Facebook wants to host your news site's content

Facebook wants to get into the news business, but not directly. 

Docs get political backing against EHR vendors holding patient data hostage

Physicians anxious (or at least willing) to bring electronic health records into their practice got a rude awakening recently when they discovered EHR vendors are locking down the patient information contained within the records. 

A few things to try before giving up on SharePoint

Despite a recent survey suggesting that SharePoint may be falling out of favor in the workplace, many businesses still use it--and love it. It's grown and changed during its 14-year life span, but it still has plenty to offer as an enterprise platform.

Adobe Document Cloud aims to fix 'last mile' problem

Adobe announced this week the upcoming launch of a new subscription service called Document Cloud. It's built around its new desktop, mobile and web version of Acrobat that includes e-signing and document management tools

Your CMS vendor was acquired. What now?

CMS vendor acquisitions are rising steadily and don't show signs of slowing anytime soon. Though the deals themselves take place in offices and boardrooms, the impact often ripples through the acquired company's entire customer base.

Systemware launches Cloud Content 6.0, ECM with a nod to IT pros

ECM vendor Systemware released Cloud Content 6.0 this week. It includes tools and functionality designed to make life easier for IT professionals as well as content administrators.


Spotlight: Fumbling the customer experience

CEOs and marketers fret daily about providing customers the best possible experience, only to shoot themselves in the feet.

Social media governance trend shouldn't be ignored

Leave it to the evolution of technology to throw a monkey wrench into the already complicated process of information governance. Social media, once the darling of hipsters and college students, is now a dominant force in the business world as well. Companies use it for everything from B2B and B2C marketing to customer service.

Clinton email snafu highlights danger of 'print-to-file' archiving

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is still trying to dig herself out from under allegations she mishandled email messages during her tenure at the State Department. No matter how it all eventually shakes out, the situation highlights a records management problem you don't have to be a federal agency to encounter: the challenges of print-to-file archiving.

Workshare CTO says email is here to stay

Despite all the reports of email mismanagement making the news with alarming regularity recently, email is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Adobe announces new DAM tools, solutions for marketers

Adobe made a series of announcements at this week's Adobe Summit that highlight its commitment to make digital asset management easier for marketing professionals.

2 critical security flaws affect several thousand WordPress websites

WordPress users should be aware of two critical issues affecting several thousand websites across the Internet.

AIIM study reveals SharePoint losing its luster

According to a recent AIIM survey, SharePoint is falling out of favor among IT professionals due to insufficient user training options and the high cost of implementation and use.

Spotlight: AU's govCMS platform officially goes live

The Australian government has been migrating its entire content management system to a new Drupal-based environment over the last couple of years and now it's officially gone live.

Danish firm Templafy expands to US, tackles 'document anarchy'

Denmark-based template management company Templafy opened its doors in January 2014 to solve the problem of what founder and CEO Christian Lund calls "document anarchy."

Nonprofit news site's new CMS a 'racecar' not a 'kitchen sink'

When the staff of nonprofit news site The Marshal Project realized they needed a new CMS, they tasked their director of technology, Ivar Vong, with creating something flexible that could grow with the organization. Rather than cobble together something from pieces of existing platforms, Vong did what many media sites are doing these days. He built a CMS from the ground up.

Spotlight: Weebly targets enterprise with new website creation platform

Website creation company Weebly is targeting hospitals, educational facilities and large organizations with its recent launch of Weebly for Enterprise. 

Hillary Clinton bungles email management while Secretary of State

In the latest in a string of governmental email fiascos, the New York Times reports former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used her personal email address to conduct federal business. In fact, not only did she allegedly use it exclusively, she didn't even have a government-issued email address at all. The State Department is looking into the situation and combing through 55,000 pages of email they received from Clinton's office.

Old-school document management methods kill productivity

For all the hype about how great cloud document management is, some organizations just aren't willing to get on board yet. Though their reasons may be sound, a recent survey by Nitro reveals that clinging to old-school paper document practices is a productivity killer. Take a look.


Putting unstructured data to work for you

Managing big data can mean big headaches, especially when it's inherently unstructured and unweildy. Getting data under control before you need it seems daunting but it's really the best defense against future problems and potential litigation issues.