Is UX important when choosing a DAM system?

For most companies, a digital asset management system needs to "just work." User interface doesn't usually factor into purchasing decisions and users themselves have more on their minds than the design factor of their DAM of choice.

Most hospitals not doing enough to protect against EHR fraud, report says

report released this month by the HHS Office of Inspector General says most hospitals aren't doing enough to secure their electronic health records and protect them from fraudulent activity. 


The cold truth about enterprise content management

There's a lot of great advice all over the Internet on how to use enterprise content management systems.

Spotlight: Tourism Australia's new CMS amps up business

You wouldn't think that Tourism Australia's entire customer experience could be affected so broadly by its choice of content management systems, but that's what happened when its CIO upgraded to a new platform.

Workiva launches cloud-based tool for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

Wdesk, Workiva's cloud-based business reporting tool, has a new feature designed to help companies with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Evidence Management for Wdesk allows internal auditing teams to annotate documents for a thorough audit trail.

Medical records management falters under 'cultural challenges'

A Pennsylvania hospital is about to bring a new medical records management system online. It's the first of its kind since the medical facility opened its doors 37 years ago.

Report shows most hospitals meet EHR incentive requirements

A new report from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reveals that more than 96 percent of large hospitals throughout the United States meet the requirements for the meaningful use of certified health IT systems. 

Delaware implements statewide LMS

The Delaware Department of Education has gone all in on a state-wide implementation of a learning management system for all its schools and teachers.

Citrix redesigns GoToMeeting for better collaboration, productivity

Citrix has revamped its popular online meeting service GoToMeeting with more tools designed to increase productivity and make collaboration easier.

The future of the DAM industry

I caught up with Widen Enterprises' director of marketing, Jake Athey, to get his take on the current DAM landscape and where's it's headed. Here's what he had to say.

Spotlight: Clinton's 'single device' claim doesn't hold up

Now the Associated Press is reporting that Clinton used an iPad to check her mail.

Info governance committees could be strategic mistake

You know the drill; you've seen it a thousand times. Whenever a company-wide initiative hits the planning stages, committees are formed, meetings are held and every component of the new strategy is discussed to death. Information governance committees are no different but IG attorney Linda Sharp says its time to turn that approach on its head.

Hyland releases OnBase 15 with over 2,000 improvements

ECM vendor Hyland announced the release of OnBase 15 that includes more than 2,000 enhancements and new functionality for digitizing work processes. The new release also features a new clinical content framework to help healthcare providers manage medical images and clinical files.

Higher ed finds increasing value in open source CMS options

Open source software was once the darling of educational institutions simply because it could be had for the low, low cost of free. Now even some universities with budgets that allow for commercial options still choose open source projects instead.

Survey shows US companies excel at customer experience management

Complaining about customer experience (CX) is practically a national pastime, but U.S.-based companies actually do a commendable job, according to a survey conducted by British CX research firm Nunwood. In fact, our neighbors across the pond have some catching up to do.

John Kerry asks State Department to probe records management practices

Secretary of State John Kerry is asking the State Department to review its records management process and look for ways to improve and streamline its methods.

When technology gets in the way of customer experience

Finding new ways to create an excellent customer experience keeps marketers up at night. Scott McMillan, General Manager for Business Consulting for multi-channel marketing firm Salmat says part of what's holding them back is the technology that drives customer engagement.

Box hires former federal CIO to lead government push

Enterprise cloud storage service Box continues its push into the government sector by hiring someone who knows a thing or two about the federal landscape. Sonny Hashmi, the former CIO for the U.S. General Services Administration, is taking up a post as Box's managing director for government.

ONC slams EHR vendors for lack of pricing transparency

The electronic health care incentive program may see changes following a set of regulations proposed last week by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT. 

SkyKick Office 365 Migration Suite now available via Microsoft's IUR program

Migrating data to the cloud is no picnic, so anything that makes the process a little easier is always welcome relief.