Vasont teams with oXygen XML editor

By integrating Vasont content management directly into the Syncro Soft oXygen XML editor, it simplifies work flow for writers and editors who can do all their work from a single interface.

ownCloud releases new business and enterprise editions

ownCloud, the open source, cloud-based file management and syncing platform, announced new commercial versions this week with features for business and enterprise users.

Joomla surpasses 30 million downloads

Joomla announced a significant milestone this week.

Facebook should stay out of web search business

Facebook should probably leave the web search business to Google and invest in building a good tool to find people and content on the Facebook site.

Google introduces Google Vault information governance tools

Google's new Google Vault brings information governance to Google Apps customers.

Box announces unified cloud approach

Not only does Box want to be the go-to cloud solution, it also hopes to provide a platform where developers can build integrated apps that work closely with the Box system.

Zoho expands mobile apps products

Zoho announced this week at the Zoholics user conference several new mobile products that expands upon their existing offerings announced last year. The new mobile versions include Zoho Projects for

EPiServer add-on enables communication across social networks

EPiServer announced a new add-on this week called Social Reach that lets marketers create messages and deliver them across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This solution gives users a single point of

Jive announces gamification module and intranet solution

Today, Jive announced the introduction of a new gamification module for its Jive enterprise social software solution. The module is part of a partnership with Bunchball. One of the issues some...

Pegasystems brings BPM to marketing with new Unified Marketing package

Last week Pegasystems announced a new Business Process Management (BPM) solution for marketers they call Unified Marketing. As the industry shifts to an analytics-driven marketing approach, this

There's an awful lot of data in the enterprise

Like the old song that goes, 'There's an awful lot of coffee in Brazil,' it turns out there is an awful lot of data in the enterprise and on the web, and it's growing all the time. And figuring out

CXM: WCM done content forwards not page backwards

Guest post by Ian Truscott

Creating a multi-channel customer experience means thinking "content forwards, not page backwards."

AP uses MarkLogic to generate custom archive products

The Associated Press has been around since 1845 covering events of the day from around the world. While it isn't always seen as a forward-thinking, modern news organization, this week it announced

Adobe hopes predictive analytics can transform enterprise decision making

Adobe is holding its Digital Marketing Summit in Salt Lake City this week, and they have had a bevy of announcements including an upgrade to The Digital Marketing Suite with shiny new predictive

No matter the system, governance is paramount

Content in the enterprise and on corporate websites continues to explode, but it's also more decentralized and interconnected than ever. An organization's ability to set a strong governance

BPM and ECM are a perfect match

Just like the old song about love and marriage, Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management go together--well--like a horse and carriage. But getting these two technologies to work

EMC releases Documentum iOS app

This week, the EMC Information Intelligence Group (IIG) announced a new iOS app called EMC Documentum Mobile that gives enterprise users access to the Documentum repository from an iPhone, iPad or

Yammer adds analytics to its tool set

Last week Yammer made a big leap in its cloud-based Enterprise 2.0 tool when it announced a new analytics dashboard, which provides insight into how users are interacting with the social network. The

Waving buh-bye to print Britannica

There were lots of nostalgic retrospectives for the print encyclopedia when Encyclopaedia Britannica announced it was ending the print version of the venerable resource after one last run later this

Google maintains search domination (yawn)

As hard as Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) may try to promote Bing as a search alternative, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) continued its domination of the search engine market last month with 66.4 percent of the