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When poor records-management leads to poor employee-management

Records managers spend a lot of time noodling around the nuts and bolts of records management, from identifying the best technology to coming up with solid lists of best practices. But what happens when poor records-management leads to poor people-management?

US diplomats shrug off State Department's email records request

Following the kerfuffle over Hillary Clinton's use of person email for work purposes, the State Department inspector general's office decided to review the email habits of several top U.S. officials. Unfortunately, they haven't been particularly pushy about it and people are beginning to ask why.

Finnish ECM firm M-Files sets sights on toppling its biggest competitors

A Finnish enterprise content management system provider has some tough talk for competitors as it plans an incursion into the U.K. ECM market.

Eliminating obstacles to successful government IT projects

Government IT programs have a history of being riddled with problems or hovering on the brink of spectacular fail. What's the underlying problem and, more important, can it be solved?

Can Jefferson University win LMS market share with iCE?

Pennsylvania's Thomas Jefferson University has decided to enter the learning management software space by releasing its new LMS, interactive Curricula Experience, to the education market. The university is hoping its student-centric approach to learning will give it an edge over its competitors.

Is LMS giant Blackboard up for sale?

The learning management software space is buzzing with the news that execs at Blackboard are shopping for a buyer willing to pony up around $3 million to purchase the company. According to Reuters, confidential sources say, "Blackboard's majority owner, private equity firm Providence Equity Partners LLC, has hired Deutsche Bank AG and Bank of America Corp to run an auction for the company."

DOD awards EHR contract to Leidos, Accenture and Cerner

Last week I reported on the status of the Pentagon's electronic health records project, and claimed that it could be a massive and expensive flop. One point of contention from critics was that whomever was eventually awarded the contract to modernize the EHR record system would end having too much control over sensitive data. Politico reported that a handful of former Pentagon IT professionals called for a one-year delay on the announcement of a new vendor. They didn't get their wish.

Why do email policies of local governments seem so sketchy?

A new policy in St. Paul, MN allows city employees to "delete [email messages] as soon as their purpose is served" or within six months. Messages moved to trash or junk folders will evaporate in a mere two weeks. In a not-at-all-shocking turn of events, public watchdog groups are voicing their concern.


Content management coming soon to a drone above you

ECM vendor Progressive Technology Federal Systems Inc. sure is on the cutting edge of content management tech. They've created a new CMS system that manages the huge amount of data collected by unmanned aerial systems -- more commonly known as drones.

City of Sacramento slapped with restraining order to protect public records

The City of Sacramento is the latest in a string of governmental offices being told to rein in their indiscriminate email deletion policies. A Sacramento Superior Court judge agreed to a temporary restraining order to prevent the City from removing emails from its server pending a review of the situation.