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Retailers take note: Smart content management strategies reel in online shoppers

A new U.S. retail benchmarking study released by digital experience firm Episerver revealed that a smart product content management strategy is what it takes to attract customers in the digital space.

Smarsh talks with FierceContentManagement about the future of federal recordkeeping

Federal recordkeeping risks are growing, creating the need for agencies to manage their full range of content including email, text and instant messages, Web content, videos and various social media channels. I caught up with Dan Thompson, public sector compliance spokesman for cloud-based archiving solutions firm Smarsh, to find out what companies need to be thinking about now and for the future.

CXM advice: Just because you can doesn't mean you should

It's hard to argue with customer experience strategies that help engage customers where they are and provide information right when they need it. But there's such a thing as taking a good idea too far.

New version of National Action Plan calls for better email record keeping

The Obama administration released the third version of its Open Government National Action Plan recently that turns the screws on federal agencies slacking on records management and email record keeping.

From mailroom to boardroom, CXM is everybody's job... or is it?

It's possible to take a good idea too far.

Spanning by EMC VP talks about misconceptions of cloud-based SaaS data backup

Software as a service data backup is only one component of cloud services, but it's a big one. I caught up with Jeff Erramouspe, VP and GM, at Spanning by EMC, to walk me through some common questions about SaaS data backup and clear up some misconceptions along the way.

Is 2015 the year ECM finally 'gets' mobile content?

Mobile device usage is projected to top 6.2 billion worldwide by 2018 and the number of people accessing the internet via mobile has surpassed access on a desktop. It's a wake up call for companies everywhere: You can't afford to ignore mobile any longer.

New York Times narrowly averts records management disaster

Here's a feel-good story that comes with a strong lesson on the importance of coming up with a plan to protect your paper-based archives before you need it.

6,000 users, 43 agencies, 50,000 records per month: Meet Portland, Ore.'s new RM system

The next time someone suggests that moving state agencies to a new records management system is easy, point them to a project out of Portland, OR that was six years in the making. It combined the needs of 40 jurisdictions spanning two states and 150 IT staff from 43 different agencies.

A look inside the results of the 2015 Forrester and ARMA IG survey

For the past seven years, ARMA International and Forrester Research have teamed up to take the pulse of records and information management experts and pin down their thoughts, ideas and most pressing concerns. The results of this year's survey are in and Forrester analyst Cheryl McKinnon shared a few of them in the September/October issue of ARMA Information Management Magazine.