Spotlight: Getting patients better access to their medical files

 If Noga Leviner gets her way, patients will have a lot better access to their own medical files than they do now

Storing the corporate masterpiece for eternal safekeeping

It's frustrating to snap an important picture on a mobile phone only to lose it a week later because you forgot to back up your device in case of a crash. ZDNet's Jason Perlow suggests it's that kind of ambivalence to preserving digital content that "will almost certainly result in the loss of many culturally significant works." What does this have to do with content management? Plenty.

Do you need a separate CMS for social media?

Not long ago, we talked about records retention and the social media quagmire. As businesses continue to struggle over what to do with content and documents created within the four walls of their organization, now it turns out they may also need to maintain records of conversations and communications that take place over social media.

Don't lose jurisdiction over documents stored in the cloud

If cloud storage were a party guest, you'd find it standing alone at the punchbowl. 

A good CMS tells you where you've been ... and where you're going

If your company's workflow favors pen and paper over mobile apps, you may be doing yourself a disservice. You might think relying on notebooks and reams of dead trees is cheaper but, in the end, you could be wasting a lot of time without saving any money.

Hybrid record management systems may offer the best of both worlds

Part of the conundrum facing many businesses attempting to "go digital" is what to make available in a cloud- or server-based record management system and what to keep under literal lock and key. Clearly that's an issue most federal agencies are grappling with as they crawl toward fulfilling the presidential digital records management mandate.

The future of BYOD, tablets and Microsoft Office

When was the last time you saw a new document management system hit the marketplace without mobile capabilities as a standard feature? For that matter, how many actively-supported DM systems can you think of on the market today that don't have at least basic mobile functionality bolted on in some form or another? Not many.

RMS vendors: Don't build a better mousetrap until we find the mouse

When looking for a new records management system, we could spend all day comparing their various differences, debating the merits of each new feature RMS vendors create and poring over comparison charts to determine which solution is "the best." Or we could take a giant, productive step back.

What you need to know about enterprise social network record retention

If your business relies on enterprise social networks like Jive and Yammer for corporate communication, attorneys Therese Craparo and Anthony Diana have some good advice on what you need to know about information governance and records retention issues surrounding their use.

Box announces improvements to its popular sharing feature

File sharing and cloud storage service Box keeps rolling out improvements and features. This time around, the company announced a redesign of the sharing experience for easier collaboration.

The intersection of CSM and customer experience management

While you're busy working out what kind of content management system best suits your business needs, don't forget about the role it plays in the perception of your customer service. A recent...

Spotlight: Avoiding CMS software vendor lock-in

Hotel industry expert Vikram Singh is passionate about steering hotels away from CMS vendor lock-in. He has some words of wisdom for hotels looking for ways to manage their digital content but,...

Cloud storage isn't the final word in document management

It's almost impossible to have a discussion about document management without mentioning the cloud and, by extension, file sharing. Is it time to take a step back and consider that maybe cloud storage isn't the final word on the future of the documentation industry?

Spotlight: Census Bureau issues RIF for new ECM project

The U.S. Census Bureau has decided its time to find a better content management system to get a handle on over 1.3 million HTML pages and some 120,000 PDF files.

Why companies lack faith in auto-classification

Some major ECM solutions today feature auto-classification tools to assist users in figuring out types of documents and where they belong in the overall taxonomy of a system. On the surface it seems like an ideal way to get records under control, yet it's frequently under-utilized or ignored altogether.

Poor records management bites PG&E in the gasline

Poor records management may lead San Bruno, CA city officials to demand that Pacific Gas and Electric Company's reduce pressure in its gas lines throughout the area until the company is able to prove their safety. The issue stems from a deadly explosion in 2010, which state investigators say was largely caused by sub-standard record keeping and maintenance issues.

ECM solutions vendor Reveille announces new pricing structure

ECM application management vendor Reveille announced a new subscription pricing structure that starts at $499 per month.

Over half of UK small businesses use WordPress

In a case of colossally bad timing, WordPress is finally getting some love from small business owners as a standalone content management system just as a series of security breaches and malware infections make the news.

Homeland Security automated file system slower than hand processing

The Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services hatched a great plan several years ago to automate the immigration and citizenship benefits program. It launched in 2007 and seven years later only nine e-file documents are available online. In fact, the entire filing procedure takes longer now than when the agencies processed the documents by hand.

UK committee televises, live-tweets records management evidence session

In response to the loss of important files pertaining to a dramatic court case in the U.K., the Public Administration Select Committee met this week to discuss the preservation and destruction of historical records. The entire event, led by a watchdog group of MPs appointed by the House of Commons, was live-tweeted by members of PASC.