Spotlight: How new SEC ruling affects the private sector

A new SEC ruling requires certain types of businesses to follow specific IT procedures to ensure regulatory and legal compliance. TechTarget's Jeffrey Ritter says the ruling is, "changing...

Spotlight: New York governor Cuomo changes state worker email retention policy

New York's governor put an end to a hotly debated policy that allowed state workers to delete their email after 90 days.

Expunged records still accessible in Virginia database

The Virginia Supreme Court's Office of the Executive Secretary recently admitted that it still possesses copies of expunged records that were overlooked during the initial expungement process. Assistant executive secretary Edward Macon says he doesn't know how many files have been erroneously kept and does not necessarily know where they are.

GAO reports most federal agencies are working to improve records management

A new report from the Government Accountability Office reveals that most of the 24 federal agencies it reviewed are taking steps to meet the requirements necessary to improve the state of their records management. Only five were found lacking, due to missed deadlines rather than willful non-compliance.

Will advancements in learning management systems make the grade?

The learning management system industry is projected to top out at around $7.8 billion by 2018, fueled largely by the fact that as much as 99 percent of educational institutions use some form of LMS in their teaching environment.

UK Hospital plans to digitize 71 million pages of medical records

The Royal Free Hospital in North London wants to be paper-free and that means digitizing over 71 million pages of records. While not all companies that implement paper-reduction strategies face such a daunting task, there are still some valuable takeaway messages from how Royal Free is managing the process.

Create consistent customer experience on mobile apps with Liferay Screens

Liferay, the company behind the content management product Liferay Portal, announced this week the launch of a new tool to help companies create native apps for iOS and Android.

Smarsh Personal Archive helps workers manage their own email storage

Many e-discovery and compliance policies place the burden of their management on the IT department. Cloud-based archiving vendor Smarsh announced the release of a new product that helps workers manage their own email archives without leaning on IT more than they need to.

Spotlight: Records management in the food supply chain

Food Safety Magazine takes an inside look at records management in the food supply chain.

Omaha mayor in hot seat over text messages and public records

It seems the Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska has come under fire recently for what some say is her inappropriate use of text messaging to discuss City Council business.  

Canadian government struggles with improper destruction of public records

Alberta, Canada's Premier-Designate Rachel Notley ordered all Alberta government offices to immediately stop shredding documents pending an investigation of improper records destruction. The move comes after an anonymous tip that documents were being mishandled at the offices of the Minister of Energy and Minister of Infrastructure.

Should every business have a customer experience manager?

Robert Johnson, CEO of customer service software vendor TeamSupport said putting all your eggs in a single managerial basket is a mistake.

Hippo CMS 10 brings marketing and IT together to focus on customer experience

Web content management vendor Hippo wants to make it easier for marketing and IT to work together to meet their goals without sacrificing the customer experience.

Alfresco updates Activiti, rolls out new modules for Alfresco One

Alfresco this week announced an update to its Activiti 1.2 business process management tool that blends enterprise content management with BPM, all in a single location. The company also rolled out two new modules for Alfresco One aimed at improving analytics and media management tasks.

Federal employees say current RM practices leave agencies at risk

A study conducted by records storage company Iron Mountain, Inc. revealed that only one third of federal employees are confident their agency's records are not at risk.

Spotlight: Making a case for centralized records

The editorial board of a small-town Texas newspaper makes a great case for why the Victoria County Sheriff's Office should centralize its records countywide.

Kodak Alaris rolls out new version of Web-based document-capture tool, Info Input

Most IT professionals can agree that the document-capture tools organizations are most likely to adopt are ones that are the easiest to use. Kodak Alaris rolled out a new version of it's web-based document-capture tool, Info Input, that aims to eliminate most of the hassles users and admins face to deliver a capture tool that "just works."

What businesses can learn from federal info governance strategies

The federal government is all about finding ways to implement new and strengthen existing its records and information management policies. Unfortunately, while federal agencies keep coming up with fresh ideas, the government haven't been great about coming up with actionable guidelines to implement them.

The pros and cons of EHR adoption, according to nurses

When it comes to adopting electronic health record (EHR) systems in healthcare environments, there's good news and bad news. Nurses love them and would dislike reverting back to paper-based systems. Unfortunately, they're rarely consulted on EHR system deployments even though they're the ones using them on the front lines.

Report: WordPress leads the pack as most used CMS

WordPress continues to dominate the content management system space, dramatically outpacing other well known CMS options like Joomla and Drupal. A new report released by CodeGuard offers an interesting look at the choices companies make about the technology they adopt.