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Finding balance between industry shifts, customer needs not always a simple matter

While vendors try to anticipate the changes happening in the industry and develop products for where the market is going, many customers might not be ready to make that leap with their vendor.

Bad news comes in threes

It seems bad news really did come in threes last week. Here's what happened.

Protecting content in motion--The new content management imperative

As we grow more mobile, protecting content in motion becomes a crucial requirement for content management--and it's not just ECM vendors thinking about it.

Marissa Mayer, meet Andrew McAfee

Marissa Mayer turned heads when she instituted a telework ban last week, but she needn't have taken such a radical step. She just needs to have a talk with Andrew McAfee who coined the term Enterprise 2.0.

Content's going mobile: FCM goes to Mobile World Congress

As I visit Mobile World Congress, I ponder the importance of mobile in all aspects of content management today.

Content owners need to tear down the Berlin Wall of access

When content owners block legal access to content, they simply fuel the very type of behavior they were hoping to prevent.

Why would companies still be developing a custom CMS?

With all the choices available today, why would anybody decide to build a custom CMS from scratch?

Content marketing lessons from Netflix original content--'House of Cards'

Netflix showed, with "House of Cards" this past weekend, that if you produce quality content, people will watch and talk about you, proving once again the power of great content.

US Government copyright enforcement has gotten out of control

United States government law enforcement on behalf of institutional copyright holders has gotten out of control and it's time to take a step back a redefine copyright law for the 21st century.

No shortage of opinion on Facebook Graph Search

There was no shortage of opinion on Facebook's new Graph Search and we decided to explore some of them.