RSS still has a big role to play

Last week, announced it will shut down its RSS reader, Bloglines, on October 1. A collective sigh let out around the Internet because Bloglines was one of the early entrants into the

What's all the fuss about net neutrality?

Guest post by Char James-TannyWho owns the Internet? No one. Who controls the Internet? No one (except in certain countries that censor content, and that's not ownership). So what's all of the ruckus

Liferay open-source portal releases Portal 6, Enterprise Edition

Liferay, an open source portal framework, released Liferay Portal 6 Enterprise Edition. The new package is loaded and includes social collaboration functionality, along with built-in web content

Google Wave will live on as open source code

It appears rumors of Google Wave's demise might have been slightly exaggerated. After Google announced recently that it was mothballing Wave, that appeared to mark the end of the enterprise social

Yammer expands with full Enterprise 2.0 suite

Yammer, which until recently was known for its micro-blogging tool, or "Twitter for the Enterprise" announced this week it was expanding its capabilities to include a full Enterprise 2.0

Survey finds increased SaaS use in marketing

A recent survey conducted by Big Blue Moose, a digital media consulting firm, found that an overwhelming majority of respondents are using SaaS products for their marketing efforts, including web

Microsoft SharePoint could be a $2 billion business

It's no secret that SharePoint is a widely used content management and collaboration tool. Nor is it surprising that people have strong feelings about the Microsoft platform on both ends of the

WebCollage adds demo building tool

WebCollage, makers of the WebCollage Content Publisher online content publishing software, announced last week they were adding a demo-making tool to the package. This will allow users to add product

One on one with Shaun Walker, DotNetNuke

Shaun Walker is co-founder and CTO at open source web content management vendor DotNetNuke. Walker developed the original version of DotNetNuke, which is built on the Microsoft .NET platform. We

Google Angstro purchase another piece of social networking tool

The LA Times reported last week that Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) had bought social start-up Angstro, adding another piece to its social networking strategy. Angstro, a company that, according to its

Zoho iPhone app lets you access docs on your phone

Zoho, the online suite of business tools released their latest tool this week, Zoho Docs for iPhone, which provides a way to access your documents from your iPhone. Although Zoho has had iPhone

Open Text to use Burntsand acquisition for SharePoint consulting services

Open Text announced this week a package of products and services to help companies implement multiple SharePoint 2010 sites. As part of the plan, Open Text will be offering consulting services from

Guidance Software reveals update for EnCase eDiscovery platform

EnCase eDiscovery version 4 was released this week with a focus on better meeting the many stages of the digital investigation process, while accelerating the speed of the process and minimizing

New Kindles set Amazon sales records

Amazon released the first four-week sales figures for its new generation of Kindle eBook readers and there were some surprising results. Amazon said there were record orders for the latest group of

WikidForum community software released

Cenango, a Florida-based web design and software development company, released WikidForum Community Edition Beta this week. "You can download and install WikidForum on your website and in a matter of

Maybe Seth Godin is right about publishing

My first reaction when I saw that Seth Godin was forgoing a publisher to develop, market and publish his own books was this: That's fine for Seth Godin. He's a well-known, best-selling author. He has

Paul Adams' presentation could give clues to Google's social network tool

It's been known for a while that Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) wants a piece of the social internet. So far their social attempts can best be charitably described as "stumbles." On the business side there

Open Text releases semantic search tool based on Nstein technology

Last week at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Francisco, Open Text announced the release of a new semantic navigation tool, based on Nstein technology. The new tool is designed to help gets more social with latest upgrade, the online storage and collaboration platform made some moves this week that will push it further toward its goal of becoming a full-service, cloud-based content management vendor. The

Nuxeo previews new application marketplace and admin console

Last week in a blog post by CEO Eric Barroca, Nuxeo announced they were previewing two new features: An applications marketplace for Nuxeo plug-ins and applications that run on the Nuxeo platform