Badgeville gamifies workplace collaboration and customer interactions

Badgeville wants to bring reward systems further into the workplace with the launch of its latest Badgeville Enterprise Plus digital motivation platform.

Globalscape releases WAFS 5.0 for sharing huge files and docs

Enterprise file transfer vendor Globalscape announced the release of its updated Wide Area File Services platform this week, designed to help companies move big files with a minimum of fuss.


NARA releases surprisingly candid federal agency self-assessment

The National Archives and Records Administration released its annual Records Management Self-Assessment evaluating whether or not U.S. federal agencies are performing their RM duties and responsibilities adequately.

Retailers take note: Smart content management strategies reel in online shoppers

A new U.S. retail benchmarking study released by digital experience firm Episerver revealed that a smart product content management strategy is what it takes to attract customers in the digital space.

Spotlight: Houston PD blames low rape case clearance rate on RM system

The Houston Police Department reported a drastic decrease in the clearance of sexual assault cases this year, and said its records management system is partially to blame. HPD cleared 44 percent of...

Are learning management systems falling out of favor?

Delaware deployed a central learning management system across the state's entire school system in April and LMS provider Schoology just snagged $32 million in its newest round of funding, for a total of $57 million so far. That suggests the LMS market is stable, but EDUKWEST's Kirsten Winkler said that may not be the case.

Marketers and IT: Who wins the DAM day?

How different would digital asset management products look if they were built by marketers? Percolate's Kat Gebert said these days, probably a lot.

Panel of digital experts say 'accept imperfection' in your CMS

Choosing a content management system is a big commitment. Perhaps the key to a CMS purchasing decision is to lower your expectations.

How AI informs the customer service experience

Delivering an excellent customer service experience involves a lot of moving parts. From technical tools to carefully crafted content, a great deal goes into hitting a constantly moving target. One of the biggest components lies in correctly interpreting and using the data your company passively and actively collects during customer engagements. Blend that data with artificial intelligence technology, and you just may have a recipe for success.

Smarsh talks with FierceContentManagement about the future of federal recordkeeping

Federal recordkeeping risks are growing, creating the need for agencies to manage their full range of content including email, text and instant messages, Web content, videos and various social media channels. I caught up with Dan Thompson, public sector compliance spokesman for cloud-based archiving solutions firm Smarsh, to find out what companies need to be thinking about now and for the future.

Xerox makes file collaboration and security personal

Xerox continues its mission to help workers improve their efficiency and avoid duplication of efforts with updates to two of its personal productivity solutions, Digital Alternatives and DocuShare.

HelloSign updates its digital signature service with a new signer page and custom tools

E-signature vendor HelloSign rolled out some updates and improvements to its digital signature service today that include white labeling, a data validation tool and the ability to brand signer pages for consistent marketing messaging.

Acronis Access Advanced update boosts secure file sync and share

File management firm Acronis rolled out a new update this week for Acronis Access Advanced, the company's flagship file sync and share product.

Yet another survey reveals federal workers lack confidence in US info gov strategies

As the U.S. government force-feeds information governance and document management regulations to its agencies, federal workers aren't at all confident the measures are working.

Spotlight: Companies turn to Slack to meet CMS needs

"Some media companies are starting to use it as a full-fledged content management system – that is, a way of collecting, editing, publishing and even distributing the news," wrote...

CXM advice: Just because you can doesn't mean you should

It's hard to argue with customer experience strategies that help engage customers where they are and provide information right when they need it. But there's such a thing as taking a good idea too far.

Rackspace introduces rapid deployments for Adobe Experience Manager

Rackspace announced a new managed automation platform, Managed Cloud for Adobe Experience Manager, to help customers get new websites up and running in the time it takes to order a pizza.

Next generation WCM systems need to up their game

Enterprise CMS systems are a lot like mobile phones. As soon you buy one, a fancier option hits the market the next day. Of course, content management systems are far more costly in both time and money to replace, and legacy systems tend to linger in the workplace for as long as they remain useful – and then some.

Smarsh and Hootsuite pair up on social media compliance and archiving

Cloud-based archiving solutions firm Smarsh announced Wednesday it has paired up with popular social media management platform Hootsuite. Together, they plan to make it easier for companies to track and archive content from social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Spotlight: Wordpress dominates the content management space

A new survey from W3Techs showed WordPress dominating the content management space accounts with 58.7 percent of market share. Joomla and Drupal come in a distant second and third with 6.6 and 5...