Marketing technologist could act as bridge between CMO, CIO

A speaker at the Gilbane Conference this week suggested it was time for a new marketing technologist role to bridge the gap between IT and marketing.

Multichannel delivery means it's time to separate content creation from presentation

Marriott's Meghan Walsh thinks it's time to separate content creation from presentation. Content authors create agnostic content and it gets processed, formatted and published across multiple channels. 

MetaVis rolls out new SharePoint cloud admin reporting

MetaVis launched a new reporting dashboard this week for SharePoint cloud users.

Content marketing and social media are the perfect pair

Content marketing and social media are a perfect match and one strategy drives the other. If you're not getting this yet, what are you waiting for?

Box buys security vendor dLoop

Box bought security startup dLoop last week.

Every content marketing plan needs a governance component

With the freedom of content marketing comes the responsiblity of governance to make sure that your company isn't exposed.

Spotlight: Creative Commons updates alternative copyright licence

Creative Commons announced the latest update to its alternative copyright license.

Infographic: Is email dying?

Is email dying as this infographic asserts? Probably not.

Nook sales plunge again

Barnes and Noble had another dismal quarter and Nook was the worst part of it.

AvePoint update works in cloud, on prem or hybrid

The new AvePoint governance product has been retooled to work in a hybrid SharePoint 2013 environment.

Sitecore buys

Sitecore bought e-commerce product last week.

Google introduces Google Play Newsstand

Google appears to be taking on Flipboard and iOS newstand with its new Google Play Newsstand product

The Blue State Digital, team comparison just doesn't hold water

I keep hearing people wondering how Obama's campaign web team could be so good and be so bad, but it's not a remotely fair comparison. Here's why.

Salesforce abandons social strategy

Marc Benioff has decided to abandon the notion of the social enterprise like last year's fashions. It's on to the shiny, new thing.

OpenText regroups with targeted suites

OpenText revealed a sweeping new vision for its product lines this week at its annual EnterpriseWorld conference in Orlando, Florida.

Dropbox tries to make it easier to balance home-work content

Dropbox announced a new way of organizing information this week to let employees keep private files and company files in separate containers in a single interface.

Spotlight: Box rolls out new preview feature

Box announced a new preview feature this week.

PaidContent brand to be subsumed into GigaOM

PaidContent will be subsumed into GigaOm, its owner's brand--and I'm a little sad to see it go.

Alfresco's John Newton looks to future of information management

John Newton has been thinking about the future and he sat down with me at the Alfresco Summit to talk about what might happen the next 10 years.

Alfresco takes a step towards maturity

Alfresco is a company that to this point--to a large extent--has flown under the radar, but with a new CEO and a new vision, they are looking to take it to the next level.