Content strategy by the numbers, via semantics

Guest post by Seth Grimes While I don't buy the saying "you can't manage what you don't measure," data certainly helps, in content management and publishing just as in managing sales, spending,

ScribbleLive makes it easier for media to break stories online

ScribbleLive, an online service for media companies, announced the newest version of its live CMS last week. It provides a platform for launching news stories quickly, with the content living on the

Web 2.0 Expo NYC photo montage

As I like to do at each conference attend, I have put together a photo montage using Animoto and pictures I took with my iPhone 3G. To experience the sights and sounds of Web 2.0 Expo yourself,

The growing role of APIs in connecting apps and content

I spent a couple of days last week at the Web 2.0 Expo in New York City. It's always fun and stimulating to attend these conferences and see what's new and exciting to think about, and one big

Nielsen introduces TV-style ratings online

Nielsen has been known for years as the TV ratings company, but they have had a presence online too. This week the company enhanced that role with a new online campaign rating system that could help

Attivio dashboards help surface company data

Attivio announced this week the release a series of dashboards that should help companies surface data locked inside various content repositories. In addition, the company announced a revamped introduces Android app took another step this week in their ongoing mobile strategy with the introduction of a new Android application. According to a blog post by CEO Aaron Levie, the idea behind the Box

Safari Books extends its reach to mobile devices

Safari Books announced this week that it was expanding access to its online book repository to Android, Blackberry, iPhone or any phone with a mobile browser. The new mobile service lets Safari Books

New survey reveals dissatisfaction with SharePoint

A new survey conducted by Global360, which bills itself as a "leading provider of document management and business solutions," found that more than 90 percent of respondents were using SharePoint at

Web 2.0 tools continue to thrive

This week I'm heading to the Web 2.0 Expo in New York City for a couple of days and as such I've been thinking about the term and tools associated with it. Just recently we heard tales of gloom and

Are you looking at web compliance through the keyhole?

Guest post by Ian Truscott If you've read anything I've written, seen me speak or you know me at all--you'll know I am normally banging on about web engagement. But, while the cool kids are wondering

Endeca makes ecommerce suite mobile

This week Endeca, announced a new product designed to help companies move their Endeca search-driven website to a mobile platform. The package is designed to make it easy for existing Endeca

New Open Text release keeps ECM alive

If you read my Editor's Corner this week, Moving beyond ECM, you might find it a bit ironic that Open Text this week announced a huge enterprise content management (in the fullest extent of the term)

Google attempts to increase Google Docs security

The Official Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Blog had an announcement this week that Google was beefing up Google Docs security by adding a secondary layer after the password. The way it works is an

Fuze Meeting brings live meetings to iPad

The ongoing debate with the iPad goes something like this: It's a great toy for consumers, but it's not really practical for business. Fuze Meeting is trying to change that perception with a new iPad

Breaking: KnowledgeTree and Fujitsu team on cloud scanning and workflow

KnowledgeTree announced a partnership with scanner maker Fujitsu on September 21, to bring scanning and workflow to the cloud. Last week we wrote about a similar partnership between and

Moving beyond ECM

Enterprise content management or ECM, it seems, is changing before our eyes, so I thought it might be a useful exercise to discuss where we came from and where we could be going. Early records

IBM continues analytics buying spree

IBM (NYSE: IBM), which lately has had an open wallet and a penchant for analytics vendors, snagged another one on September 20, as it continued to build out its analytics business through

Breaking: IBM buys OpenPages

IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced today it was buying OpenPages, which helps companies deal with risk and compliance issues. As usual, this deal may be less about technology and more about OpenPages'

Nielsen pegs Bing as number 2 search engine

More confusing numbers to analyze in the ongoing search engine battle. This week Nielsen reported that Bing had vaulted past Yahoo! into second place in the search engine market share race. Google (