SIGNiX partners with Alfresco reseller Micro Strategies

A new partnership between e-signature vendor SIGNiX and Alfresco reseller Micro Strategies brings e-signatures to Alfresco Activiti so organizations can ditch pen-on-paper document inscription.

Spotlight: Tech expert calls for removal of the Paperwork Reduction Act

Technologist Clay A. Johnson said the Paperwork Reduction Act is a "terrible law" that impedes the government's ability to connect with American citizens.

Florida city attempts to charge local newspaper $4,973 for FOIA request

Treasure Coast Newspapers, or TCN, recently completed a six-month investigation into how the city of Port St. Lucie, Fla., handles public records requests. It discovered that, "The local government is more opaque than transparent," and that it can take months to receive something as simple as a single report from Animal Control Services.

Sitecore integrates WCM tools into MyWebGrocer to improve customer experience

Sitecore announced a partnership this week to enhance the MyWebGrocer shopping service with Web content management features designed to improve the customer experience.

Former PG&E RM manager says the company ordered her to destroy records after deadly blast

For years, prosecutors have been looking for links that Pacific Gas and Electric Company's sub-standard record keeping processes caused the deadly California gas line explosion in 2010. The blast killed eight people and leveled 38 homes.

CMS administrator 'deadly serious' about improving EHR interoperability

Andy Slavitt, acting administrator for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or CMS, dropped some significant news this week at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. He said the current electronic health records meaningful use program will be replaced with "something better" in 2016.

Spotlight: Centralizing voter records is a 'terrible plan'

Last month's leak of 191 million voter records, the result of a misconfigured database, left some questioning whether a 2002 law requiring states to centralize and digitize voter records was a...

Wisconsin Public Records Board reverses contentious transitory records change

Questions arose last month when members of the Wisconsin Public Records Board quietly changed the definition of what constitutes "transitory records," suddenly making communications via email, text or private social media unavailable for review under open records laws. Following a spate of public outcry, the Board voted unanimously Monday to rescind the changes and restore the original definition that's been on the books since 2010.

Laserfiche 10 amps up support for social and mobile-driven workplaces

ECM vendor Laserfiche is moving beyond the goal of helping customers create a paperless workplace. Company CEO Chris Wacker told attendees at its annual Laserfiche EMPOWER conference that it's interested in "redesigning the workplace itself."

Cisco launches cloud monitoring service to protect against shadow IT

Cisco announced the launch of a new enterprise product Wednesday, Cloud Consumption as a Service. It's designed to monitor the use of public cloud services within an organization and catch potential problems before they arise.

Report: White House is 'willfully blind' to problems with the FOIA process

A new report by the federal Committee on Oversight and Government Reform called the Freedom of Information Act "systemically broken" and said it's no longer a useful tool for ensuring governmental transparency.

Survey: Linking patients to their EHRs is a 'routine' problem

According to a report released this week by the American Health Information Management Association, or AHIMA, linking patients to their EHRs is a fairly large and "routine" problem affecting healthcare organizations across the nation.

Compliance expert: Data scientists play important role in e-discovery

Kon Leong, CEO of compliance firm ZL Technologies, said data scientists get short shrifted in the workplace. They have great job descriptions and the pay grade to go with them, but are consistently hamstrung by workflows that require data experts to spend far more time managing data than actually analyzing it.

Spotlight: UK government agencies push back on FOIA laws

British journalist Harry Phibbs said he thinks local U.K. government agencies don't "want more freedom of information, or even the existing freedom to be maintained. They all want a move...

Ohio hospital uses biometric tech to secure electronic health record data

A hospital in Akron, Ohio implemented new technology recently that pairs patients with their electronic health records via fingerprint scans.

Kodak Alaris partners with Google for document capture from any device

Kodak Alaris announced a partnership with Google this week aimed at making it easier for workers to capture documents on the fly without device or location constraints.

New York discovers historic documents during records digitization

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio tasked his administration with digitizing all the documents flung hither and yon around the state leading to the discovery of some interesting historical documents, some too old to be scanned because of the danger they'll fall apart during the scanning process.

Fragmented content systems interfering with food industry regulation compliance

The Food and Drug Administration said that out of the 66 largest chain restaurants in the U.S., only five have met compliance requirements so far and product information management vendor EnterWorks suggested it's because franchises just can't access the information in their fragmented content management systems.

Acquia CTO excited about Drupal 8 and future 'opportunity'

In keeping with his six-year tradition, Dries Buytaert, co-founder and CTO of Acquia, penned a year-end retrospective that took a look back at what Acquia accomplished in 2015 and where the company is headed in the new year.

AIIM's Jesse Wilkins offers blueprint for supporting CIP certification program

AIIM Director of Research and Development Jesse Wilkins has tips on what current CIPs can do to help shepherd the CIP program through its next evolution.