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Content Management is more relevant than ever

Content management isn't dead--far from it. In fact, it's more relevant than ever.

Apple's next big thing could be content

Apple makes the vast majority of its money selling iPhones and iPads, but as profits get squeezed on hardware, it could be better served by concentrating on content instead.

Lies, damned lies and analytics

We have an amazing amount of data and number of tools to measure it in minute detail, but are we measuring what matters?

The ugliest side of personalization

There is surely a dark side to corporate data gathering and personalization and we saw it illustrated recently in the most clumsy way.

One more Content Management trend: Here comes Big Content

Big Data and Big Content aren't the same. Here's why.

The third wave of Content Management: Systems of mass personalization

Even while records managers try to catch up with the cloud and concepts like systems of engagement, along comes another type of content management, a third wave.

Web Content Management is a misnomer in 2014

The name Web Content Management doesn't do these systems justice anymore, not in an age where the web is probably only part of the approach.

A modest proposal: Amazon should give Kindles away

Research shows that Kindle owners spend far more at Amazon than non-owners, so maybe Amazon should give a Kindle to its best customers.

The very nature of content management is changing

It's no secret that the nature of content management is changing as mobile, social and the cloud all are influencing business and how we interact with content.

Content marketing and social media are the perfect pair

Content marketing and social media are a perfect match and one strategy drives the other. If you're not getting this yet, what are you waiting for?