Email is no longer the best answer to enterprise communication

Texting about company business on your personal phone probably isn't smart, but there are plenty of safe communication alternatives to email.

Spotlight: Hulu now works with Chromecast

Google announced last week that their TV dongle, known as Chromecast, now supports Hulu. 

Mindjet Spigit Engage fosters innovation in enterprise social package

Mindjet wants to differentiate itself from the Enterprise 2.0 pack by making the product about innovation and idea sharing--and that may not be a bad approach.

Evernote Business joins forces with

Evernote Business can now be integrated directly into, giving a sales team a de facto content management system.

Affordable Care Act website reportedly has rough first day

It was reportedly a rough first day for and the state-based healthcare exchanges, but that should have been expected.

Latest version of Sitefinity integrates with Marketo, Salesforce

Sitefinity has built connectors to Marketo and to produce more customized content for website visitors based on what you know about them.

Spotlight: WordPress buys file-sharing site Cloudup

Automattic bought startup Cloudup last week.


HP Exstream joins Autonomy Division

HP made a smart move for once by combining HP Extreme and Autonomy into a single business division.

Content ROI is measured in more than pageviews

It's hard to measure the value of good content, but maybe we have to think about success in different ways than pure ROI.

New Google technology could put an end to third-party cookies

Google has floated the idea of a new technology to replace third-party cookies, and it raises a whole slew of issues.

From the ashes of Axceler rises ViewDo Labs

ViewDo Labs is the new company that was formed when most of the Axceler assets were sold to Metalogix recently.

Box has always been about looking forward, not back

Box made some big announcements last week, but Box was never about pleasing the conventional content management crowd.

Spotlight: Google QuickOffice now free

Google makes QuickOffice free.

Flipboard gets another $50 million in funding

Flipboard recently announced a new round of funding to allow the content aggregation startup to keep expanding.

Ballmer says authorities need to rein in Google search monopoly

Without a hint of irony, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer accused Google of having a monopoly in search and suggested U.S. authorites should investigate.

Once upon a time ... A story is at the center of all great content

All great content comes down to telling a good story, so just do it. Give people what they want.

Looks like Barnes and Noble held Nook too long

Barnes and Noble might have held onto the Nook division for too long, and now it faces a crowded market.

Google's attempting to solve the online translation riddle

Google is working on a universal machine translation tool, but it's safe to say that while they've made progress, they still have a long way to go to achieve that goal.

Box finally gets workflow tool and metadata's coming

Box finally adds light-weight workflow and announces metadata, two long-sought features.

DuckDuckGo continues making huge audience gains

DuckDuckGo continues to make huge gains, but it hasn't made the comScore search engine rankings yet.