Agility shifts custom CMS development to expanded partner network

Agility is getting out of the custom CMS development game and shifting the bulk of that work to its recently expanded partner network instead. 

Weighing BPM, CRM and EHR for health care compliance

No matter which side of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act issue you personally favor, the Supreme Court has declared the law constitutional and the work to comply must now go full-speed ahead. While most health care providers have at least started to address the many requirements in that law, few are anywhere near true compliance. This means many are still scrambling to find the right technology mix to do the job.

Going paperless: State offers first online legal notarization

For years, the movement to ditch paper documents entirely has been stymied by the lack of an easy and legal way to notarize documents. But that obstacle may be lifted now, albeit in a rather odd way--via changes to notary laws in the state of Virginia that went into effect on July 1. 

Science community looks to the cloud for big data management

Often referred to simply as the "Science Cloud," the Helix Nebula is the end result of a huge collaboration between big science and big business in Europe. And it is building bigger still as plans to open massive stores of content take shape.

Book excerpt: 'The Collaborative Organization' by Jacob Morgan

In a new book, "The Collaborative Organization: A Strategic Guide to Solving Your Internal Business Challenges Using Emerging Social & Collaborative Tools," Jacob Morgan provides an actionable guide for implementing collaboration.

Limelight leverages Clickability buy with Orchestrate for B2B marketers

Limelight introduced June 25 a cloud-based platform called Orchestrate for B2B Marketing, a new product that merges several of the company's key features and draws heavily from capabilities gained in Limelight's acquisition of Clickability last spring.

FTI releases 8.2 version of Ringtail e-Discovery software

Ringtail 8.2 comes in both on-demand and on-premise versions and is designed for use by e-discovery teams that use very large data sets, run sophisticated search queries, and seek to securely automate the review workflow.

Dropbox and Box find new enterprise-grade competition

WatchDox is designed to compete with consumer-focused Dropbox and enterprise-focused Box, with a heavy emphasis on security and compliance features.

Tiki releases 9.0 packing new features and updated template engine

The latest version of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware touts an updated template engine, improved batch actions, new plugins and models, and extensive improvements to the Tiki Calendar and File Gallery.

Google +1 Recommendations could benefit site owners

Google's +1 buttons will soon offer visitors suggestions for more content on the same site.

Microsoft finally pulls the trigger on Yammer purchase

Microsoft finally pulled the trigger on the Yammer deal this week and I'm left wondering how these two companies will ever live together.

Enterprise 2.0 Conference wrap-up

After the Enterprise 2.0 Conference last week, I was left with many questions about the future of the space.

Flipboard wins some and loses some

Flipboard had a mixed bag of news last week, but overall it looks like it's continuing to grow.

Adobe releases enhanced Captivate

Adobe updates its Captivate training tool.

Infographic: How to optimize your landing pages

There's more to a landing page than meets the eye. This infographic illustrates what you must do to build an effective one.

One on One with John Mancini of AIIM

The number of disruptive technologies in the enterprise today are mind-boggling. We asked AIIM's John Mancini about this disruption and the impact it was having on IT.

Must we play games to lure people to use collaboration software?

Gamification is seen as a solution to get people involved in enterprise social software, but it won't work for everyone or in every organization.

Two perspectives on assessing ECM maturity

Many organizations are adopting Enterprise Content Management solutions, but how do they know they're on the right track and assess their ECM maturity?

Twitter trying to move beyond the 140 barrier

Twitter announced last week that it was moving beyond the 140 characer barrier, at least a bit. It will now offer media partners including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Der Spiegel...

Still using old fashion paper filing systems?

This week's Industry Voices guest post looks at the advantages of moving to electronic records management and the folly of the paper filing cabinet.