IT needs to get a firm grip on operational intelligence

Once upon a time, content management systems toiled quietly away in the background of companies everywhere.

NARA releases guidelines on when federal records become part of the nation's archives

NARA issued a bulletin this month outlining exactly when federal agencies are required to transfer permanent records to the National Archives for safekeeping. NARA also devised a checklist to help agencies determine if certain records need to be shipped over sooner.

Report: Organizations increasingly find value in content analytics

The concept of content analytics, viewing digital content through the dual lenses of business intelligence and business analytics, has been around awhile. Lately, however, it's becoming less of a "nice thing to delve into when you have the chance" and quickly becoming a business necessity.

Will 'ECMnext' help overcome issues facing legacy ECM?

The challenges facing IT because of legacy enterprise content management systems isn't new. As ECMs grow older, they can often end up creating more problems than they solve. What if the newest generation of ECM was able to help aging systems gracefully ride off into the sunset. Independent information management consultant Chris Walker says it's possible.

Smarsh Archiving Platform now archives Jabber messages for improved compliance

In an effort to help organizations corral collaborative communication data, archiving solutions firm Smarsh rolled out an updated version of its archiving software, The Archiving Platform, that includes support for easy retention of Cisco Jabber messages.

TITUS Classification for Mobile update adds several security enhancements

Data classification and security firm TITUS rolled out several security enhancements to its corporate email app TITUS Classification for Mobile to help bridge the gap between what employees want and organizations are willing to provide.

The part of mobile customer experience strategy you're overlooking

Few companies lack understanding about the importance of data analytics and mining it for all the customer information they can possibly squeeze out. However, it's vital that organizations don't treat analytics as an archaeological expedition to learn exclusively about the past.

Federal records hack underscores overconfidence in records management policies

In light of the recent federal records data breach, a recent survey of 150 federal workers involved with records management takes on a whole new meaning.

Banking industry faces digitization challenges

Financial institutions are the latest industry to face challenges when trying to digitize IT infrastructure. It's not so much that CEOs don't see the value. Instead, banks are increasingly hamstrung by legacy systems that just aren't up to the task.

Spotlight: VA modernizing its EHR system for better interoperability

Fed up with interoperability issues between the EHR systems of active and retired military personnel, the VA is testing a new interface it hopes will makes records access easier for healthcare...

Fujitsu adds capture software to fi Series document imaging scanners

In an effort to unburden themselves of mountains of paper files, many companies are turning to high powered document imaging scanners to corral, store and protect data. Fujitsu announced this week it has expanded its entire line of fi Series scanners to include capture software to streamline the process even further.

Coveo Cloud frees siloed content with enterprise search

Enterprise search company Coveo knows knowledge workers spend, some might say waste, a lot of time looking for information in far-flung corners of their employers' databases and content management systems. In an effort to combat the problem, the company announced this week the availability of intelligent search-as-a-service, Coveo Cloud.

Spotlight: Text messages of Omaha city workers to become public record

After much back-and-forthing, Mayor Jean Stothert begrudgingly agreed the personal text messages of Omaha city workers should be part of the public record.

Tips for records managers stuck in a corner

Information governance consultant Steve Weissman has a message for records managers everywhere: "No one puts baby in the corner."

ECM expected to be 'undifferentiated' part of IT by 2020

The newest AIIM survey on the state of the enterprise content management industry takes a deep dive into how companies can make purchase and use decisions at a time when the entire ECM landscape is changing.

Cloud storage apps overwhelmingly to blame for data loss

Netskope released a report this week that offers a frightening look into cloud storage, data loss and its prevention.

Report: The first vendor to solve these CMS pain-points wins

A new report from consulting from Software Advice takes a good look at how businesses use enterprise content management systems and their common pain points. The end result is a pretty good roadmap outlining what CMS vendors can do to win the hearts and wallets of customers.

ARMA asks Congress for more authority, additional resources

ARMA International, the non-profit professional association for records and information managers, has asked Congress to give federal records managers more resources to meet recent legal and regulatory mandates for electronic records.

Nitro announces release of Nitro Pro 10 and Pro+ 10

Document productivity vendor Nitro has announced the launch of a pair of products designed to make document management and accessibility easier for businesses.