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Content marketing and social media are the perfect pair

Content marketing and social media are a perfect match and one strategy drives the other. If you're not getting this yet, what are you waiting for?

The Blue State Digital, team comparison just doesn't hold water

I keep hearing people wondering how Obama's campaign web team could be so good and be so bad, but it's not a remotely fair comparison. Here's why.

Alfresco takes a step towards maturity

Alfresco is a company that to this point--to a large extent--has flown under the radar, but with a new CEO and a new vision, they are looking to take it to the next level.

Can security and usability live in one app without driving each other crazy?

Sync and share apps have to be safe, secure and dead simple to use--and building a product that pleases end users and IT is no easy task.

Let's kick the word 'enterprise' to the curb

The word "enterprise," as in enterprise content management, is jargony and imprecise, and it's time we struck it from the lexicon.

Get ready for the 'Attention' economy

We have transformed from an interrupt model to the Attention age. That means you have to come up with creative ways to keep your customer's attention moving forward.

Customer Experience Management: Too complex, too expensive and too much to contemplate

CXM sounds great in theory, but doing it right requires a massive technological and cultural shift that most companies aren't likely prepared to make.

Feels like 1999 as HP follows Yahoo's lead, calls employees back to the office

Meg Whitman joined Marissa Mayer this week in calling her employees back to the office, but these moves fail to acknowledge the power of online collaboration tools.

Email is no longer the best answer to enterprise communication

Texting about company business on your personal phone probably isn't smart, but there are plenty of safe communication alternatives to email.

Content ROI is measured in more than pageviews

It's hard to measure the value of good content, but maybe we have to think about success in different ways than pure ROI.