SpringCM announces new release this week

SpringCM's new release makes it easier to compare versions of documents and share content outside of its cloud platform securely.

Spotlight: Google linking Drive directly to more products

Google announced this week on the Google Developer's blog that the Google Drive SDK lets developers build deep integration with Google Drive (not unlike the way Dropbox has allowed embedding in other products, as we wrote this week with Onehub).

Amazon looks to hook independent book sellers

Amazon came up with a diabolically clever scheme recently to hook independent brick and mortar book sellers into selling Kindles, but it might not be a deal worth making.

Onehub offers more sophisticated security for Dropbox in business

Onehub introduced a new product that takes advantage of Dropbox APIs to embed Dropbox folders inside the Onehub repository.

Flipboard goes for catalog market

Flipboard introduced a way for users to build online catalogs this week.

One company sifts through the social media noise to send help where it's needed most

One company is looking to build a system to help disaster relief workers identify the areas most hard hit using a combination of social media, big data, mapping technology and human filters.

Can security and usability live in one app without driving each other crazy?

Sync and share apps have to be safe, secure and dead simple to use--and building a product that pleases end users and IT is no easy task.

Joomla 3.2 now available

Open source content management tool Joomla has announced its latest version--Joomla 3.2. 

Nuxeo releases major platform update

Nuxeo's latest release aims to solve business problems related to content.

Spotlight: Feedly updates iOS app

Feedly announced an update to its iOS app this week.

Marissa Mayer is looking for tech journalists

Yahoo keeps trying new things and the latest is a tech journalism venture that appears to be part of an overall content-driven strategy.

As iGoogle dies, maybe it's time to bury the web portal

iGoogle was put to rest this week and maybe it's for the best.

HarperCollins starts program to sell ebooks directly to consumers

Harper Collins launched a direct to consumer eBook sales experiment this week, but it will take more than dabbling in digital marketing to help them survive in a changing publishing marketplace.

Let's kick the word 'enterprise' to the curb

The word "enterprise," as in enterprise content management, is jargony and imprecise, and it's time we struck it from the lexicon.

MetaVis tool helps migrate SharePoint cloud storage to Office 365

One of the issues that SharePoint shops face when they move to the cloud is what happens if they use another cloud storage service like Google Drive. A new tool from MetaVis helps business customers using Google Drive move to SkyDrive Pro in Office 365.

Metalogix keeps on buying SharePoint support properties

Metalogix has been on a buying spree this year and this week it purchased Idera, a backup and monitoring service.

Data conflicts arise over Facebook's marketing effectiveness

Two reports this week offered somewhat conflicting data on the effectiveness of Facebook as a marketing channel.

Spotlight: WordPress 3.7 is available

WordPress 3.7 is here.

Expert on IT failure says issues typical for large IT project has been plagued by problems, but an expert on IT failure says this is typical and this project can be saved.

Nielsen finally acknowledges 21st century viewing habits with new mobile measuring tool

Nielsen joins the 21st century with a new mobile measuring tool that acknowleges the new ways people access television content.