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Content management should have always been about the users

You would think software would be designed for a set of users, and how they do their work, but too often the people who will be using it are an after-thought.

When it comes to content management, good enough just could be good enough

At some point, many companies stopped looking for a system that had all the answers and went looking for specific tools that are simply good enough.

RIAA still attacking the wrong problem

The RIAA has gotten extremely efficient at generating Google take-down notices, but to what end?

Mobile apps could be key to driving content personalization

Perhaps the key to content customization is simplicity instead of complexity. Fancy that.

The muddled, E2 enterprise social media message

The E2 conference has certainly lost the enterprise social thread, but maybe so has the whole industry.

The pain and promise of social business strategy

As I embark on my sixth E2 conference, I look back at the state of the space.

Metadata is powerful content

The term metadata hit the mainstream last week in a big way when NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden released documents proving the NSA was collecting call metadata from certain Verizon customers.

Face it, ECM has always been a false promise

ECM is not the answer to today's complex information management requirements, and actually probably never was.

File sync and share vendors at crossroads

Online storage vendors need to move beyond pure sync and share, or risk being commoditized into oblivion.

Content makes the world go around

Yahoo's billion dollar deal to buy Tumblr isn't about user bases or revenue streams. It's about the content.