State of Michigan taps into tech for better CX, worker productivity

The State of Michigan is turning to modern enterprise technology to improve the the quality of life for its citizens and boost worker productivity along the way.

Gear up for World Backup Day March 31

As far as holidays go, World Backup Day won't get you a paid day off but it's still worth putting on your calendar.

CitizenConnect unifies government Web services for 'retail-like' customer experience

Deloitte Digital announced the launch of CitizenConnect, a new digital platform governments can use to improve the customer experience. It's designed to make everyday interactions with government agencies less onerous for citizens.

AP data analysis finds federal employees do 'really crappy' record searches

An Associated Press annual review of all FOIA requests handled by 100 federal agencies in 2015 revealed the federal government's ability to complete record searches is abysmal.

Your digital records could be out of reach in just 10 years

In a perfect world, digital records that are captured into a management system would be accessible until the end of time. In reality, some digital content could be out of reach in as little as 10 years.


Spotlight: EHR systems create more jobs for transcriptionists

The proliferation of electronic health records means more jobs for people specially trained in transcribing patient data into EHR systems. 

Nuxeo image management plug-in taps into Google Cloud Vision API

Nuxeo released a plugin this week that integrates Nuxeo Platform with the Google Cloud Vision API to help companies improve and automate digital image management tasks.

Federal agencies on target to meet email management deadline

The National Archives and Records Administration says around 90 percent of federal agencies are on target to meet the 2016 deadline laid out in President Obama's Managing Government Records Directive.

Joomla 3.5 available today with system analysis tools, support for PHP7

Joomla today announced the availability of Joomla 3.5. It sports 34 new features designed to improve the use experience for administrators and developers alike.

Spotlight: Help NARA develop its Open Government Plan for 2016-2018

The U.S. National Arviches is asking for input from records management professionals as it puts together its Open Government Plan for 2016-2018.

Smartsheet Sights organizes collaboration data into actionable insights

Sights allows users to better visualize how work gets done inside the Smartsheet environment for improved real-time decision-making and planning.

Jive updates collaboration products, rolls out new corporate communications bundle

Jive Software released a batch of updates to some of its existing products this week and also launched a new turn-key employee engagement solution focused on corporate communications.

David Lavenda chats about the future of email in the workplace

David Lavenda makes a compelling case for why email in the workplace isn't going anywhere for the foreseeable future.


Upcoming Viewpoint release includes improved e-discovery reporting, redaction tools

At its heart, Viewpoint helps companies collect, sort and preserve eDiscovery data.

White paper: Orgs not doing enough to manage social media content

Organizations today are under pressure to archive social media content as stringently as any other data that flows in and out of the company. In fact, for government agencies and highly regulated sectors it's not simply an e-discovery and compliance suggestion – it's the law.

Xerox Easy Translator Service quickly translates docs into 37 languages

Xerox launched an interesting product today that helps companies translate scanned or photographed documents in over 40 languages on the fly.

Spotlight: ER nurse urges doctors to ditch EHRs

As healthcare providers push forward on implementing EHR systems, ER nurse and president of Citizens' Council for Health Freedom Twila Brase called for doctors to return to paper-based records.

Font misuse can lead to compliance 'landmines'

Organizations looking for something new to worry about need look no farther than their own creative projects. According to DAM vendor Extensis, misused fonts are the next "compliance landmine."

NYC prosecutors hamstrung by faulty records management practices

New York City district attorneys say the NYC court system's abysmal records management methods make it difficult to do their jobs properly.

HP adds to printer lineup, unveils new Secure Managed Print Services

HP added a batch of new printer models to its product line this week. They cover a range of business printing needs, from standard-issue ink and laserjets to high-end multifunction printers specifically designed to accommodate large production or graphics-heavy print jobs.