WordPress 3.1.2 released with security fixes

WordPress announced the release of an update last week with version 3.1.2. According to a blog post on Open Source CMS Pro, this release fixes a recently discovered security issue with

VMware takes social turn with SlideRocket purchase

VMware made a surprising addition this week when it purchased online presentation vendor SlideRocket. VMware known mostly for its virtual machine technology has decided to move into end-user cloud

U.S. military taps Drupal Commons for collaborative software development

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is using Acquia's Drupal Commons to bring a social component to its software development platform Just two weeks ago, developers sharing code

SpringCM boasts case management and shiny new iPad app

SpringCM announced last week they had come out with a new version of their cloud-based content management system, which includes case management capabilities, a new iPad app and new, simpler ways to

Google's new algorithm hits content farms hard

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) said it was going to adjust its algorithm to penalize low-quality content and recent data--as reported on the Forbes Mixed Media blog--suggests it has been true to its word.

Microsoft launches SharePoint marketplace

Without a lot of fanfare, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) launched the Beta of the Office 365 Marketplace last week. It's an online app store for Office 365, Microsoft's online version of Office, but more

Content management is so much more than just a database

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post called "Let's free WCM from the shackles of ECM." An anonymous comment in reaction suggested that data was data and it didn't matter much what kind of content it

One on One with Marc Osofsky of Lionbridge

Marc Osofsky is senior vice president of marketing at translation vendor, Lionbridge where he manages the company's global marketing efforts. As such, he's in a position to talk about translation and

Nuxeo teams with Amazon for online storage

Nuxeo, the open source enterprise content management platform, announced a new package this week in the Nuxeo Marketplace that provides Amazon S3 storage services. This enables Nuxeo customers to

Whitney Tidmarsh thinks inside the Box

By Ron Miller and Molly Bernhart Walker Last week, announced that former EMC Chief Marketing Officer Whitney Tidmarsh (who would hence forth like to be known as Whitney Tidmarsh Bouck) would

Alfresco announces community release with Activiti BPM integration

Alfresco announced this week, the integration of Activiti business process management (BPM) in its latest release of Alfresco Community Edition 3.4. Interestingly enough, Activiti has been a

New Sitecore release aims for intimate customer engagement

Sitecore released a new product category this week called Customer Experience Management, the goal of which is "to manage the full customer experience and to create relevant and valuable customer

Flud and Flipboard get venture funding

Last week two firms that produce software to deliver RSS feeds in an attractive package got funding when Flud announced $1 million and Flipboard got $50 million on a $200 million valuation. As I

Search fight continues, but Google holds serve

When comScore released its latest search market share statistics last week, the easy headline was that Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) now owned 30 percent of the market. However, the search market isn't

$25 discount is not enough for Kindle ads

Amazon announced last week that it was offering a new Kindle called "Kindle with Special Offers," which consists of a $25 discount on its low-end $139 model in exchange for ads and special discounts.

Socialtext adds virtual appliance

Socialtext announced today that it was releasing a new version of the product that runs on a virtual appliance in VMware. The idea is to take advantage of companies building private clouds inside lands former EMC CMO Whitney Tidmarsh was full of good news today. Not only did they just release outstanding quarterly numbers, they announced the hiring of former EMC CMO Whitney Tidmarsh. Last month, Tidmarsh announced she was

FatWire updates Online Engagement component

As the online channel gets increasingly important for enterprises, it only makes sense that web content management vendors are trying to find ways to tap into that. This week FatWire announced an

Adobe tries to speed up Creative Suite release cycles

This week Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) announced the release of Creative Suite 5.5, and with it a new release cycle schedule, the company hopes will enable them to get newer technology to their customers

Lucid Imagination includes SharePoint connector

Lucid Imagination announced an update to their LucidWorks Enterprise product this week that includes a way of connecting the search tool directly to SharePoint repositories, which has to be very