Perceptive Reflect brings analytics to BPM

Perceptive Software introduced a new product last week called Perceptive Reflect that lets companies visualize business processes in order to identify bottlenecks in the process. The idea is to

One on One with Paul Doscher of Lucid Imagination

Paul Doscher is president and chief executive officer at Lucid Imagination. He has more than 30 years of experience working in technology, many in high-level positions. We asked him about the state

Content is the new gold

As we watch the war waged by the planet's biggest content owners to control their product, it has occurred to me that content is the new gold. It makes even more sense when you consider that people

AIIM study finds enterprise social software improves sales and marketing communication

Over the last 6 months, AIIM has been working with Andrew McAfee, the man who coined the term Enterprise 2.0, to see what impact enterprise social software has on productivity in the enterprise. What

MegaUpload case likely has no impact on enterprise cloud services

When cloud file-sharing service MegaUpload was shut down by the U.S. federal government last week, an article from PCMag Online pointed out that when the feds closed down the site, they took illegal

Survey finds many users blow by SharePoint security

A new survey of 100 SharePoint users across a variety of business sizes and job categories found that users were surprisingly cavalier when it came to maintaining SharePoint security requirements.

Apple needs to step up for textbook plan to succeed

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) made a controversial leap into the K-12 textbook business last week and the response has been varied. The textbooks are interactive, update automatically and at $15 or less a

Pew: U.S. tablet and eBook reader ownership jumps

Recent data released by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that eBook reader and tablet ownership increased dramatically over the holidays driven by cheaper offerings from Amazon and

NBC News expands its eBook business

This week NBC announced that it would be expanding its eBook business by creating eBooks based on current events, as well as documentaries, trends, biographies and profiles. Previously it had created

If ECMs are content graveyards, why are we here?

Last week, Laurence Hart (who is the newly-anointed chief technology officer at AIIM) wrote a post on his Word of Pie blog about a debate he had with a Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) employee on Twitter.

Section 508 web accessibility rule to change

The U.S. Access Board is currently working through a refresh of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and Section 255 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. All new technology purchased by government

One on One with Alastair Mitchell of Huddle

Alastair Mitchell is chief executive and co-founder of Huddle. Frustrated by existing enterprise technology's inability to help people work together, when collaboration apps in our social lives

Symantec buys LiveOffice cloud storage vendor

This week Symantec announced it purchased cloud archiving vendor LiveOffice for $115 million. The purchase makes sense because LiveOffice was already a Symantec OEM partner and it meshes nicely with

RPost delivers certified email from mobile devices

Last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, RPost announced a new product that enables folks to send legally binding, registered emails from a mobile device. According to the RPost

Google gains majority of Yahoo's audience loss in December

I don't think anyone expects major revelations anymore when comScore releases its search engine market share reports, and as such it wasn't much of a surprise that Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) continues to

Alfresco launches iPad app with round-trip QuickOffice editing

Last week, Alfresco released a new iPad app that provides the unique ability to open a document stored in the Alfesco content management system in QuickOffice, then enables the user to edit or update

Google Wave might have been Google+ 1.0

There has been a lot of controversy this week around the inclusion of Google+ content in Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) search results. Whether you agree with this approach or not, it got me thinking about

QuarkXPress update enhances iPad publishing ability

Quark recently announced the availability of QuarkXPress 9.2, an interim update that includes a couple of interesting new features allowing designers to easily create enhanced iPad content and ePUB

Google adds controversial social search integration

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced this week a new and creative way to include personal social search results by providing a button to toggle social search results from Google+ and integrate them with

Box adds new features to Android app

Last week announced enhancements to the Box Android app. Updates include a new feature that will display updates to documents you have been working on right in the Box Android widget. In