and Fujitsu team on cloud scanning and workflow

KnowledgeTree announced a partnership with scanner maker Fujitsu on September 21, to bring scanning and workflow to the cloud. Last week we wrote about a similar partnership between and

Moving beyond ECM

Enterprise content management or ECM, it seems, is changing before our eyes, so I thought it might be a useful exercise to discuss where we came from and where we could be going. Early records

IBM continues analytics buying spree

IBM (NYSE: IBM), which lately has had an open wallet and a penchant for analytics vendors, snagged another one on September 20, as it continued to build out its analytics business through

Breaking: IBM buys OpenPages

IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced today it was buying OpenPages, which helps companies deal with risk and compliance issues. As usual, this deal may be less about technology and more about OpenPages'

Nielsen pegs Bing as number 2 search engine

More confusing numbers to analyze in the ongoing search engine battle. This week Nielsen reported that Bing had vaulted past Yahoo! into second place in the search engine market share race. Google (

Happy fifth birthday, Joomla

Joomla, the open source content management platform turned 5 today. According to a blog post, Joomla was born September 1, 2005 (forcing it to wait an extra year in my town to start Kindergarten).

Box brings scanning to the cloud

This week announced, in conjunction with scanner maker Lexmark, a new cloud-based scanning solution. As the announcement points out, there are many ways to get digital content from

Best Buy will soon sell Kindles

Best Buy announced last week it would begin selling Amazon Kindles at Best Buy stores this Fall. This is a big step for, which up until now had sold the Kindle exclusively on the Amazon

RSS still has a big role to play

Last week, announced it will shut down its RSS reader, Bloglines, on October 1. A collective sigh let out around the Internet because Bloglines was one of the early entrants into the

What's all the fuss about net neutrality?

Guest post by Char James-TannyWho owns the Internet? No one. Who controls the Internet? No one (except in certain countries that censor content, and that's not ownership). So what's all of the ruckus

Liferay open-source portal releases Portal 6, Enterprise Edition

Liferay, an open source portal framework, released Liferay Portal 6 Enterprise Edition. The new package is loaded and includes social collaboration functionality, along with built-in web content

Google Wave will live on as open source code

It appears rumors of Google Wave's demise might have been slightly exaggerated. After Google announced recently that it was mothballing Wave, that appeared to mark the end of the enterprise social

Yammer expands with full Enterprise 2.0 suite

Yammer, which until recently was known for its micro-blogging tool, or "Twitter for the Enterprise" announced this week it was expanding its capabilities to include a full Enterprise 2.0

Survey finds increased SaaS use in marketing

A recent survey conducted by Big Blue Moose, a digital media consulting firm, found that an overwhelming majority of respondents are using SaaS products for their marketing efforts, including web

Microsoft SharePoint could be a $2 billion business

It's no secret that SharePoint is a widely used content management and collaboration tool. Nor is it surprising that people have strong feelings about the Microsoft platform on both ends of the

WebCollage adds demo building tool

WebCollage, makers of the WebCollage Content Publisher online content publishing software, announced last week they were adding a demo-making tool to the package. This will allow users to add product

One on one with Shaun Walker, DotNetNuke

Shaun Walker is co-founder and CTO at open source web content management vendor DotNetNuke. Walker developed the original version of DotNetNuke, which is built on the Microsoft .NET platform. We

Google Angstro purchase another piece of social networking tool

The LA Times reported last week that Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) had bought social start-up Angstro, adding another piece to its social networking strategy. Angstro, a company that, according to its

Zoho iPhone app lets you access docs on your phone

Zoho, the online suite of business tools released their latest tool this week, Zoho Docs for iPhone, which provides a way to access your documents from your iPhone. Although Zoho has had iPhone