eZ Systems buys behavior analysis dashboard odoscope

Last week, eZ Systems announced the purchase of odoscope, a behavioral sentiment dashboard eZ customers can now use to analyze visitor behavior and better target content. This follows on the heels of

Attivio tries to solve data overload with Active Intelligence Engine 3.0

As I wrote in this week's Editor's Corner, vendors are increasingly looking for ways to help companies deal with ever-growing amounts of data. To that end, Attivio released Active Intelligence Engine

Dropbox and shoot for different markets

Guest post by Dan Keldsen With "Box" in the name of both Dropbox and, it would be easy to think that both solutions are competing in the same space. But with Dropbox for Teams recently

Search is the key to everything

As we see the proliferation of services on the Internet with ever-growing stores of content, whether it's Spotify, Twitter or something else, the key to finding information is going to depend on the

Coveo introduces multi-channel text analytics

Coveo, the enterprise analytics company, introduced Coveo 7.0 this week, a tool that monitors multiple channels including internal enterprise repositories and external social networks. Coveo hopes to

SDL introduces Content Maturity Model for structured docs

This week, SDL introduced a new content maturity model, a way of looking at how to implement structured documentation inside an organization. The model looks at ways to get an XML content management

Oracle buys enterprise search vendor Endeca

Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) plucked enterprise search vendor Endeca off the market last week, grabbing another independent search player. HP (NYSE: HPQ) picked up Autonomy, a company that does a number of

How does Metro affect .NET-based CMS systems?

Guest post by Shaun Walker Leading up to the BUILD conference on Sept. 10 in Anaheim, Calif., there was a fog of uncertainty, rumors, and speculation in the Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) developer

Retention policies need to balance legal and historical requirements

Last summer, I wrote a post about the Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) smoking gun email at the Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) trial and held it up as an example of why every company needs a responsible retention

Jive prepares for IPO, picks Nasdaq

Forbes magazine reports this week that as enterprise social software vendor Jive Software prepares for its initial public offering, it has chosen Nasdaq as its stock exchange. Jive, to no surprise,

Social media archiving policies must be realistic

Social media content can, in fact, be a record--a fact some records managers find terrifying and perplexing when they consider the void it creates in e-Discovery and Freedom of Information Act

2011 Merger and Acquisition Roundup

The content management space has long been characterized by consolidation. Sometimes enterprise users reap the benefits of new partnerships and other times they lose out. One reason the market...

OpenText Social Communities packages social apps for the enterprise

OpenText released Social Communities 8.1 this week, a set of apps that provides a framework for companies to build social applications. While it's clear that many companies want to be social, getting

Adobe introduces Adobe Reader for iOS

This week Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) launched the Adobe Reader for iOS. Prior to this release, it was possible to read PDFs on your iPhone or iPad using tools like iBooks, but this gives you the ability to

IDC's view of SharePoint's marketshare numbers

Last week, we ran a post called SharePoint by the numbers, which outlined some of the numbers bandied about at the recent SharePoint conference and put them in the context of some Gartner research.

Social media content could be subject to e-Discovery requests

Guest post by Dean Kuhlmann The rules of discovery, the process by which parties in a lawsuit seek to obtain information by demanding production of relevant data, have evolved over the years to

Enterprises need to get past governance turf wars

I spent a couple of days this week at the ARMA conference, which is the organization representing records management professionals. You get a unique perspective when you hang out with the folks

SpringCM offers free content management to Salesforce customers

SpringCM announced this week it was offering a free VIP edition of their CMS to customers. Features include check in/check out, one-click Microsoft Office document editing, iPad

Federal government's Electronic Records Archive finally begins operation

The National Archives and Records Administration(NARA) is beginning the operations and maintenance phase of its Electronic Records Archive (ERA) system--a program that just wrapped up 6 years of

Glide launches cloud storage with 30GB of free storage

Transmedia, makers of the online Glide operating system introduced a new service this week called Glide G Drive with 30GB of free storage, offering far more than similar freemium online storage