Get ready for the 'Attention' economy

We have transformed from an interrupt model to the Attention age. That means you have to come up with creative ways to keep your customer's attention moving forward.

Forget about management, we need to focus on the content

If we believe that content management systems are about management, we have lost sight of the mission.

Liferay Portal 6.2 takes aim at mobile

This week, Liferay announced an update to its open source portal product at the Liferay Symposium North America in San Francisco. The update focuses on easing the transition to mobile devices.

Jive turns outward with JiveX

Jive introduced Jive X, a cloud-based customer customer community platform this week at Jive World.

Tibbr, Huddle create social-collaboration partnership

Tibbr and Huddle announced a partnership last week, giving customers a one-stop shop for collaboration and enterprise social.

Bing hits 18 percent on comScore search engine marketshare numbers

Google continues to control consumer search, even while Microsoft makes slow progress, but for now, not much changes when it comes to search engine marketshare numbers.

Spotlight: Securebox provides secure drop box for whistleblowers

A new tool enables whistleblowers to share files with publications securely and anonymously.

Customer Experience Management: Too complex, too expensive and too much to contemplate

CXM sounds great in theory, but doing it right requires a massive technological and cultural shift that most companies aren't likely prepared to make.

Adobe, HP beef up analytics offerings

Adobe and HP unveiled new anayltics offerings this week.

Spotlight: Snapchat Stories could transform it from teen toy to marketing tool

Snapchat lets you string together snaps into a story.

Infographic: Anatomy of content marketing

What exactly is the value of content marketing? This infographic explains.

New Seismic release lets you create customized presentations on the fly

Seismic has come up with a nifty program for generating customer presentations from a template-driven form, which helps enforce data accuracy, branding and formating.

Netflix, cable providers would surely make strange bedfellows

In a case of business making strange bedfellows, Comcast is in talk with Netflix to deliver Netflix content to cable customers.

Bing, Klout extend partnership with social persona

Bing and Klout have teamed up to create social snapshots in the search engine based on information in your Klout profile.

Feels like 1999 as HP follows Yahoo's lead, calls employees back to the office

Meg Whitman joined Marissa Mayer this week in calling her employees back to the office, but these moves fail to acknowledge the power of online collaboration tools.

Silk smoothly adds version for teams

Silk, a company with a unique approach to blogging, introduced a new Teams version this week.

Barnes and Noble updates open source EPUBCheck tool

Barnes and Noble released updates to the open source ePUB validator tool. complaints continue in second week

While continued to experience problems, the issues could be related to the architecture of the site and not just the volume of traffic.

Lexmark buys PACSGEAR for healthcare document management

Lexmark purchased PACSGEAR last week to help continue to build their Perceptive Software division's healthcare content management play.

IBM scoops up mobile message service Xtify

IBM bought Xtify, giving them a smart, young company, which provides push notifications from major brands to consumers across mobile devices.