Study: Physicians embrace EHRs while ignoring patients' access rights

A recent study by clinical engagement platform vendor HealthMine revealed that despite an uptick in the deployment of electronic healthcare records systems in the medical field, patients are getting shorted by a lack of access to their own records.

AIIM changes course on mothballing CIP program, announces CIP 2.0

Christmas came early for the AIIM community this year with news the Certified Information Professional program will live to see another day after all.

DOD and VA say EHR interoperability flap is much ado about nothing

The Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration have been getting their hats handed to them by various governmental oversight committees for some time now over their collective lack of interoperability.

Spotlight: Austrian Health Minister dismisses EHR system concerns

Austria's new electronic health records system went live this week amid concerns from public officials that the system isn't ready for prime time yet. "Austria's Health Minister,...

Brains: The final frontier in information governance

You don't want important information walking out the door locked in the brains of workers who leave the company.

What went wrong with Indianapolis's $10M RMS flop

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard nixed plans to continue working with InterAct, a records management and dispatch software vendor, due to public safety risks associated with the company's "repeated failures to fulfill its responsibilities." Unfortunately, the city already sunk $10 million into the project and may have to sue to get it back. 

AIIM changes CIP certification program, miffs members

AIIM quietly notified members Friday afternoon of a change to its Certified Information Professional program, and many CIPs aren't happy about it.

Clarizen integrates with Gainsight to help orgs make better CXM decisions

Collaborative work management software vendor Clarizen announced this week it's tied its existing Salesforce Integration platform into Gainsight's customer success tool to help organizations unify the teams responsible for customer experience management and gain a better understanding of what's working -- and what's not.

Microsoft singles out TechnologyOne as its first Microsoft Graph ECM partner

Microsoft's alignment with TechnologyOne represents the first Microsoft Graph integration with an ECM. It hooks into Outlook to allow workers to automatically categorize and save emails directly into the TechnologyOne environment in a single click.

SIGNiX and Treeno partner for e-signatures on electronic documents

E-signature company SIGNiX announced Thursday it's paired up with enterprise document management company Treeno to provide e-signature tools to Treeno customers. The partnership alleviates the need for users to print out documents and contracts simply to get a signature or find clumsy and potentially unsafe workarounds for digital signing.

Spotlight: Erie County, Pennsylvania, saved thousands by ditching private RM firm

Erie County, Pennsylvania, hired an assistant to help the county records manager tend to over 14,000 boxes of files at the county's 14,892 sq. ft. warehouse. Despite paying two salaries and rent...

American Society for Clinical Pathology turns to ECM for improved collaboration and organization

The American Society for Clinical Pathology, the go to membership organization for laboratory and clinical professionals across the U.S., aims to digitize the process by creating an online slide library for its 100,000 members. The goal is to develop a central repository for easier collaboration, data collection and analysis.

Report looks at attitudes surrounding file sharing and risk mitigation

Document collaboration firm Workshare released a paper detailing what CIOs and senior IT professionals say are the driving forces behind their changing IT strategies. The top three influences – mobile, consumerization and cloud – aren't terribly surprising, but the answers to some of the questions in the survey are.

Questions arise over quiet change to Wisconsin public records policy

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported this week on a quiet change in Wisconsin's public record keeping policy that may keep state and local officials' communications out of the public eye.

Industry specialist likens enterprise search to 'week-old celery'

We're coming to that time of the year when IT professionals and analysts look back at the year in tech and ahead at what the new year will bring.

Coveo adds Reveal search tool to Coveo for Salesforce Community Cloud Edition

Following a lengthy beta test by customers, Coveo announced this week that Reveal is now available as part of Coveo for Salesforce Community Cloud Edition at no cost to existing customers.

SDL Web 8 helps companies get their global groove on

SDL Web 8 includes enhancements to an existing localization toolset SDL calls the Unified Authoring and Translation Process

EMC exec calls for fundamental shift in content management system market

Rohit Ghai, president of the Enterprise Content Division at EMC, said if enterprise content management systems want to stay relevant in the changing marketplace, it's time to shake things up.

Spotlight: Enough with the workplace messaging tools already

Workplace messaging tools like Slack and Trello play a huge part in real-time collaboration. Like most enterprise tech, new inter-office IM platforms pop up often, but Eleanor Saitta says it's...

Report: 84% of orgs see ROI from paper-free programs in under 18 months

For most organizations, a paper-free work environment falls under the category of "Things That Would be Nice to Have" but aren't as much of a priority as, say wrangling enterprise systems into completing mission-critical tasks. It's not surprising then that, according to a new AIIM report, only 17 percent of offices could be described as "paper-free."