FoCAS keeps ad-related banking materials in compliance

With the advent of Internet-only banking services and a general consumer dissatisfaction with the banking industry, financial institutions are stepping up their marketing efforts to draw in customers. launches unified communications tool to corral data, content

Between cloud services, BYOD, and on-site software, workers use a large and often fragmented collection of apps and services to get things done during the course of a workday. Unfortunately, the "mishmash" approach means employees struggle to find what they need when they need it and sometimes resort to workarounds if they can't get satisfaction with IT-sanctioned products. 

Actiance rolls out new UC tool for Microsoft Exchange

Unified communications solutions provider Actiance announced the release of Actiance for Exchange, a version of its flagship information governance product designed to help companies that use Microsoft Exchange maintain control over employee email.

Huddle nabs $51 million in funding, plans ahead for IPO

Enterprise cloud collaboration service Huddle has raised $51 million in a Series D round of funding led by Zouk Capital, bringing total backing to well over $80 million. The company expects to use the funds to advance new versions of its software.

Spotlight: Sony's DMS to blame for data breach?

Was Sony partly responsible for its recent security breach that resulted in the capture of hoards of sensitive data?

Will 2015 be the year of information governance?

Has information governance been on your mind a lot lately? If so, you're in good company.

What we know (and don't know) about Ektron

After several days of commotion surrounding the activities of web content management software company Ektron, the dust has settled -- sort of. Here's what we know officially. Ektron secured a second round of funding with private equity firm Accel-KKR. Everything else is speculation as to what it all means and what the future holds for Ektron and its employees.

Spotlight: How the BBC slimmed 40 CMSes down to 2

 Find out how The BBC Online spent the last three-and-a-half years changing their entire digital presence

Box launches partner program to gain user trust

Cloud-based file sharing and collaboration company Box announced the launch of a new program called Box Trust that's designed to boost, well, customer trust in its service. Box isn't going at it alone in this new venture, however. They've brought a collection of 19 partners along for the ride, including such notable companies as Symantec, Recommind, OpenDNS and Splunk.

Study: 40 percent of knowledge workers in the dark

A recent study by enterprise search company Coveo takes a look at how much time is lost by knowledge workers and knowledge management practitioners due to inadequate or ineffective search tools. Hint: A lot.

Chief privacy officer role gaining traction in public, private sectors

Privacy compliance is about to become a big priority for organizations so records and information managers should get ready to help business owners tackle the issue. That's the word from John Isaza, an attorney who leads the Information Governance and Records Management practice at Rimon Law.

Queensland asks for help in solving records management problems

Queensland State Archives, or QSA, is asking for help from the public sector to help identify and solve common record retention and management problems. "A critical disconnect has emerged between government's move towards digital service delivery, while still relying on outdated records management processes," acknowledges the QSA.

Acquia Cloud Shield protects Drupal-based websites

Digital experience company Acquia announced a new service that offers added protection and security to Drupal-based sites housed inside a corporate network. Acquia Cloud Shield helps users securely move on-site data in and out of the cloud via a virtual private network, or VPN, connection.


Spotlight: Companies insist on ECM, employees don't

Why do organizations insist on using enterprise content management software in the face of considerable pushback from employees?

NARA backpedals on approval of CIA records destruction

The National Archives and Records Administration is backpedaling away from its preliminary seal of approval on the Central Intelligence Agency's request for permission to destroy the email messages of non-senior CIA officials. NARA originally gave tentative approval earlier this year but is now having second thoughts.

Over 700 UK medical record security breaches reported in under a year

According to research conducted by U.K.-based telecom vendor, one-fifth of security breaches that occurred in the healthcare sector between April 2014 and March 2014 involved the loss of paper records and files. 12 percent occurred when health documents were mailed to the wrong person and seven percent were due to improper paperwork disposal.

New HP CMS suite helps companies manage big data

HP announced this week the launch of a collection of tools to help companies collect, manage, store and search big data. The HP Intelligent Retention and Content Management solution is built around HP's Haven big data analytics platform. It comes bundled with three products--HP StoreAll, HP ControlPoint and HP Records Manager--to manipulate stored content.

Can enterprise search lead to better customer experiences?

As many as 94 percent of marketers say personalization is the Holy Grail of a good user experience. The trouble is, it's tricky to pull off. Customer entry points occur across multiple devices and various social channels, yet consumers expect a seamless experience no matter how they engage a company. Is enterprise seach the answer?

Dropbox for Business woos enterprise with new API

Dropbox continues its march toward enterprise acceptance with this week's planned launch of Dropbox for Business API. It's designed to let developers create enterprise-level apps atop Dropbox to suit an organization's specific needs.

CryptoPHP backdoor targets WordPress, Drupal and Joomla

A report released by security firm Fox-IT outlines a new threat affecting more than 23,000 web servers. It uses a malicious script called CryptoPHP found in pirated WordPress, Drupal and Joomla themes and plugins. Fox-IT has created two Python scripts to help admins detect the backdoor.