ECRM Industry expert shares insight on the future of DoD ERM standards

ECRM industry expert Don Lueders took a lot of heat last year when he went on record to say he no longer supported the DoD 5015.2 Electronics Records Management Standard. He called it an "obsolete relic" and "a failed attempt to provide effective functional requirements for managing electronic content through the final stages of the information lifecycle." It turns out Lueders may have been right.

Access your data anywhere with IBM's new cloud service

IBM says today's businesses are buried under too much content and social media. Fortunately, the business giant wants to help you access your company's data anywhere, anytime, across any device through its new big data service, IBM Navigator on Cloud.

LoudCloud launches new, competency-based LMS

Competency-based learning--measuring a student's knowledge of a subject rather than simply how many hours they've applied themselves to learning it--is gaining traction in the classroom, but most LMS's aren't geared towared that type of learning environment. LoudCloud announced the launch this week of what it calls the world's first competency-based learning platform, LoudCloud CBL.


Homeland Security enhances content on website for international student community

In 2012, The Department of Homeland Security elected to move all its public-facing websites to Drupal in order to  more easily share code among its internal agencies and manage its entire codebase on a single, shared platform. That resource sharing led to DHS's recent announcement of an enhanced Study in the States informational website for the international student community.

PencilBlue takes aim at Drupal, WordPress

Blake Callens, CEO of the newly-released content management system PencilBlue, makes no bones that he's set his sights on overtaking WordPress to become the dominant open source CMS option for content providers. Callens says it's "the first online publishing platform to meet all of the market's current needs." Can the company deliver on such a bold statement?

IT pros still can't get behind enterprise search

Enterprise search capabilities are a useful employee productivity tool but a new report by data management vendor Varonis reveals only 38 percent of the IT pros they surveyed plan to invest in it anytime soon. They cite security and accuracy risks as primary concerns, followed by end user resistance and scalability issues.

Drupal briefly extends support for Drupal 6

As Drupal's developers continue to push out alpha releases of Drupal 8, support for older versions is winding down. Drupal's policy to date has been to only support the current and previous versions, but Drupal founder and lead developer Dries Buytaert says the community has decided to continue to support 6 for a while longer than anticipated.


PassTheNotes new partnerships bring collaborative learning tools to 45 million students

Cloud-based education platform PassTheNotes announced five new partnerships designed to bring more teaching tools into the classroom. Combined, the partners will reach 85 percent of U.S. public school districts and more than 45 million students.


Hotel expert has strong words for custom CMS vendors about content ownership

News of Priceline's recent acquisition of digital marketing software vendor Buuteeq has Evision CEO Vikram Singh calling out hotel owners who use proprietary content management systems. He says choosing an open source solution over a custom CMS is the only way to ensure your online presence won't be compromised and that you never lose the content you worked hard to create.

Portland city archivists seize decades of personnel records

When Portland, Oregon city archivists toured the records storage facility of the Portland Police Museum last year, nothing seemed amiss. But the archivists suddenly returned earlier this year to seize 90 percent of the personnel records dating back to around 1910, and the museum's director was so miffed, he resigned.

Spotlight: MongoDB prefers to undercharge customers

MongoDB CEO Max Schireson knows his company isn't charging all it could for its services, but it's not a purely altruistic move

Public sector data security issues not just a US problem

A British study of more than 140 senior management and staff in the public sector revealed that 83 percent say the biggest threat to data are employees themselves. If they're having half the issues the US public sector is then they're right to be concerned, but it does beg a question. Is it faulty employees or faulty processes?

Spotlight: Who should pay for big content?

When it comes to big content providers, it doesn't get much bigger than Netflix.

Analyst: Static content won't help you win over mobile customers

Ted Schadler, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, says companies can amass all the in-house data and content they want but they'll lose business if they don't make it available to mobile customers. If you're not ready for "the mobile moment," you might as well stay home.

IRS loses important documents, exposes its soft underbelly

The U.S. Government has egg on its face thanks to over two years' worth of missing documents critical to a federal investigation of former IRS official Lois Lerner. The IRS says a hard drive failure wiped out a large swath of emails important to the case, and backup tapes containing the data were accidentally recycled. Some politicians watching the case say that's ridiculous.


Microsoft announces Office 365 for business roadmap, First Release early access program

Microsoft made good on its promise to improve visibility of its services update with the release of its business public roadmap for Office 365. In addition to updates that are already available, it also includes those that are rolling out and in development.

NYT shows off its CMS to readers

The New York Times gives readers a peek behind the curtain with a look at the custom-built content management system that powers the behemoth publishing company. So, what makes Scoop so great?

Information governance: What to do about elusive documents

Everyone has their own definition of information governance and their own take on what it means in the context of content management. Experts across the industry are trying to tease the issue apart because...

New RMS frustrates Dallas cops, frees inmates

Software glitches and poor training are being blamed for foul-ups at the Dallas County jail this month following the deployment of a new records management system. More than 20 inmates are walking the streets after they were accidentally released without bail and officers say that's just the tip of a very nasty iceberg.

Going the 'second mile' with document conversion

Most companies don't falter when it comes to scanning and storing documents -- that's the easy part. Standardizing, tagging, sorting, and recalling documents? Well, that's when things start to get hairy.