Spotlight: Getting to know you--A first-timer's look at a CMS

Do you remember your first experience with a CMS? Kaya Ismail does, and it was a doozy, but she hung in there and learned some lessons along the way. Read all about it here....

Study: School IT pros struggle with increased expectations, decreased funding

As schools shoehorn textbooks, learning assets and entire curriculums onto digital devices, will funding for content management technology be able to keep pace? A recent study suggests not.

Seismic integrates with Salesforce1 to deliver personalized content

Salesforce customers using the vendor's mobile cloud platform, Salesforce1, just got a big boost in workflow efficiency. Seismic has launched its sales enablement solution on Salesforce1 to help sales reps access company content from mobile devices.

Zimbra moves to OSI-approved licensing for Zimbra Collaboration Open Source Edition

Unified collaboration software vendor Zimbra announced the release of a beta version of Zimbra Collaboration 8.5 to the open source community under the GNU Public License V2 license.

Upgrading your CMS? Take a look back before you move ahead

If you're debating about upgrading your content management system, Nuxeo has an insight paper you may want to take a look at. It takes a look where ECM has been, where it's going, and how you can tag along for the ride.

Records retention and the social media quagmire

It seems like there's a new question every week about the impact social media has on enterprise--questions that inevitably trickle down (or up?) to the government level. The governing body that oversees New South Wales' digital records has an interesting look at its evolving strategies to manage records retention and disposal requirements in social spaces.

Nitro Pro adds Microsoft RMS integration

Document productivity and collaboration vendor Nitro lets users lock down documents with greater ease thanks to a new integration with Microsoft Rights Management service. Nitro Pro now includes SharePoint compatibility, RMS ecosystem support, PDF file encryption and enables sharing of all file types across all devices.

Spotlight: Document management in a nutshell

We talk a lot around here about the intricacies of document management. What's the best process? Where is the technology headed? Why does it matter so much?

Forrester 2014 ECM and archiving survey opens

Forrester's 2014 online survey for Enterprise Content Management and Content Archiving is underway. The analyst firm is looking for input from anyone in the public or private sector who is willing to shed some light on their experiences surrounding ECM and archiving platforms.

Canto takes run at cloud-based DAM vendors with release of Flight

Digital asset management provider Canto is taking a run at its cloud-based DAM vendor competition with this week's release of its own cloud-based product, Flight. Canto isn't throwing its flagship installed app Cumulus into the grave, but instead is positioning Flight as simply another tool in the customer arsenal. Maybe that's what Flight's release is really all about--or maybe not.

Nuxeo announces beta release of hosting service

Enterprise content management platform Nuxeo announced the beta release of, a hosting service it says is "designed for developers, built for the cloud." Its goal is to remove the cumbersome process of provisioning new Nuxeo Platform instances so teams can focus on development.

SAP, OpenText expand integrated offerings

SAP recently announced that SAP Archiving by OpenText now runs on the SAP Hana platform and includes support for HANA Enterprise Cloud service deployments. The move expands the integrated offerings originally launched for SAP Business Suite in May of last year.

Spotlight: 4 things to consider when choosing a CMS

What should you look for in your latest CMS?

Open source CMS Tendenci launches service provider program

The creators of open source CMS project Tendenci want to free up time to focus on developing the platform so they've launched the Web Alliance Marketing Program to partner with service providers to help organizations with their post-deployment needs.

Translator Plugin offers best practices for localizing your CMS

Translation agency Global Partners International announced the launch of a new site this week designed to provide live demos of translation connectors for several popular CMS platforms including Joomla, WordPress and Adobe Experience Manager. also offers on-demand demos and a collection of best practice translation workflows for publishing multilingual sites.


Boeing acquires records management company AerData Group

If ever there's a place you want to see an impeccable records management system in use, it's the aviation industry. Boeing announced this week it is acquiring Netherlands-based AerData Group for an undisclosed sum.  AerData provides integrated software for managing airplane leasing, maintenance and other fleet records.

Document management process study sheds light but offers few answers

According to a new survey sponsored by Swiss Post Solutions and the Association for Information and Management, 57 percent of banking and insurance industry IT pros say records and document management processes are in need of improvement. Forty-one percent want to pull the plug on paper all together. But...

Canon's Therefore information management system gets a big update

Taking cues from user feedback, Canon released a new version of its information management system, Therefore, that includes a new case management feature and updates to several existing features.

SkyKick's Enterprise Migration Suite shifts big businesses to Office 365

Show of hands, who actually enjoys the process of migrating to the cloud? At best, it's a long and tedious undertaking. At worst, it's a nerve wracking affair full of peril and pitfalls. If you're about to tackle a move to Microsoft Office 360, SkyKick's new Enterprise Migration Suite may make the job a little easier.

SDL adds web component to its Customer Experience Cloud service

When was the last time you made significant purchase without consulting one or more vendor websites? Sellers know it's practically unheard of these days so they're stepping up their game to offer pre-purchase information that goes beyond pictures and price.