Enterprise 2.0 is people-centric IT

Making the case for enterprise social tools can be difficult. The knee-jerk reaction goes something like this: "Why give employees one more thing to interact with?" To many chief executives and

Weibo increasingly popular Chinese Twitter alternative

Weibo, a Chinese alternative to Twitter, has been gaining in popularity internally and among western companies and organizations, according to recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and Reuters.

Mindjet Connect SP hopes to increase SharePoint user adoption

Mindjet announced Mindjet Connect SP this week, a tool that sits on top of SharePoint, which it claims will simplify SharePoint, making it easier to use and increase user adoption. The way Mindjet

eReaders are alive and well, thanks very much

Remember when some joker predicted the end of eReaders a while back--oh, that was me. In the words of the late, great Gilda Radner playing Emily Latella, "never mind." New research suggests that

OpenText announces Tempo cloud file-sharing solution

OpenText released its own cloud file sharing solution this week called Tempo, which works a lot like Dropbox. You can save files to Tempo and they sync across all devices. The key difference between

Socialtext 5.0 has native mobile apps

This week at the Enteprise 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara, Calif. Socialtext announced Socialtext 5.0 with some significant new features including support for mobile apps and native Twitter

Paper still alive and well as Recall reaches 100 million boxes

While we tend to concentrate on digital content management, an announcement this week by storage company Recall drives home the idea that there is still plenty of paper in the world and it needs to

Bing makes only modest gains on Google since last year

comScore released its U.S. search engine market share numbers for October and to nobody's surprise, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) continues to dominate. I thought it might be interesting, however to compare

Helping people do their jobs and nothing more

After reading a couple of blog posts this week, I came to a realization--one that I probably knew before, but was simply driven home by these writers. It doesn't matter what we call it or the

SoundOff: Best open source CMS updates of 2011

The content management space is dominated by news of updates, new features and release cycles. Among nimble open source players the changes can be fast and furious. It's been a year of new

DotNetNuke 6.1 lets you go mobile

DotNetNuke announced the release last week of DotNetNuke 6.1 with greater support for generating mobile websites from DotNetNuke. It's no secret that more and more cell phones are able to access the

KnowledgeTree HTML5 tool works across platforms

This week KnowledgeTree introduced a new cross-platform desktop tool built using HTML5, enabling users to work across platforms on OSX, Windows or Linux. The announcement comes on the heels of

Dropbox announces Teams product

This week Dropbox announced a new Teams product to provide a way to centralize Dropbox account management in a multiple-user setting. The Teams tool lets you create a group of common users such as a

Ektron hopes to be your marketing and content management hub

Ektron announced a new ambitious product this week it is calling the Digital Experience Hub. It made the announcement at the Synergy 2011 partner and customer conference. The product is an attempt to

Amazon introduces eBook lending library

Last week Amazon announced it was launching an eBook lending program for its Amazon Prime subscribers. The program is called the Kindle Owner's Lending Library. Under the program, subscribers who own

HiSoftware releases SharePoint 2010 security and compliance solutions

HiSoftware introduced several products this week to help companies using SharePoint 2010 with enhanced security and compliance issues, an area that many enterprise record-keepers and governance

Adobe buys Auditude to provide ads for video content producers

Adobe announced this week it has purchased online video ad company Auditude. The move is seen as way to provide Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) customers who are creating video content with a clear path to

MarkLogic releases MarkLogic 5

MarkLogic (ML) announced the latest version of its database search and analysis tool, MarkLogic 5, this week. While many players including ML are fond of tossing around the term big data, ML has in

eZ Systems buys behavior analysis dashboard odoscope

Last week, eZ Systems announced the purchase of odoscope, a behavioral sentiment dashboard eZ customers can now use to analyze visitor behavior and better target content. This follows on the heels of

Attivio tries to solve data overload with Active Intelligence Engine 3.0

As I wrote in this week's Editor's Corner, vendors are increasingly looking for ways to help companies deal with ever-growing amounts of data. To that end, Attivio released Active Intelligence Engine